Having the internet at the tips of your fingers is not only a great way to connect to the world but also a great way to stay tuned to all the current issues happening in it. However, in the wrong context and at the wrong time, internet usage can become a huge problem. It’s misuse while driving is one such circumstance which can turn deadly. While parents tend to fuss over their kids’ activities, they also have the liberty of placing many checks and balances on their internet usage especially when their kids are in plain eyesight. However, the moment these kids get some freedom, there is a huge chance that they may misuse their liberties either to break free of their parent’s clutches or just in a manner of rebellion.
But with monitoring applications like TheOneSpy application, parents can virtually make sure that their kids are not only following the rules and regulations placed by them but also following the law. Here’s how parents can curb their kid’s internet usage when they are driving.

Here’s how the Internet Block / Unblock Feature Works

The mechanism is simple and works on basic physics principles. TheOneSpy application detects the cars are accelerating speed and blocks all internet connections once reaching a specific speed. It resumes incoming internet connection the moment the car slows down.

  1. This feature helps to block internet connection remotely in a much automated manner.
  2. Preset speed limits by parents can help curb internet usage.
  3. Inhibits all incoming and outgoing emails once the specified speed limit is reached.
  4. Instant messaging services along with incoming and outgoing data from social media websites are also blocked.
  5. Web surfing including Google search and media files especially with video content are also restricted.

Is it helpful to parents?

So far statistics show that this feature has been extremely helpful to parents and has also worked in grooming kids according to safe law regulations. With kids almost glued to gadgets today, it’s very important to instill some serious safety precautions and regulations in them. And with this feature, parents can reinforce their rules and regulations even without being physically present.