Hidden Phone Tracker for Business Monitoring and Digital Parenting

Hidden Phone Tracker for business monitoring & digital parenting

Business Monitoring and Digital Parenting are the two different subjects. But when it comes to the importance of these two things you may have seen people struggling, worried and tired enough to think what they should do? Since the technology has introduced in the business organizations employers have to compete with their competitors in every aspect such as quality, quantity and in many other things. On the other hand, technology has snatched the playgrounds and family life from the modern young generation. Contemporary cellphones are worthy enough for both business and as well as for youth. But it is also has created the number of hurdles in the growth of business and as well as in digital parenting. Today, parents and employers are looking forward to having technology in terms of hidden phone tracker for business monitoring and digital parenting.

Why Mobile Phone Tracker Important for Parents and Employers

1- Importance of Tracking Mobile Phones for Business Monitoring

Employees in business organizations these days are used of wasting time on the company’s owned cell phones. Employees use mobile phones for making long cellphone calls, text messaging, use of social media apps and emails within working hours. All these activities at the workplace ultimately become the factor of decreasing the productivity of the company and employers may have to deal with huge loses. Therefore, business owners have to use technology in terms of tracking app for cell phone. Let’s take a look at the facts in the following how employees use cell phone devices within the working hours and waste time at the workplace.

Reason Behind Monitoring Employee’s Cell Phones: Statistics

  • Almost 71% of employees spend two hours in a week and get access company information on cellphones
  • 70% of the employees always keep their phone in hands and with eye contact at workplace
  • 60% employees use apps work related activities such as Skype and WhatsApp and often waste working hours
  • 36% employees read email on company’s owned smartphones
  • Only 60% time spend for productivity and other time wasted on browsing activities, online purchases and in text messaging at workplace
  • 50% of employees Use Company owned mobile phones for calls and text messages
  • 38% of employees use cellphones at workplace for social media apps at workplace

There is plenty of time spent on the phone at workplace, you should ask your team the question what you can do to maximize screen time to enhance your business, Patrick Hanley Director; product Marketing of Dynamic Signal said that.

So, Employers need to perform tracking cellphones online of their workforce to keep an eye on their activities all day long in order to prevent time wasting activities at workplace and to prevent activities something fishy. But employees need to keep one thing in mind that how employees monitoring

2- Importance of Cell Phone Tracking for Digital Parenting

Parenting over the years has become a real headache for parents and they have to keep a hidden eye on their children digital activities using mobile phones. Today, young kids and teens are getting involved in self –Obscenity, text messages and long phone calls with the strangers using cell phone devices connected to the cyberspace.

Moreover, young kids and teens who own their individual smartphones connected to the cyberspace are involved in uncommitted sexual activities using dating apps like tinder and other social media apps. They also shared media files such as semi-nude photos and videos to the strangers. The scariest thing is that use of social media on cellphones is making us unsocial especially to a young generation. Children who spend most of their time on smartphones are more likely to encounter with stalkers, cyberbullying, and sexual predators.

However, sexting and use of sneaky texting codes is the modern trend that lurking teens and tweens to the darker side of the cell phone usage. The obsession of the cellphone among kids and teen usually causes them digital dementia to the fullest. Therefore, mommies have nothing left, but to do digital parenting by using apps to track mobile phones.

Reason Behind Secret Tracking Kid’s Phone: Statistics

  • 46% of teens who use cellphone at night excessively become the victim of cyberbullying and stalkers
  • 88% of victims including young kids and teens have told that they have been bullied online using cellphone
  • 82% of teens in USA prefer to use iPhones over other devices connected to the internet
  • Teens are more likely to hide cellphones form their parents to keep their digital activities in secret.
  • However, it is strange that teenage boys are more likely to have parental control for cellphone usage
  • Almost 70% of parents believe in parenting rules, but 14% install tracking apps for phone

According to American Academy of Pediatric National Conference

Young kids and teens that own their individual cell phones are more likely to bully online. Almost 59.8% of 5th graders, 50.6% of 4th graders and 39.5 % third graders bullied online. However, 48.6 % of young students own cellphone devices. At the Chicago conference, it’s been a reminder for parents to think about the danger and benefits to deciding whether they should provide children cellphone. However, they should think about to perform digital parenting using the mobile tracker apps on kids smartphones.

How does Mobile Tracker help For Business Monitoring and Digital Parenting?

If you are parents who want to set parental control on teens’ cellphones devices or you are employers that want to track employees’ mobile phones. You can install the cell phone tracking software on the kids, teens, and employees, respectively, and restate all worries. For example, you can track child text messages and phone calls using a personal call recorder tool and get to know to whom they are talking, and the same is the case when tracking employees’ activities on the company’s owned cell phones.

Moreover, you can use the social media tracker app to learn about the activities on the target cell phone and install all the trendy instant messaging apps. However, employees can use an email tracker to read all the sent/received emails on the employee smartphones with the complete time stamp. In addition, the user can remotely track employees’ and children’s cellphones using a rea remote phone tracker, lock text messages and incoming calls, and even block internet access to the fullest.

Additionally, parents can track the live mobile GPS location of the children using a GPS location tracker and get to know the current and exact location of the children and, similarly, the employees. In addition, you can track location history and mark safe and restricted areas for children and employees.

Furthermore, you can track your children’s and employees’ phone remote phones remotely, over the target device MIC, and listen o the surround sounds and conversations. You can use the best child tracker and remotely gain control over the kid’s cellphone back and front camera and can view the surround visuals using the spyvidcam bug. If you want to see the screen activities of your kids and employees’ phone, then you can use a live screen tracking tool or phone monitoring software.

It will empower you to make back-to-back short videos of the screen, and you can view having access to the online control panel. In addition, the user can remotely get to know the browsing activities of employees and children with a mobile phone tracking app.


Regarding business monitoring and digital parenting, the cell phone tracker app is the best tool for stealth monitoring to stay updated about children’s and employees’ mobile phone activities.

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