Monitor & Track Location by Sending SMS on the Target Cell Phone

Cell phone tracking empowers you to track location with SMS on the target phone. You can send an SMS command on any of your mobile devices, and the moment the target person receives the SMS, you will get the location within no time. However, you have to install well-built cell phone tracking software on the target device.

The Best Way to Track Location with SMS

TheOneSpy is one of those cell phone trackers that empower you to send SMS commands on the target device to trace the target phone’s exact and live location. It is the best location tracking software to have target device location with SMS.

What is the TheOneSpy Location through SMS Feature?

TheOneSpy is the best phone location tracker apps that enable users to track target phone locations with SMS. Users can send an SMS to the target device, and the moment the SMS is received, TheOneSpy can manage to trace the longitude and latitude of the phone and track its location and send it to the dashboard. Users will get to know about the target device location without using the internet or Wi-Fi of the target phone.

Location Tracking with SMS is Helpful For

You can track the spot-on location by sending SMS commands on the target device with phone tracking software. Parents can trace the hidden whereabouts of the teens when they turn off their mobile data. It empowers parents to know where teens are at the moment to prevent kids from sexual predators and child abduction. Location monitoring through SMS command is also helpful for business professionals. They can trace their employees working outside the company by sending an SMS on the business phones.

Location Through SMS Works on Both Rooted & Non-Rooted Phone

TheOneSpy location tracking via SMS also works on non-rooted phones and provides instant and live location of the target person without them knowing.  Users do not need to root the target device to monitor cell phone location with SMS anymore.

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Few Reasons that Made TheOneSpy Best Location Tracker with SMS Command

TheOneSpy is the finest tracking software to trace target phone location by sending an SMS command. However, the following reasons have made the phone tracking solution a priority for users.

Send an SMS command

Remotely send SMS commands on cellphone

location without internet

No need to connect target phone with intent

Phone longitude & latitude

Track target phone cellular network connection

block unblock internet remotely

Monitor with dashboard

Use TheOneSpy dashboard to track device location

messages notification

Subscribe to TheOneSpy

You have to choose the best subscription plan. Further, visit the TheOneSpy website and receive an email with credentials.

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One-time access to phone

You need one–time physical access to the target device and configure the application on the target device successfully.

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Access to the web control panel

Users can use the password and ID to access the web control panel and activate features, like track location with SMS.

TheOneSpy Guide for location tracking with SMS

You need to install TheOneSpy phone tracking software on your target phone that requires a few steps for configuration. Here are the steps you need to know:

User's Review

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Dorothy Carol

TheOneSpy is exceptional software that monitors target phone locations with SMS. It is best for kids monitoring.

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Randy Eugene

I am a businessman, and I had to keep an eye on my employee’s location, and TheOneSpy is the best service.

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Natalie Theresa

You can track your teen’s any point in time without using target phone data.

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Wayne Ralph

It is the best solution to track your loved ones in an emergency; try TheOneSpy for sure.

Frequently asked Queries by users

General Questions

Several location tracking apps are on the web, but you need to find a location tracking app with SMS. There is only one solution on the web that offers remote SMS commands. TheOneSpy is an app that can track phone locations with an SMS. TheOneSpy makes it possible to monitor the target phone location with an SMS.

Yes. You can track your target phone location with SMS and without the internet by using TheOneSpy cell phone tracking software. It can send an SMS to monitor cell phone location without using the target phone data.

Technical Questions

You can track your target phone location with an SMS command unless you have installed a cell phone tracking app on your target phone. It empowers you to send an SMS on your target phone, and it SMS can track the target device location the moment received on the target device.

You need to find and install the best cell phone tracker on your target phone at the initial phase. Further, activate the feature that can track and monitor the target phone longitude and latitude without using the internet service or mobile of the target phone by sending an SMS command. Users will get the instant and accurate location of the target phone using the cell phone cellular network.

No. location tracking with SMS is not a scam. You can install the TheOneSpy application on your target phone successfully and activate its feature “track location with SMS” on your target phone and send an SMS command on the target device. It will trace the target phone location within no time via its dashboard.