TheOneSpy offers the SpyVidCam – Video Camera Bugging feature. It is one of the handy features that is indeed a great help for parents, employers, and spouses. Now, what happens is that the user can view the activities of the person monitored.
It is certainly impossible to be along your loved ones all the time. At times our loved ones are in grave trouble. But we are unaware of those situations. TheOneSpy SpyVidCam – video camera bug helps us to learn all that is happening in the surrounding of our beloved.

How Android SpyVidCam Works?

There is no hassle required for running this feature. All you need to have is:

  • A device (whether a smartphone, tablet or a computer system)
  • TheOneSpy dashboard app or the control panel account.

Once the installation is done, you are ready to monitor the activities of the person to be monitored.

  • The app uses the front, and back camera of the device is being spied.
  • It can record and save 1 sec to 1 min video by using targeted device front and back cam
  • The user can set time schedules for video recording by logging-in to control panel.
  • The whole activity goes disguised, and the person monitored won’t learn that he is being monitored this way.
  • The live happening is shared to the user which makes them learn about all the real incidents that are taking place.
  • Even the incidents are saved for future usage, for instance, if the user is not available to watch the happening right at the time when the event is taking place, so he or she may watch it later.
  • It even helps as the evidence.

SpyVidCam feature required 4G, High Internet speed or wifi connection to work efficiently.

How much is It Helpful?

The SpyVidCam Bug feature is quite helpful for the parents, employers, and partners. For the parents, especially who have teenage children, can watch each and every activity of their routine. Teens are reluctant in sharing their routine with the parents. And parents worry if their children are following heinous tracks. So in this way, the parents can stay worry-free.
The employees try to cheat on their employers. And this becomes a major obstacle in the progress and prosperity of the business. The Android SpyVidCam Bug feature enables the employers to learn about everything their employees do out of the office and even within the office in the absence of the Boss.
Similarly, it is a great help for the partners and many other of us.
Indeed TheOneSpy at whole is a great help for the society!