Facebook Chat Spy Software to Monitor Teenagers

spy on facebook chat

Facebook is immensely popular among all age groups but has especially captivated the youngsters, who spend a large chunk of their daily time posting and commenting. Many teenagers are highly addicted to the habit of periodically checking back on their Facebook, to see what’s new and what’s happening. In fact, many young employees are habitual of entertaining this distraction from work, resulting in a loss of productivity and precious company time.

Over time, trends have changed. The definitions for work and leisure have been modified too. A couple of decades ago, real-time relationships and communications were in vogue. The use of telephones was minimum and basic, with no need felt to engage in nu-necessary talk. Only a handful of people knew about the internet and its applications were mostly confined to work. As far as smartphones and other modern gadgets are concerned, they were scanty and a privilege for only a few.

Today, our virtual lives dominate our real ones. People, nowadays, are so engrossed in building upon their online image that they hardly find time to spend with their near and dear ones. Machines have taken over and the value of human presence has declined. We find it easier to communicate through our gadgets than to answer the neighbor on the door. We embellish ourselves to capture selfies for social media and less to please our partners. Sending greetings on social networks and texts seems easier than exchanging occasion cards. We envision our ideals as ghost figures chatting with us, rather than putting in the effort to get to know the people from our daily lives.

With the society moving in a completely different direction, the need to protect your loved ones has become more compelling than ever. It is easier to observe and direct your kids in their real-time interactions but to monitor their online persona is a daunting task. People in general and teenagers, in particular, feel more liberty in the cyber world as the benefit of not having to face each other in real lifts up the social barriers and give them greater freedom of speech and expression. Besides, it broadens their spectrum of interactions by increasing the probability of bumping into friends and foe, alike.

If you, as a parent, feel that you aren’t much aware of what your child does on Facebook or if you feel that you aren’t much tech-savvy, TheOneSpy has tailored a solution to fit your requirements. It has rolled out its latest feature to spy on Facebook Instant Messengers. You can check out their IM logs by buying the Premier license and installing the application on their smartphone or tablet. Moreover, you can switch the license from one device to the next, without compromising on data from any device.

On signing-in to your online control panel on the Premier Package, you will see a list of features. Click on the IM logs and a drop down table will show a list of instant messengers, including Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, and Facebook. Click on the Facebook chat logs and view complete profiles of the people your child communicates with. Also read their messages along with the emotions and media exchanged over Facebook chat. In addition, view the time, date and duration for which the chat took place.

Who would want to miss out on that? Filter the contact list for friends and strangers and read your child’s thought processes through his/her conversations. Minimize the risk of your child falling into the trap, laid down by an online predator and find out if he/she is being targeted by a cyber bully. Say goodbye to worries and tighten up your belt to embark upon a journey through their social networks.

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