Did you know that one out of four car accidents in the USA alone is due to texting and driving? These are some serious stats to consider especially if you have a young adolescent that has just started driving. As a concerned parent chances are you may have repeated this to your kids a million times, but the chances are, they are still indulged in the activity. But since you can’t be present to remind them to put their phones away every time they are behind the wheel, there are some other precautionary measures that you can take such as installing a monitoring application like theOneSpy application onto their phones. Such an application helps block texting services when it detects the car’s speed exceeding a specific limit.

Block Texting on Android Device Feature Will:

  1. Allow you to block their incoming and outgoing texts from your online control panel as soon as you see them walking out the door and towards their car.
  2. Let you remotely block their device by turning on this feature.
  3. Allow you to monitor their driving speeds remotely and have a better idea about how they drive.
  4. Let you set your own specific speed limits which when crossed will automatically disable texting options.

This feature is not just beneficial for parents but can also be used by concerned spouses and employers. In general, being concerned about the safety of individuals you are responsible for or those working for you will only benefit you in the long run. By blocking texting services, you can protect many individuals; kids included from getting distracted unduly. Taking precautionary measures is always a good idea especially since the number of fatalities due to texting and driving are rising by the day.
With the help of a strong internet connection, you can make sure your loved ones and employees are safe even when out of your sight. The blocking texting while driving feature makes it easier for many caregivers not to be worried excessively about the safety and security of their loved ones.