Freaky Social Media Daring Challenge: “Burn and SCAR” How Can Parents Monitor it?


We have often seen tricks and daring challenges performed by the magicians on the television screen. Now, these types of stunts and daring challenges become the part of daily routine matter in teenager’s life. The modern digital world has brought enormous gifts in the shape social media websites and social apps, but at the same, these digital creatures have also brought unbelievable unwholesome issues in our lives. Currently, “Burn and Scar challenge” is an internet phenomenon which has been penetrated in our teen’s lives. Teenager’s participants usually put salt on their specific body parts, mostly on arm and then they put some ice cubes on the salt.

The combination of salt finally converts into a chemical reaction and participant has to bear the pain of burning reaction and withstand the pain for the longest time. These sort of freaky daring challenges recorded and then posted on different social media websites or social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Vine, Tinder and Tumblr and on many others.

The digital online world rapidly increasing the health hazards among young teenagers, an official of the UK’s National Society for the prevention of cruelty to the children stated that, to “the Huffington post”. “This freaky and attention seeking behavior is the exact example of the risk, the official further stated that.

1485963394-landscape-1485955975-salt-ice-challengeWhen parents encountered with these types of dangerous and cruel things, they get scared deep inside and think how they can get rid of their young children from “Burn and Scar” types of evils which they have got from social media. Young children usually have seen these types of abnormal things through social media platforms and after watching they try repeating these cruel things in order to seek appreciation from their online friends.

How Can Parents Protect Their Teens From Social Media Evils?

Parents have to keep some house rules in order to protect their young children which don’t know the ultimate consequences. Parents should realize that they have to be friendly with their children in order to know their each and every activity which they have going to do on social media platforms. You should teach your children that extreme in everything always went wrong. Tell your teens there are a number of things in which they can prove themselves like sports, educations, and arts. Parents should encourage their children for real world rather than an online world.

Parents can monitor each and every single activity which they have done 24/7, but how is that possible?


Being a father or a mother if you are worried about your children’s activities on social media creatures, then don’t worry. Their plenty of spy software available in the market which would help you to monitor all the activities which your beloved one has done. There plenty of social media app and websites, is it possible to monitor all top mobile apps with a single monitoring app? The answer is yes. TheOneSpy is the perfect spy app of its kind which can monitor 16 instant messengers and social media app like WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, Vine, and Tumblr and many others. It has more than 130 features. Being parent if you are worried about your teenage child who also doing dares and stunts like “Burn and Scar” then you can easily monitor all the videos and photos which your child has shared on social media. You can also record calls if he or she is making conversations with their online friends regarding any social media stunt with exact time statistics. But if parents think that these sorts of freaky things their children learn from their friends after coming from school then TheOneSpy will track the location of your child and their whereabouts through their GPS location tracking feature. Some parents may suspicious about how their kids do these stuff then TOS has the ability to record soundings sounds and short videos and photos with front and back camera of your target device through your control panel remotely. Parents can even get access to the email strokes, password keystrokes, Messenger keystrokes and SMS keystrokes through its key logger feature. You can also monitor read emails and can view photos through multimedia files feature of the TOS. You can also spy each and every single activity which they have done on the internet on their smartphone.

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