Congress Has Grilled Facebook CEO with Tough Questions over Data Misuse

congress has grilled facebook ceo with tough questions

Mark Zuckerberg has faced Serious Allegations on Facebook Data breaching Scandal in two days Congress testimony –as it happened.  The Facebook CEO has to be Faced rougher treatment from the House of Representatives compared to the Senate. However, Mark Zuckerberg was being able to stand with his script. On the other hand, few of the representatives have come harder on the 33-year-old billionaire regarding Facebook’s extensively monitoring of users across the cyberspace.

Zuckerberg has wisely continued his strategy to bypass the tough questions and has addressed only the dos and don’ts of the Facebook social networking app.

Zuck’s has ignored Questions about FB steal data & Misuse

The overall central information regarding all the Zuckerberg assurances has targeted advertising is associated with Facebook social plans. Furthermore, the world-renowned social media platform Facebook has nothing to do with general public knowing and understanding the exception of its ability to track user’s Facebook data and profile of them. He has multiple times stated that the Facebook has provided a full control on over their content, and further he also has wisely ignored the questions about the Facebook steals data of the users without their consent.

Questions to Zuckerberg on Facebook tracking data of users: His response

One of the toughest questions that are being asked to the Mark Zuckerberg from the congressmen, if we create strong property rights that a user of any social media app own their data rather than any company such as you have than would you have to change Facebook fundamentally? In response, Zuckerberg stated that all it depends on the detailed information.

Senator Garder has asked Question: Facebook Ability to track articles

Senator has asked a question to the CEO of Facebook about the capacity of the FB monitor the articles that people of all ages i.e kids, teens, young and old people use of reading on social media sites. He further asked, are the readers understand what is happening, and in response, Zuck suddenly stumbled and said yes, that was really a tough reply that he has made.

Social content having the “Like” button is a clue, but I would like to say most of the users don’t know how the Facebook really uses the particular universal like buttons, Zuckerberg further stated that.

Gardner asked further: Has Facebook ever been hacked?

Zuckerberg has said in response that yes it is, but not that seriously, there was Facebook malware attack in the year of 2013.

Let’s go deep in the history: Facebook was hacked in a Zero-day attack

One of the largest social media platforms Facebook was hacked in 2013, and undefined black hat hackers group has attacked the mighty social media platform that has been compromised. And almost 25000 user accounts of the Facebook and Twitter were hacked along with the information of the usernames and email keystrokes.

However, the attack happened at the time when the company employees have visited the company’s compromised website that leads employees to install the malware and the security of the laptops machines and the social networking sites had been fallen. This is the hacking incident that Zuckerberg has answered about to the senator Gardener.

Apart from the Zuckerberg answer to the senator Gardner, you may have read the new or heard the news that Facebook and Google are undoubtedly the greatest watchdogs of all time.

Facebook has owned all the sent and received text messages, Facebook chat conversations, contact details of a Facebook user account, Facebook Voice messages, it monitors your all connected apps to the Facebook such as Instagram monitoring owned by the Facebook and it also has the data all of your shared photos on the social media app.

Furthermore, it also can spy on Facebook login activities to the fullest and alongside the location of your cell phone & computer device.

Moreover, Facebook security had been on the stake, when Facebook hacking software has found on the android play store and there had been number of android monitoring apps have been found that can hack the Facebook credentials.

Last but not the least Facebook has been always responsible for cryptocurrency mining malware that has been grown via Facebook messenger. The malware was itself installed when a user opens the messenger on the computer desktop or laptop devices and plenty of the documents installed on the user device automatically.

After a brief history that how Facebook has been hacked and how hackers have used it to attack the user’s devices and to steal their private or company’s owned data, let’s go through again the congress testimony –against the Facebook CEO –As it happened.

Senator Jon Tester has grilled Zuckerberg with a tough question

Tester has asked: You have claimed in this particular hearing that I owned the data. I would say it is good to hear that, but in reality, you are making more than $40 billion dollars a year, I am not making money on it instead. So, can you give me a logical answer that how you own the Facebook data?

Zuckerberg replied:

When I said that it’s your data it means you have full control over it in such a way that how you can use it on Facebook. You clearly have to provide Facebook a legal License in order to use it otherwise it would be impossible that system will not work.

Senator John Kennedy has come harder with the question

Can anybody call you up and say, can I view the complete profile of the John Kennedy Facebook private data?

Zuckerberg replied

No, absolutely not!

John Kennedy Asked further

What about you! Can you visit the personal Facebook profile information?

Zuckerberg replied

Technically, Yes I can, but it would be serious Facebook D
ata breaching
to visit your Facebook profile by myself.

Kogan has given data other than Cambridge Analytica: Zuckerberg said

Senator Tammy Baldwin asked: is Kogan has sold the data to anyone else other than Cambridge Analytica? Zuckerberg simply stated that, Yes he did, then he further said, Eunoia as one of the companies where Facebook user data has been sold out, but there are maybe other.

However, the Facebook has made the term of services for the users that the data of the users belong to the company. In response, Senator Ron Johnson said that, do you know, how many Facebook user really read the term of the services and how many people stay on the particular page of Facebook. He further said why you don’t make a precise and clear analytics about the Facebook terms of services.

Zuckerberg said that the fact is fact! We have provided users the term of services; it is not our duty to convince people to read the documents forcefully.

Senator Shelly Moore Capito asked: Do you cut the advertising sales?

Zuck simply replied: No not at all

Moreover the congressional testimony against Facebook CEO, Senator Catherine Cortez Masto said, “don’t apologize, and let’s make the change. Now it is the time to really change the conduct.

Senator Peters asked: Does Facebook listen to the audio and video conversations

She asked, is Facebook has been involved in audio conversations with cell phone devices?

Zuckerberg said: No (Here is an animated illustration of his answer)

Listen to the people or Facebook Voice calls or cell phone calls would be a “conspiracy theory”, he further added that.

Senato Bill Nelson stated that: if your and other company’s running different social media apps and breaching our privacy and don’t act against it, then no one will have privacy anymore. If you and other social media apps companies will not fix the invasion of privacy, then all we left to fix it personally.

Zuckerberg Speaks!

Senator Grassley said, a process to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, “he said, it is my top priority to expand our social mission to connect the people worldwide with each other and to build the community and bring the people of the world on the same page. “Zuckerberg further added, “Advertisers and developers will not take the priority until and unless I am running the Facebook


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance before Congress is happened due to massive pressure of the people against the Facebook massive data harvesting scandal. According to the reports, Facebook’s confidential data of millions of Americans was breached and further handed over to the political consultancy Cambridge Analytica.

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