Record & Monitor Viber IM Screen Remotely with Viber Screen Recorder

Viber screen recording lets you view every activity on Viber messenger active on the target phone like you are using it on your phone. The ease of investigation on instant messengers was never that easy before live Viber screen recording. It records several episodes on the phone screen and sends them to dashboard archives. Feel free to analyze comprehensively and get things looking for so long.

What is TheOneSpy Viber Screen Recorder Software?

The TheOneSpy Viber screen recording is an application for cell phone monitoring. It can document short-time videos on the target phone screen and send recorded screen episodes to the TheOneSpy electronic portal. Users can monitor Viber chats, messages, shared photos, videos, voice messages, and the activity, like Viber VoIP calls. Users can see what the target person is doing on instant messaging apps like Viber messenger.   Viber video screen recorder can record activity on any cell phone device in secret.

How is Screen Recording on Viber Messenger Possible?

TheOneSpy is spy software that works on cellphones and has features like a screen recorder. Users can use it on target cell phones running with social messaging apps like Viber.  It will do the job for you within no time.

How is Viber Screen Recording Software Helpful?

The nasty, inappropriate, and live broadcasting on phones is alarming for parents. The sneaky and steely nature of employees is challenging for employers. Viber messenger screen recorder enables parents and employers to monitor their devices. So, parents can safeguard teens from inappropriate activity on Viber instant messenger. On the other side, employers can easily handle time-wasters and data breaching activity on social networking app.

Is Rooting Necessary for Recording Viber Screen?

No. TheOneSpy is the only spy apps that do not require rooting. It records live phone screens running with the Viber social messaging app. It simply takes on the social messaging apps on android and records videos in real-time.

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Why use TheOneSpy to Record Phone Screens?

TheOneSpy is a masterpiece designed by a craftsman. It has suitable, reliable, and efficient tools like the Viber messenger screen recorder. Here are a few examples that clear your concepts about the best cell phone monitoring software.

Live Viber Screen Recording

 Real-time Viber screen recording on a cellphone

Record Series of Videos

Record multiple Viber videos on the screen

Record Short-Time Videos

It records a series of phone’s screen videos

Save Videos on the Dashboard

Record & save Viber videos in the web portal

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Get TheOneSpy user’s credentials.

Subscribe to the TheOneSpy app, and you will receive a passcode and ID via email as a confirmation that you have got the license.

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Get access to your target cell phone.

You need physical access to install and activate android spy software on the target mobile device.

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Use an online dashboard to activate features.

Use password and ID to access the web control panel and activate the features, like the Viber screen recorder app.

Step by step TheOneSpy Installation Process

It is easy to install and configure, but you have to follow a few steps on the right side. Take a look!

User's Review

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Barbra Mackenzie

It is the best tool to watch live activities on cell phones and best for kids monitoring.

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David cruse

I can see my employees and watch what they do on social networking apps.

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Emilia Watson

Software Very tricky and powerful monitoring software to monitor instant messenger’s chat.

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Neel Chomsky

I have used It for setting parental control on my underage teens; quite beneficial.

Frequently asked Queries by users

Here are following top queries users have asked from us, and we are here to respond them unless they got convinced.

General Questions

TheOneSpy is the best Viber screen recorder software that allows you to record videos on a cell phone screen active with messaging apps, including Viber messenger. It secretly records short videos on a Viber screen and delivers the recorded data to an electronic portal. Users can watch the recorded videos via the dashboard to watch typed messages, chat conversations, media, and Viber VoIP calls.

TheOneSpy is hidden and undetectable software for cell phone monitoring. So, it has the best tools for recording cell phone screens running with social messaging apps, like the Viber messenger app. Users can operate a Viber screen recorder on any cell phone device to record several short videos and save them into the dashboard. Live Viber screen recorder lets you know what is happening on the social networking app in real-time.

Technical Questions

Yes. You can see if someone is typing on the Viber messenger app on a cell phone screen. You can use Viber screen recorder software on your target cell phone device active with the Viber messaging app. It enables you to record videos on a Viber screen, and you can watch if the target person is tying on the social messaging app, like messages, chats, and many more things in real-time. You can record and send the recorded videos to Viber screen recording software. Users can see the videos to know what the target person has typed on Viber messenger.

Yes. Viber notifies users when they record screens or capture screenshots on Viber messaging app. Do you want to record the Viber screen without notification to the target person? You can use TheOneSpy Viber screen recorder software. It works at the back end of the phone and records in real-time on the Viber screen without notifying instant messaging app users and sending the videos to the dashboard.

Yes. The TheOneSpy Viber screen recording app can record conversations, text messages, shared media, voice calls, voice messages, and many other activities on the instant messaging app active on the cell phone screen. Users can record every activity on Viber social messaging app. You can record short-time videos and save them into the dashboard. Users can download the videos and view Viber conversations on the cell phone screen.