viber screen recording

Viber Screen Recorder

Viber screen recorder enables the user to discover all the activities on messenger running on a cell phone device of a target user

Viber social media app enable user to make contacts online, do live video and chat conversations, shared media and other plenty of features that fascinates users. Therefore, these days plenty of people out there want to monitor Viber messenger to seek information due to variety of reasons. So, you can use live screen recording tool to get the job done convincingly.

The user can secretly record the activities performed on the Viber social app by using the TheOneSpy Viber screen recording software. It enables a user to make the 1 minute long short videos when a target phone user is up to a smartphone device and log in to use the Instant messaging app to the time a person logs out. After that user can see what actually is happening on the screen of smartphone device.

  • Contacts
  • Spy Viber Chats and conversations
  • Date & time logs of each chat
  • Viber Video Call records
  • Messenger logs

How Does TOS Viber Screen Recorder Work?

The user initially needs to install TheOneSpy Viber spy app for android on the target device. Once it is been installed on the device, the user has to visit the dashboard of the app and get access to the features and to activate the Viber recording. Then the user is free to perform screen recording by making short videos when the messenger activities performed by the target user. Ultimately, the user will get their hands on what he/she is looking for.

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How is TheOneSpy Viber Screen Recording Useful?

Since the instant messaging app has come into to existence, everyone has started to make their accounts on the social app. Therefore, young kids and teens are even not behind, they are the ones that excessively uses social app no time ever before. Viber is very dangerous and popular among the young generation and they often use it for different reasons and bullied online, become the victims of stalkers and also got obsession using the social messaging app. Now parents can put their worries to rest and can protect kids and teens from all dangers which they facing with the help of TheOneSpy Viber recording.

Benefits for parents

Parents have plenty of parental concerns regarding children obsession with the instant messengers these days. Teens are using viber social media app for variety of inappropriate activities such as for dating online, sharing and harboring sexual fantasies, and to adopt dangerous social media trends. On the other hand, teens and kids are victimizes by the bullies online, stalkers and sexual predators. So, parents can monitor Viber instant messaging app activities in real –time using Viber messenger screen recording app.

Benefits for Individuals

Being an individual you can track someone’s activities on instant messaging app including Viber. You can monitor Viber instant messenger of someone due their online safety, protection and as well as to protect yourself if there is a situation like that where your personal safety at stake. Otherwise, you cannot breach someone’s privacy personal gains to embarrass someone online.

Benefits for Employers

Employers or business owners usually provide digital devices in terms of cell phones and gadgets to employees. So, there is always a risk of something fishy, waste of time within the working hours and many others activities alike. Use of social media on personal devices within the working hours and in-case you want to do surveillance on Viber on employees company’s devices then use TOS Viber messenger recorder.

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