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Frequently Asking Questions

Chase these steps:

  • Fill up the sign-up form below
  • You will get your credentials and other complete details and info
  • Login to your won affiliate panel and select from various reviews, text links, banners and other advertising stuff.
  • Ad some links/banners into a number of pages of your particular website in order to increase the sales.
  • Get commission on every single sale.

It is up to the recipient who chose to get through Bank/Wire transfer, Web Money, BitCoin or through PayPal. The minimum pay out would be $300.

Payments are made on the 15th of every month in US dollars.

No, you don’t have to pay single penny to be an affiliate program

Yes, you can promote us with the help of PPC search engines. Actually, this method of promotion is very ordinary and we have come to know that most of the Affiliated recommend our product that it is really a handsome brand to earn the profit. We only want from people that don’t bid on our trademarked brand name TheOneSpy.

There is no limit, the more you the referral and the more you will earn.

Sure, you can make a review of our products with the help of screenshots or create a videos tutorial, just contact us and we will give you free license to use in a way you want to.

The offer is for all affiliates who are already our honorable affiliate partners and sold TheOneSpy, refer clients as much as you can or have well-known sources (Email list, website, YouTube channel).  

In order to get the review copy, shot email at [email protected]  along with the details:

  • Your Affiliate ID
  • Your endorsement plans (e,g producing a video review)
  • What version of the phone you will be using

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