Monitor their Triller App Activities with TheOneSpy Monitoring App

The Triller Monitoring app is a powerful tool that lets users discreetly see what their targeted person is doing. Its unique features allow users to see the targeted person’s activities on the video-sharing app. It can also notify you of the suspicious activities of the targeted person. You only need to install it; after that, it will start monitoring and transmitting monitored data to the online portal.

Monitor their Created Videos with the Triller Monitoring App

Remotely watch what they are watching and creating on the Triller App. You can track their duration and can limit their screen time. After monitoring the data, you can have complete insight into their interest and other activities.

Check their Watched Content on the Triller App

The best Triller spy app lets you check what your targeted person is watching on the Triller video-sharing App. You can see what videos they are watching and what they like on the Triller app. You can access a complete list of their watched content on the Triller app. By seeing what your targeted person is watching on the Triller app, you can educate them more effectively.

Listen to what songs they are using on their Videos

On Triller, users create videos by using songs. You can check what type of song they are using in their videos. If you detect any suspicious or vulgar songs on their videos, you can educate them not to use such songs on their videos.

See their Liked and Comments on other people's posts

You can monitor likes and comments on other people’s posts. You will be able to see what type of content they are watching and liking on social media. By reading comments on other people’s posts, you will get to know what behavior they are showing on the Triller app.

Why Triller Monitoring App is best to Use

Track each Activity of the Triller App

Monitor everything they do on Thriller

Work Discreetly

See their activities in discreet mode

Backup Monitored data

Store tracked data on the dashboard or Phone

Give you 24/7 support

Get help from customer support when needed

messages notification

Purchase License

Buy TheOneSpy license to start your monitoring journey

Access sign

Get access to the targeted device

Download and install TheOneSpy monitoring app into the targeted device

windows app logo

Log into your dashboard and start your monitoring journey

Use the credentials that TOS will send you in your given email. After that, you can start monitoring their every activity.

Installation Guide to Install TheOneSpy in minutes

TOS has an easy installation process that takes less time to complete its installation process.

Customer Testimonials

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Elon Jeff

TOS Triller tracking app is an effective way to track my child’s videos in Triller. It is a must-have tool for parents.

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Steven Mark

I highly recommend it to parents who want to know what their kids are doing on Triller App.

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Kevin Ronald

This gives me peace of mind by keeping me updated on what my targeted person is doing on the Triller app.

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Brian Paul

It enables me to restrict my targeted person’s access to the Triller App and set healthy restrictions.


General Questions

The Triller Monitoring app provides the easiest way to track what is happening on the targeted person's Triller app. It enables the user to identify the activities of the Triller App of the targeted person.

Yes, you can track what your targeted person creates on the Triller app. By downloading TheOneSpy Triller monitoring app into your targeted device, you can have complete access to the Triller app.

Technical Questions

TOS Triller App enables you to track each activity of the Triller app that your targeted person does. You will be able to see their created & watched videos. You can see what type of comments they are giving to other people.

To start monitoring the Triller monitoring app, you need to purchase its subscription. After this step, you need to follow the instructions to install the app into the targeted mobile. It takes less than 2 minutes to configure it in the targeted device. After that, you can start your monitoring journey with the TOS Triller monitoring app.