Coronavirus Turmoil–School Going Children Worldwide Remain in House Arrest


The outbreak of the dangerous disease coronavirus has led the schools in most of the countries worldwide closed. Therefore, parents are trying to find out different ways to homeschooling their children. As technology advances over a couple of decades, teachers can teach their students online to fulfill their academic needs. However, young kids and teens also need to have physical and social needs. So, teens all across the globe more than 80 countries of the world remain house arrests including the U.S. Before, we are discussing the COV-19 in detail: The classrooms will stay empty from coast to coast in upcoming weeks because of coronavirus pandemic. The Ohio government official says closures seem to imminent.

According to the CNN Report: Ohio Schools will not Reopen this Semester

CNN report: In-case the schools were shut down for a longer period, there would greatly challenge for teachers in particular. However, the officials and school administrations ensure that we will provide equal opportunities to all students.  The meals and housing security of the students will not put in jeopardy, officials added that. On the other hand, students have to stay in their homes.

The CNN-report further stated that school closures for eight weeks or more would help out to eradicate the spread of the dangerous coronavirus disease, The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that.

Because closures for less than 8-weeks would not make a difference and we would unable to resists the spread of the Coronavirus disease.  Besides, new CDC guidelines state that even the K-12 school in many districts of the country is going to announce closures within a week.

Also, the short term closures in the country would impact negatively particularly to older caregivers at home, according to the CDC. The sudden closures would impact academically and the Department of Education has come up with its guidelines for school administrations to show some flexibility in students’ absence and as well as in testing standards.

US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Acknowledgment

The reason behind the closures: students can still congregate outside the school’s gates and could spread the disease, according to the CDC acknowledgment. The hand washing outside the house because of home isolation could also viral the disease. Hong Kong and Singapore respectively people got infected places closer to the schools. Even American Colleges and Universities have issued orders for closures and advice faculties to move online and dorms need to shut down. Therefore, it seems that tweens and teens students will remain in house arrest due to the sudden outbreak of coronavirus. Let’s discuss about the viral disease COVID-19 and its hotspots worldwide. Moreover, we will discuss what you can do if friends and family are not onboard.

According to The New York Times report more than 1.7 million American students have to remain in house arrest to mitigate the COV-19 spread.

What is COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?

It is a group of viruses that directly attack the respiratory systems of humans and cause illness. However, patients with a weak immune system are more likely to get potential dangers, the US CDC stated that. The viral disease has caused the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and it has broken out several. The COVID-19 breakout from China similarly in 2003 SARS also has been emerged from China and responsible for more than 8, 00 deaths cases out of 8,000 cases.

Coronavirus Symptoms in a Nutshell

The symptoms dramatically are similar to the normal flu which creates confusion whether it is normal flu or the person has got the virus. Apart from the flu symptoms, it also causes cough and shortness of breath. The symptom occurs within the second or 14 days after the exposure of the disease. So, parents are strictly advised to consult with the healthcare professionals if these signs occur. Patients apart from China should consult with health practitioners as soon as possible and don’t touch anyone else to mitigate the spread of the dangerous virus. People return from the republic of china should consult no matter what if they have got the symptoms are not.

Mysterious Coronavirus: Confirmed Cases & the Hot Spots

The day Covid-19 has emerged it has engulfed and infected thousands of people all across the globe and even the developed countries did not resist the deadly disease. According to the Guardian’s current reports, more than 182,328 confirmed cases and more than 7,152 deaths. However, 79,432 cases have recovered from the disease.

Coronavirus: Confirmed cases in Asia, Middle East, Europe & North Africa

The virus outbreak started in late 2019 in Wuhan, a city with more than 11 million people in China. It is reportedly stated that more than 80,000 thousand cases occurred in mainland China. However, apart from china other Asian countries, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa almost 170,000 people got affected. Out of all the confirmed cases, almost 67, 00 people have lost their lives due to the outbreak of the deadly virus.

How is Covid-19 transmitted?

Initially, there was a hypothesis that 2019-nCoV was spreading via human contact with the animals because the sources were seemingly fishes and live animal market of Wuhan of China. Later on, the officials have confirmed that it also spreads through human to human contact. Germany and Japan announced the confirmation of the transmission of the virus from a person who visited Wuhan.

World Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

The rapid spread of coronavirus causes illness mostly to the people who traveled from Wuhan.  Later on, city authorities have to ban the travelers particularly have flu, cough, and shortness of breath symptoms. Moreover, the Chinese government also has banned New Year’s celebrations. Besides, local traveling areas, Chinese authorizes placed infrared thermometers at Airports, railway stations, busses, and even all the places where people love to hangout. The Chinese President himself announced the restrictions to mitigate the spreading of the contagion.

When other countries of the world have seen cases in such a large number in China and as well as in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and in North Africa, countries of the world come to the point where they have to take care of young kids and teens. Finally, in France, Italy, Germany, the United States, and more than 80 countries likewise have decided to shut down the schools, colleges, and even the universities.

Safest way for children to socialize in presence of COVID-19

Social distance is the key to protect you, your family and the children in the breakout of lethal disease. Certain people in your surround are throwing caution to the wind, be careful from them. People should avoid the places to hang out in the crowd at all, and discuss with the children and school-going teens that are in house arrest for weeks. School closures somehow protecting your teens and kids from people to people contact.

However, if you have rebellion children or teens you can still talk to them and you can monitor their location all the time and get to know whether they are in the house or trying to go outside. There is no need to go to self-isolation, and you can teach your family, friends, and children to do fun in the house or in a neighborhood where there is no crowd. Guide your children and teens in particular who cannot go to school to wear masks, but they can do fun on their digital devices for a limited period.


Coronavirus is not a rumor; it is a genuine disease that has engulfed many lives worldwide and infected thousands of people. Therefore, keep your family, friends, and kids in particular onboard. Keep tracking their digital devices if they willing to go outside. Furthermore, keep monitoring their social media posts and chats with friends to know whether they are in fighting spirit or they scared of the current situation. Buck up your school going kids and teens that we will come out soon from this problem and they should follow your roles and regulations under a roof.

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