Deluge of Coronavirus apps are Tracking us: How COVID Tracker Technology Track them?

Deluge of Coronavirus apps are tracking

Infinite numbers of coronavirus apps are detecting your contact with the COVID-19 carrier, with a little clarity. Let’s get to know what COVID tracing tracker technology can do about it!

Flood of coronavirus apps are tracking us no time ever before. This post will let you know how COVID tracing tracker technology can deal with the applications that detect contact with the Covid-19, often with very little clarity. People’s cellphones are tracking the movements and the exposure of millions of people in an unprecedented way and still unproven. According to the MIT Technology Review, it is a more wondering situation because the direction that apps have taken is wrong. It is raising serious questions and concerns for millions of users.

As the pandemic outbreaks, technologies worldwide have started to develop phone tracking apps, services, and several systems for tracing the contacts. So, digital contact tracing systems develop in terms of phone applications. Moreover, it is detecting and informing about those who have got exposure to the carrier. Most of them are lightweight and temporary, but other are prevalent and encroaching: Chine’s system, in particular, that can get the data of the citizens in terms of identity, GPS location, and all the payment histories that help out the local law enforcement authorities that have broken the quarantine rules.

Google & Apple have Mobilized Teams to Build Systems

Most of the services have been introduced by groups of coders. Apple and Google are assembling huge teams to develop their upcoming systems that alarm about people who have got contact with a pandemic, which could be used by hundreds of millions of people almost immediately. Everyone has different opinions on these contact tracker apps, and people think of them as a technocratic daydream. It could be a useful approach for manual tracing, but people have interviewed people diagnosed with the Covid-19 and tracked their contact. Despite these, all of these services have rolled out, but plenty of new services will replace them in upcoming months.

Could Contact Tracking Apps Affect Society?

Despite the services’ launching, no one knows yet briefly about them and how they can affect society. It is too early to conclude that how many people will use these apps and whether it would be beneficial or not? What sort of data these apps will collect, and where it would be share? What purposes data used? Are there policies have implemented to prevent the abuse?

Several questions are running in experts’ minds, but they are still struggling to get satisfactory answers.

Initially, they have started and compared the apps worldwide. They have concluded that there is no data depository because the information is continuously changing and spread through plenty of sources. The developers and policymakers have not taken any initiative worldwide to collect the standard information because countries watched through other surveillance and transparency levels.

The piece of technology is gathering the data with the COVID tracking tracker –a database that collects contact tracing data from all around the world. To have the information, they contact the experts who can easily pull the sources, governments’ documents, news reports, and talk directly with the people who are developing and using the apps to understand the technology and implement policy.

The First Version of Database: Still, They are Asking Help to Improve Database

At the moment, they have documented almost 25 contact tracking efforts worldwide alongside the details. It is all about what these apps are? How do they work? What sorts of policies and functions have placed? Therefore, experts are trying to help monitor and improve the database to development, introduce new technology, and examine time –to time.

Apart from all activities, they are still long to go through the details to run through. Tracking efforts are on the go, but the information is changing, and it will continue until experts have come across with the new apps. Therefore, surveillance needs to apply all the initiatives, and tracing efforts needs to more advance until the COVID-19 continues.

The COVID - 19 Tracing Tracker Consists of What?

Starting from the initial level, they have gathered a list of contact tracker applications that have been used by the governments. These apps can inform users and to the public health officials that someone has got contact with the potential carrier or not. It is considered “exposure notification” in general and contacts tracing tracker in particular. It will describe every app, who has developed it? Has it released? It is available for the general public or not? And on what platforms users can use it.

Is the Tracing Tracker App Safeguard Citizens’ Rights?

More complicated issues can come across because they have to make sure those apps are not violating privacy and safeguard citizens’ rights. Moreover, they need to ensure that the makers are transparent in their work while getting the information and following the basic principles according to the American Civil Liberties Union. In most places, peoples have been forced to download the apps to use them on their digital phones.

However, in some places, the apps’ usage is voluntary, and there is no compulsion to use them. The question arises where the data gets used, and they have found that the data is being used for public health, law enforcement agencies and the data would last longer than the pandemic. On the other hand, the data get destroyed in post-pandemic times, and it may stay longer, up to five years, or remove or destroy.

What the Database doesn’t Contain

The main concern is contact tracing apps that work automatically that the general public is using at the moment. It means that they are not doing surveillance on the hidden protocols that provide information to the apps. Therefore, they are focusing to develop and experiment with new apps that are not backed by the governments for the sake of public health. The efforts have been made on more than 150 initial projects, but experts are lacking with clear pathways to recommend it for the general public, according to the MIT Technology Review COVID tracing tracker review. Once the project the shape of a product, it will put it on the list.


To have eyes on this information requires a constant effort and all the facts and figures will continue.  Experts assume that theory is far more different than the practice. Moreover, manual contact tracker efforts and automated systems need to be addressed, so they are not keeping eyes on the manual efforts on this stage.

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