Employee monitoring: Are Employees Earning the Money You are Paying Them?

Employee monitoring Are Employees Earning the Money You are Paying Them

Employers these days are concerned over their workforce productivity. So, they have rights to monitor employees. So, make sure that, your employees are earning the money you are paying them. However, there are plenty of things you need to keep in mind before you measure the productivity of your employee within the working hours. Obviously, when you are paying an amount in order to get work for the business you are running. So, it is natural when you demand eight hours work.

On the other hand, when employees come to the workplace on time and does their job honestly than you want to see your business grow. Additionally, when it comes to the employees goldbricking activities and that makes excuses in terms of their tardiness. So, employers are often confused to make a decision against the employee’s excuses because they are not aware that excuses are real or made up. However, employees those are on time are not productive enough and you may have seen your punctual employees are wasting time here and there at the company’s premises.

A Survey: Responses of 750 Employees

According to the salary.com contributor Aaron Gouvia

  • 69% of the employees said that wastes at least plenty of time at workplace on regular basis.
  • Recent stats shows that 89% of employees have admitted to waste time and get paid
  • 31% of the employees waste 30 minutes daily
  • 31% waste almost 1 hour a day
  • 16% waste more than 2 hours regularly
  • 6% said that they waste 3 hours
  • 2% waste roughly 4 hours daily
  • 2% waste 5 or more hours regularly & get paid

CareerBuilders Study Says:

  • 50% of the employees get involved in texting & phone calls
  • 42% of employees get involved in gossips
  • 39% do browsing activities
  • 38% use instant messaging apps
  • 27% employees take smoke or snack breaks
  • 24% get distracted by coworkers
  • 23% waste time in emails

Furthermore, in this study, employers have shared real life examples about what their employees doing when they should have been concentrated on work:

  • An employee was busy in using dating apps and later denied even the it was still on computer screen
  • An employee has come up with his pet bird and was caring the bird within working hours
  • An employee has found shaving his legs at women employees common room
  • Employees were having entertainment using computer desktop devices & browse entertaining websites
  • An employee was hiding under the boxes to scare their fellow employees
  • Group of employees caught who kept on bitching behind employers back
  • An Employee was bullying other employees

Well having these types of situation is not only tragic but humorous in particular as well. So, the question arises when the employees are not earning the money you are paying them. Then you need to take a few steps to take them into account. But you may think is it possible to monitor employees company’s owned cellphone & computer devices? The answer is quite simply, yes you can. But before you impose cell phone and computer monitoring on your employees you need to do certain things that are very important. Let’s discuss all the dos and don’ts When to spy on your employee and under what circumstances.

Initially Focus on Your Employees Productivity

Being an employer if you think one of your employees may be cheating on you in terms of productivity. Don’t be too rational, you just need to look at the bigger picture. It is possible that a particular employee is providing you productivity more than 8 hours a day, but work few hours having the ability to complete the task effectively with the great piece of pace. When you refocus a little on the productivity of an employee, then you may not convince how many hours an employee has occupied the desk. So, keep in mind always tend towards the monitoring of your employees when you come to know that now not tracking employees company reputation undermine. Additionally, any one of the employees is not just wasting time within the working hours and as well as get involved in something fishy.

Don’t Go Against the Privacy Laws at Workplace: Do it Legally

When you have made up your mind to put your employee under surveillance, then you need to aware of that you would not go against the privacy laws. However, today we have a contemporary cell phone and computer monitoring software that allow the user to spy on employees company’s owned mobile phones, gadgets and desktop devices to the fullest. Moreover, a technology that has been developed for tracking employee activities within the working hours becomes legal under the circumstance. Let’s suppose if you have informed your employees that you are going to impose monitoring on the devices or you have taken the written consent of the employees. Then you can feel free to track employee’s activities in order to measure their productivity or protect your business. But you always need to keep in mind employee monitoring, how much is too much. I mean, don’t cross the boundaries where you breach someone’s personal life activities or either you are monitoring employees outside the working hours. However, when your employees are just wasting time on a company’s equipment and the productivity starts declining then you have moral rights to monitor employees to the fullest.

When & How Employee Monitoring Should be Done?

There is some kind of businesses where employee monitoring is not a common thing. So, they use different kinds of keystrokes logging apps and as well as screen recording tools in order to track employee’s activities at the workplace. However, if you want to do the same as your business enterprise then you need to know when and how employee monitoring should be imposed on employees.

If you think your employees are not earning the money which you are paying them. If the employees just wasting time and lack with the productivity and get paid. Then you hold the rights to do surveillance on your employee’s activities at workplace within the working hours. All you need to do is to use the cell phone and computer monitoring app. It will empower you to track all the activities happen on the targeted devices owned by the company and in the use of the employees.

However, you can record and listen to the surrounds of employees. You can perform live screen recording on target MAC
desktop devices and further you can block the websites on which employees waste time most of the time using windows spy software. Moreover, when it comes to monitoring the company’s owned android cellphones and gadgets you can use Android spy app.

It will empower you to track IM’s social media, email sent/received and as well as remotely block the internet in case employees listening personal incoming calls. Furthermore, you can track iOS devices without jailbreak using non-jailbreak solution for iOS devices of the company. In short, no matter employees are using cellphone or computer machines. You can track each and every single activity of your employees to prevent them wasting time within working hours.


If you want know that your employees are earning the money you are paying them. Then you should monitor your employee’s activities at workplace within working hours with accordance of the privacy laws.

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