Why The 14 is The Most Dangerous Age For Teenagers in The Digital World?

Why the 14 is the most dangerous age for teenagers in the digital world

Parents may or may not aware of the fact of the matter is teenagers risk-taking peaks might not come as surprise in the exact age of mid-adolescence. The moment when the puberty gets started around the age of 11 -12 to the age of late teens to early 20’s bring out plenty of emotions, behavior changes.

According to the researchers related to the medical field do believe that teens are not more prone to embarrassment than and as well as they are less likely to learn from the punishment of their parents.

However, they are more visually creative as compare to their elders or adults. Therefore, the neuroscience behind the development of teen’s brain can help us to know better about tweens, to understand, nurture and celebrate about the crucial period of teens teenage life.

On the other hand, teens that have got birth under the influence of technology in terms of cell phones, cyberspace is more likely to encounter with the dangerous stuff in real –life and on the web.

“We have come to know that the age of teenager at which they really got the greatest proportion of risky choices and that is 14 especially when they got there first mobile phone & internet access, according to the Sara –Jayne Blakemore from University College of London has written in her book “Inventing Ourselves: The Secret Life of the Teenage Brian”.

American Parents Concerns For The Teens: Pew Research Center

Most of the kids in the early teens have serious problems especially in the age of 14 and the majority of the issues come in their life due to the access to the digital world using cell phone, internet.

  • 60% of tweens within the age of 14 that use social media all day long got bullied online & in real –life
  • 54% of tweens are more likely to struggle with depression, anxiety and stress
  • 50% of tweens got abducted, kidnapped that share privacy on social media apps
  • 45% of the tweens got beat up at schools & have to face shaming online
  • 43% of school going teens got pregnant that use dating apps and get involved in uncommitted sexual activities
  • 41% of teens got influence of drug abuse by the peers using social media platforms
  • 75% of tweens have their individual cell phones & internet access

Major Crimes in Which Teens Usually Get Involved

The early teenage is very dangerous in terms of criminal activities as well. Young teenagers are involved in teens pimping out teens, murder, rape, robbery, aggravated, assault.

In addition, these days teenagers are also have got involved in the crimes likewise, Burglary, theft, motor vehicle theft, simple assault weapons law violations, drug abuse violations, drunkenness, running away from the house, driving under the influence.

According to the experts, teens that use social media apps, websites in their early teens can get influence of anything likewise, criminal activities and self –harming activities. Because on social media they can encounter with the criminals, bullies, stalkers and other predators.

However, the juvenile arrest rate is also on the rise, they have to face law due to involvement in criminal activities, according to the report federal office of Juvenile and Delinquency Prevention.

How The 14 Age is Dangerous for Teenagers in Digital World?

In this young age when the brain of the juveniles are in the developing stage, anything they get involved into would become an obsession, habit and could be a profession at the end of the day. No matter what if that particular habit would be beneficial or too dangerous for them.

In such young age kids got their cell phones and internet access, it means they themselves can explore things and you know what it means to have cyberspace access without any filter or without parental control.  Let’s discuss the issues they may get involved in using the digital world and what could be the result we can get out of it.

Teen feel more embarrassment

Teenagers are more likely feel embarrassment in the teenage 14 in particularly. In this premature age teens don’t like to being watched especially when someone humiliated them online or in real –life. It is possible that parents exchange heated arguments outside the house and they think they are being watched by the peers or other people.


In addition, physically got embarrassment tween really got things in the head, parents don’t realize where should they respond and where they should not be. Moreover, bullying and cyber bullying beyond the school gates are two major things in teenagers life where

Teens do risky things when they are with peers

Young teens are more likely to do bad risky things especially when they are with their friends and they usually got whereabouts to do such things. Teens may get involved in drug abuse, take part in late night parties, hidden parties with the peers take drugs, encounter with the stalkers, sexual predators. There are plenty of cases that have made headlines where teens got raped due to unconsciousness of drug abuse. In addition, they can share multimedia in terms of photos, videos that could be obscene and they don’t realize it, but do due to the peer pressure.

Risky behavior continues into our early 20s

Young teens got frustration and mode swings due to some odd reasons usually got issues.  They could be bully themselves, victims or witness of real –life, online bullying. Parents can face all these aspects that their son/daughter get bullied, bully someone or witness of this bad act being with their peers. Moreover, teens in their 14 usually got their first cell phone and parents should snoop into it. Otherwise, teens can use dating apps, get involved in sexting, may cheat their parents by learning sneaky texting codes even sitting in front of parents and talk with cyber predators.

Puberty can do worse on the brain

Normally tweens in the age of 11 -12 get started to feel emotions, there will be sexual hormonal changes occurs numerously at the age of 12 -14. So, young teens that are used to of social media and the internet may get access to the inappropriate content online, naked bodies, images become their addiction. It means they can easily get exploit to the sexual activities on the web by anyone and even at school. Teenage or adolescent pregnancy is been
on the rise and parents should snoop into teens digital, real-life hidden activities before it is too late.

Teens are not got at filtering information

Obviously, when tweens are not aware of the cyber dangers having their new cell phone alongside internet access, then they don’t realize what privacy, and its importance. Moreover, what sort of activities and information they should get their hands on at a very young age. It’s the parent’s responsibility to guide kids, teens about healthy activities on the web.

Teens don’t understand the language of punishment

Parents are more likely to apply punishment in parenting and they don’t realize they are just doing back to back blunders. Apart from the punishment they should initially teach teens about the internet netiquette and how much they should use the cell phone, social media. Instead of building trust parents use punishment, ultimately kids got exploited, trust between parents and teens could not buildup.

A parent needs to believe in digital parenting rather than to apply force. First, they should examine the situation. Teens in 14, in such a young age, need love; care and parents just need to set parental control on their digital activities all day long. In addition, they can monitor their surrounds, even use GPS location tracker in order to know their whereabouts when they are outside the house with peers rather than yelling at them all the time. Simply they should win their teens trust with love, care and get to know about the digital activities with cell phone parental monitoring app.

There is no doubt about the 14 is the most dangerous age for teenagers in the digital world these days. But parents can believe in digital parenting in order to protect teens from all real–life and digital dangers to the fullest.

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