How To Ensure Kids Safety On The Internet?

how to ensure kids safety on the internet

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The Internet has become a wild beast for minors these days. Today, every child owns a smartphone and internet connection. Monitoring children’s activities become difficult for parents. Each addition to kids’ technological equipment makes them addicted. Children become exposed to many online dangers from a very young age. Suppose your children are tech savvy-children and always stick with their gadgets. It is time for you to ensure kids safety on the internet.

Bright children expose to harmful people and content while using the Internet. So, it is necessary to ensure kids’ safety on the Internet no time ever before. This post will discuss the reasons behind ensuring kids’ internet safety, causes, and tips. Further, how to do it with TheOneSpy.

Why Is It Necessary To Protect Kids In Cyberspace?

Parents were unaware of the internet’s dangers. Kids also do sneaky online activities using smartphones. Parents got information from news about minors and cyber predators on the internet. They also have received confirmation from other parents and local law enforcement authorities. So, parents fear allowing kids to spend time on their cell phones connected to the internet.

  • Do you know young teens want to stay online more than ever? NetSmartz and National Center for Missing and Exploited Children came up with statistics.
  • More than 93% of the kids between the ages of 12 to 17 are online. Furthermore, almost 75% of minors and teens have cell phones and internet connections.
  • They also create profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and others.
  • Teens and minors share their photos, videos, and images on popular social media apps. They share media without parent’s knowledge.

What Are The Dangers Kids Could Face On The Internet?

Smartphones, PCs, and the internet are within reach of children. It has become challenging for parents to safeguard their kids. There are many online threats for kids that can harm kids’ safety on the internet. Let’s discuss the dangers teens could face online via smartphones and the internet.

Kids' connections & interactions with undesirable people

Do you know young kids make a connection on the internet? They download social media networks on their phones and sign-up. Further, they follow and add friends without taking their parents and guardians. They also interact with unwanted and undesired people. We are talking about online predators, like pedophiles, sex offenders, stalkers, and cyberbullies.

So, parents have reservations over their kids’ internet access. Especially, about their gaming lobby and chat rooms. Cyberbullies target young unguided teens and children. They could be the ones who kids in real life as well. Phishing scammers also target your kids. They trick them into sweeping their private information from their cell phones.

Teens get exposed to inappropriate content.

Internet access to teens’ smartphones 24/7 was risky and harmful no time ever before. Do you know why? They get exposed to sexually explicit content, particularly porn images, videos, and photos. Young kids watch violent or graphic content on YouTube, online games, or Netflix.

They also listen to foul language, see drugs, and use alcohol. So, they try improvising everything they have watched on their smartphones. Do you know downloading pirated materials such as videos, movies, and others are on the rise among kids?

Computer & Smartphone Cyber security issues

Youngsters are more likely to become the victims of Cyber security issues. They connect their cellphones and PCs to the internet. Kids visit websites, malicious programs, and malware installed on their cell phones. It could damage cell phone security; sometimes, the malware steals the device’s data.

Malware is like infections of digital devices. It enables people to access someone’s cell phone or computer device without them knowing. Kids install the virus and malware via file-sharing programs, attachments, and web links. Children’s cell phones and PCs become victims of unwanted ads, pop-ups, and adware.

Parents have much concern over kids’ online safety, and they want to ensure their internet safety. So, the kid’s safeties on the internet have become necessary, and let’s get to know how parents can do it.

What Should Parents Do To Ensure Kids Online Safety?

This is the first question come into the mind, “How parents can ensure kids safety on internet?” The answer is easy –Parental controls. But, most parents believe that it is very high tech-tool that is not easy to operate to ensure kids safety on the cyberspace.

But, there are many easy to use Parental monitoring solutions that parents can use on cellphones, and computer devices. Parents can use contemporary tools that allow them to monitor kids virtually. Parents can safeguard kids from inappropriate content, undesired people, and from dangerous malware.

Manage Kids Internet Safety On Phones And PCs With TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy is the world’s No.1 parental control software. It offers several products for android, iPhones, PCs, and windows laptop and desktops. It is a brand that has introduced several security solutions that protect kid’s safety on the internet. Here are the top parental control products it has offered to its users:

Top Features Of TheOneSpy App For Kids’ Online Safety

Here are the following features that parents can use on kids’ cell phones and Laptop devices. Lets’ discuss them in the following:


Parents can install the TheOneSpy app on any cell phone device. Further, use its screen time features on any cell phone device. It limits screen time by blocking every inappropriate application from 1 hour to 14 hours.


Users can schedule screenshots on cell phones and laptop and desktop PCs remotely. Users can set different time intervals to capture snapshots, like after 5 seconds, 15 seconds, and 45 seconds.

Screen Recording

A live screen recorder is the best tool for users to perform live screen recording on any cell phone or desktop device. It lets parents record short videos on the target device screen and save them into the dashboard.

Keystrokes Logger

It is a feature that captures password keys, emails, messenger, and text chat keystrokes on another mobile or PC. Further, parents can see the children’s browsing history to prevent them from using inappropriate websites.

Browsing History

Parents can also view every website children have visited on their phones and PCs. They can see bookmarked websites and webpages on the target device.

Live Spy 360 Screen Sharing

You can connect your target device cameras and a cellphone screen to TheOneSpy parental controls software. It lets users share the live screen of teens’ phones with the web control panel. So parents can see what kids are doing on their phones in real-time.

Remote Control Features

Parents can block text messages, incoming calls, and internet access on any cell phone device. It enables parents to restrict kids’ sexting, calls with strangers, and inappropriate web searches.

Monitor Social media Chat’s Logs

TheOneSpy is one of the few parental controls that secretly access IM’s logs. Parents can read IM messages, voice chats, and shared media with the schedule. It helps parents spy on kids’ inappropriate activity on social media.


There is no doubt that kids’ safety on the internet is necessary. So, parents should opt for TheOneSpy parental controls software products. It enables parents to protect kids’ safety on the internet on phones and computer devices.

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