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View Incoming and Outgoing Emails

View Incoming and Outgoing Emails

Being able to monitor the cell phones of those you love is something which has become quite common and with the availability of a number of monitoring apps, you can easily opt for the one which is best suited to your needs. Monitoring your loved one’s phone and the activity which takes place on it can help give you the peace of mind you need with respect to knowing that the one you love and care for is safe. TheOneSpy is one such monitoring app which can allow individuals to keep a check on the activities and whereabouts of those they love. A new feature which is now offered by the TOS app is one which allows incoming and outgoing emails to be read on the target phone.

With the use of TheOneSpy app, you can:

  • Read all emails which are sent and received by the target phone on which TheOneSpy app has been installed
  • View and read all emails which have been exchanged between individuals using a variety of email applications
  • Read what was written in the emails which have been sent by the user of the target phone as well as those which have been received
  • Gain the contact details and email addresses of all those the user of the target phone is in communication with via email
  • Look into the time and date at which the communication took place via the exchanging of emails

All of this can be made possible through the access of your very own TheOneSpy control panel which is provided to you once you purchase the app for use. It is in the control panel that all the information and details with regard to sent and received emails will be stored for you to be able to access later as long as you have an internet connection.

You may be wondering what the purpose of this feature is and why is it important for you to be aware of the emails which are being exchanged by others?

The reason why this feature which allows you to view incoming and outgoing emails is important is because it allows you to make sure that those in your life are not engaging in wrongful activities. For instance, perhaps you have some employees and you wish to know whether or not they are sending emails containing your company’s secrets to someone else using their cell phones? Or perhaps you have a feeling that your child may be receiving inappropriate content on their smart phone and you would like to put a stop to it. Such worries can be put to rest by making use of this TOS feature as all the information you need will be ready and waiting for you in your control panel for you to access and analyze.

Communicating through emails has become a very common method of communication as it is convenient and efficient. Thus with the increase in the number of individuals owning smart phones and sending emails using them, this TOS feature is perfect to keep a watchful eye on the content, sender and recipients of emails.

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