Controversial Trends On Digital World: Parent Need to Aware

controversial trends on digital world

A decade ago, no one has the power to have the high-speed internet in order to do such activities which the whole world is doing at the moment through the internet and digital world. Since the internet has come into existence, it has opened the new gateways for finding information, sharing ideas; eliminate the communicational gap between the whole worlds. Now people are using the internet technology to run business and getting huge profit margins. Therefore, the internet has the influence on the masses in a positive way and also in life-changing ways. However, besides the entire benefits internet has brought for humanity, on the other hand, it also has the darkest side too. The internet in the shape of the digital world has also brought plenty of controversial trends such as sexting and cyberbullying on the social messaging apps as well as cyber stalking, cyber crimes, hacking, and many others. Their number of top controversial and dangerous trends is running on the internet and in the digital world, parents need to aware of following.


Yes, the world sexting sounds like texting, because it is the term which actually describes sexually explicit content. It can be done through words, sharing semi-nude photos and videos. The young kids and teens are familiar with the term sexting because this trend is very popular among the youngsters no time ever before. The young teenagers usually flocking on instant messengers such as Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, WhatsApp and perform the sexting trend by sharing, sexually based worlds, videos and photos to their friends without knowing the long lasted consequences. They don’t realize that their sexually explicit content can be shared by other users; their semi-nude photos can easily be saved. Therefore, the sexting trend may cause teenagers plenty of problems.

Online Bullying:

Usually, bullying is happening on the roads, school and at any place, but the cyberbullying is happening behind the screen or online. But it also has the same effects as traditional bullying have. Cyber bullying means someone teases you or humiliates you online such as name-calling and through a vulgar online post insulting someone. Online bullying mostly happens on social media platforms. Bullies do cyber bullying in the chat groups of instant messengers apps and harass other users in order to fulfill their frustrated evil activities. The young teenagers are the most common victims of online bullying, who use the internet and social media without any prior information and knowledge.

Revenge Porn:

Young teens or adults who were in the relationship with their opposite gender, and after some time their relationship does not become long lasted or something happens between any couple. Sometimes, people got revenge from their girlfriends and boyfriends by sharing their personal relationship photos, or videos on the internet or on social media which they have made at the time of the relationship. So, people share sexually explicit content with name, photo, and address to humiliate their former lover. Since 2015, the United States court of law sentenced a person while caught red-handed operating revenge porn website, according to reports.

Cyber-Stalking and Cat-fishing:

A few years ago, cyber stalking was on possible through online forums and chat rooms, now the stalking is very easy having plenty of instant messengers, social websites and many other things. Teens share their location, complete profile on social media platforms through the internet. Cyber stalking is on the rise, it is also known as catfishing involving stalkers, predators and pedophiles who lure the innocent teens and convince them for meet them personally and resultantly teen’s abduction, assault rape and even more worse than we can imagine.


Scams or phishing is a term which describes that a trick which usually experimented with different sorts of links in order to get the access to personal information. These malicious links are also enabled to download software on your browser when you make click on the malicious links, finally, your money can be stolen or your personal identification as well. People use this kind of scam and phishing on companies or person who have money in their accounts or the employees who work on a heavy designation of a company having millions or company’s owned data which can be exploited later if stolen.

Hacking and Security Breaches:

Hackers can hack the social media accounts or emails by sending suspicious links in order to get access to personal accounts. Instant messengers and social websites hacked reportedly which have lots of followers and then sailed to the black market for profits. Security breaching is a common thing often leads thousands of social messaging apps and emails of user’s information being stolen.

Un-Ethical Social Media Behavior:

If someone is looking for a job or he/she just want to keep his/her job, just need to be careful while sharing anything on your social media websites and applications. Employers usually search the candidates and make a check on them and then call the candidates for interview and most of the time employees lose their jobs, just because of sharing posts regarding their employers. So users need to be smart while sharing something in the digital world.


The online world through the internet performs plenty of illegal things on regular basis, online bullying, hacking for making money copyright content piracy and underage users of porn websites are very serious and threatening and considered to be criminal activity. Plenty of young girls and boys confess on social media sites and apps that they have, bullying, blackmailed and get porn revenge. This does not end yet, even there are some people who murdered people and show their dead body in photos on social media apps and websites.

Internet Addiction:

Young teenagers and kids are obsessed with the use of internet and social media platforms on their smartphones and resultantly they have got psychological disorders. These disorders have come from plenty of reasons, pornography, online video gaming, selfie’s posting and even from instant messaging apps.

How Parents Protect their Teens from all Controversial Trends?

First of all parents need to be tech-savvy, they should learn the usage of internet and social media platforms on their smartphones as their young kids and teens use all the contemporary tech devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktop computers etc. once they learn the art of using internet activities, they should use mobile parental monitoring such as TheOneSpy
in order to know all the activities perform on the internet which includes  internet browsing, instant messaging apps and along with the sent or received data and sharing of videos and photo and many others things. TOS enable parents to get access all the sent or received messages, in case teens is performing “sexting” on all social instant messaging apps, then you can use IM logs of the parental monitoring app. You can get access to shared and received photos, videos on any social platform by using the view multimedia files of the TheOneSpy.

In case your child is living in depression or in anxiety and you think that someone bullying him/her online then you can read all text messages sent or received through spy on SMS and Text Keystroke logging features.  Stalkers are very common on social media platforms, you can look after your in-case she is planning to meet someone, and you can track your teen’s location with the help of view live GPS location feature of the surveillance app. Parents also can check browsing the history of their kid’s smartphone device and enable to know what sort of websites and instant messenger they are using by using the monitor internet activities feature of the spy software.


It is no doubt about that the internet and social media platforms have the darkest side too, but we should need to beware of all the social controversial trends which are running on the internet. Parents should protect their young kids and teens from all dangerous trends. TheOneSpy software has developed to serve humanity and for providing easy and reliable solutions to digital social issues.

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