How Parents Can Monitor Teens Private Parties

how to monitor teens private parties

There is no other opinion that teens love partying and parents hate seeing their kids out all night act stupidly, dressed ludicrously and triggering all sorts of disasters one can imagine. Unless you are fortunate enough to have an introvert academic child, you would probably see your teens devoting the next ten years or more of their lives hanging out with the friends and performing absurdities. Teenage parties are important to be socialized, build confidence and release the burden of studies; however, an unsupervised and poorly planned party can result in unwanted or tragic consequences.

The Risks of Unsupervised Teenage Parties

Teens are more likely to drink alcohol, have sex and engage in violent incidents at unsupervised parties.

Alcohol Consumption

Teens at parties are more likely to consume alcohol, marijuana and other toxic substances, involved in fierce incidents and suffer unintentional injuries in those misfortunes. Driving while drunk is another concern that arises when they need to get home from the party. Furthermore, the overdose of alcohol and drugs may often require hospitalization from alcohol poisoning.

Sexual Assault

Teens under the influence of drugs are more likely to engage in sexual activities whether consensual or otherwise. Such sexual assaults at parties are often got on film and posted on the internet resulting in the humiliation of the victim and serious criminal charges for the offender.


According to a National Youth Violence Commission report, more than one in three teenagers report having a physical fight at a party. Most violent incidents occur in late teens and early 20s, and the main reason behind these fights is romantic jealousies. The consumption of alcohol and drugs make teens more aggressive and the sudden high emotions lead to violent behavior often causing deaths.

How Can Parents Monitor Teens Parties?

This is where you need think what attributes makes complete parental control software, and there could not be any best option than TheOneSpy? Loaded with more than 250 features, this mobile phone monitoring app supports you to ensure your teen’s safety even when they are away. Given are three of the functions of this spyware designed to help you monitor what your teens are doing in parties or hangouts with friends.

Operate front and back camera of the target device

This cell phone parental monitoring software allows you to remotely operate the front and back camera of your kid’s smartphone running Android operating system. It helps you know the whereabouts of your teen enabling you to view the surroundings of your kid distantly operating the camera of the monitored device. Once you successfully install the parental monitoring on your kid’s phone, you can use the user control panel to remotely operate the targeted device’s front and back camera with Camera Bug of the paternal control software.

Record Short Videos

Using the Spyvidcam Bug of the cell phone tracking software, you can record short videos extending from 15 seconds to 60 seconds to see what is going on that party. Simply log into TheOneSpy control panel and send a push notification towards the target device to record video of the surroundings. You can also set a schedule to record videos at any time of the day.

Hear and record voices and surrounding sounds

This software also allows you to record sounds and voices heard around the target smartphone device using the MIC bug of the surveillance app. This feature does not need you to send a message or push notification to activate the microphone instead you can use your TOS control panel to listen to the conversation and surrounding sounds for just 1 minute to 45 minutes. Log into your account and create a MIC bug. Select timing and send a command to the target device. You can send multiple commands at a time but with a sequence and the set timings of every single command. The bug will start uploading voices of surrounding and sounds for you to hear and consequently record it for use in future. You can download the recordings from your control panel to your computer to listen to the sounds offline.


Being a parent, if you feel concerned about letting your child go to teen parties there is nothing anomalous in it. You may feel worried especially when you are not aware of the party host or how likely your child is to be offered alcohol or drugs there. Have a discussion with your child and aware him/her of your concerns about his/her safety. It is OK to ask whether there will be adults in that party; there will be alcohol, and what you want your kid to do if there is; the venue of the party will remain same or there will be changes afterward. If your child is not comfortable sharing the details with you, take help from the parenting apps so you can take timely decisions for your child safety.

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