Is It Discriminatory to Monitor Your Employee’s Social Media Accounts?

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Today everyone wants to their presence on social media. Employees love to update their social media profiles. So, they use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more. People want to build social media relationships. They post several video and image posts. Do you know employees’ social media posts may be contrary to the company’s policy? Monitoring their employee’s social media for business security has become necessary. Many issues are on the way forward. Employees make up their minds to monitor employees social media. Employers think about the legality and whether it is ethical or not. Let’s get to know whether Employee’s social media monitoring is beneficial or not.

Is It Legal To Monitor The Social Media Accounts Of Employees?

No law stops employers from monitoring employees’ social media accounts and posts. Restricted posts to friends and family may prevent employers from viewing them. But public ones are easy to watch. Do you know employers have a right to monitor on their employees? Laws have permitted employers to look after the employees’ social media. But here are things that an employer cannot ask from their employees:

  • Employers cannot ask for social media logins & users’ names.
  • Employers cannot pressure employees to weaken privacy settings.
  • Employers cannot push employees to connect with them online.

Many states have distinguished employees’ private activities from professional work. Employers can get laws and legislation to monitor employees’ social media. It prohibits employers from pushing employees to build a connection with their friends. Rules suggest employers and employees create a professional relationship with each other.

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Is Unfair to Monitor Employee’s Social Media Profiles?

Do you want to know the legality of viewing employees’ social media profiles? It would help if you understood what employees do on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others. Most business firms agree to monitor the social media activities of employees. However, it is legal to see public social media profiles and the activities of employees.

Viewing employees’ social media posts is legal, whether restricted or not, on business devices. It means business-owned devices are permitted to track at any point in time.

Employers always make efforts to spy on employees’ social media accounts. They want to see the information they seek and sometimes become successful. You can see their posts about illness, partying, applying for a new job, and many other activities. Most employers also monitor the social media accounts of someone to recruit someone for a job.

So, they see the employee’s resume and then search for social media accounts. They want to see the previous employment of the candidates. Monitoring employees’ social media posts are legal on business devices, but you cannot breach their privacy. Therefore, privacy breaching is unethical if you visit their social media accounts.

Employers’ Social Media Monitoring Statistics That Everyone Needs To Know

Did you decide to track your employees on social media? Most employers worldwide are doing this, which is no longer a myth.

The Manifest Company said 90% of employers believe in employees’ social media spying. 79% of employers have rejected job aspirants because of their social media posts.

Job seekers have started deleting their professional data from Facebook, Twitter, and others. Social media have become a nightmare for job seekers and people who live to use them on business devices.

A CareerBuilder survey says 57% of employers are not interested in interviewing candidates if they don’t see them on social media.

Many companies worldwide believe in continuous monitoring of employees’ social media accounts. They also want to record their activities on business-owned phones and computer devices. An employer wants to monitor browsing history, passwords, keystrokes, and chat conversations. One social media post against the company could become viral. It damages the goodwill of the company. Business firms believe in social media monitoring and other activities of employees online.

What Should Employers Do To Protect The Company’s Goodwill Image Online?

Things businesses can do to protect their image online before spying social media:

Give Fair Warning To Employees Before Social Media Monitoring.

Employers should create a social media policy for employees. If you don’t have any policy, make it as soon as possible. Online posts could pose significant risks to the company’s image. Employers should allow well-reputed employees to post or comment. Employers should protect their brand. Also sensor the company information before employees posts it on social media. They should also warn their employees. Employers would monitor their social media posts and comments.

  • Employers should warn employees about sites they can track on business-owned devices. Also, describe which sites are risky for business safe online.
  • Teach your employees how they can make posts on personal social media profiles. What things they can mention, and how do social media settings protect the business.
  • Make your employees confident that you can monitor their private information. It is your responsibility to protect the business’s goodwill image online. So, social media monitoring is necessary for you.

Employers can let their employees know that social media spying is essential. It is to cope with cyber-stalking, data breaching, and online harassment.

  • Restrict employees from promoting the company’s brand on their social media profiles. Don’t let your employees use employee photos with your brand logo or something else.

What Is The Best Way To Monitor Your Employees On Social Media?

Are you tired of monitoring your employee’s social media manually? Here is the first decision you should make:

Outsource Employee Monitoring Software

Do you want to protect your business brand, intellectual property, and goodwill? Let me tell you, outsource employee surveillance software. The employee monitoring solution should have the following qualities:

Remote Screen Recording

Screen recorder is one of the best monitoring solutions for cellphones and computers. You can use it on android, MAC, and Windows devices. Users can use it to record live videos on the target device screen. Further, send the videos to the online dashboard. Employers can use it to see employees’ social media posts, comments, and other activities.


The screenshot is a solution found in many top employee monitoring apps. It lets users schedule screenshots via an online dashboard. Users can see the captured screenshots and send data to the dashboard.

Keystrokes logging

Keylogger is one of the best tools to monitor your employees online. It captures your employees’ chats, messages, passwords, and email keystrokes with the schedule.

Surround recording

Users can use the surround recording app on any cell phone or computer device. It will bug the target device microphone and record surrounding conversations and sounds. Further, send the data to its dashboard.

Screen Time

Employers can block every social media app and other apps with this feature. So, it is helpful for employers to stop posting and commenting about the business on Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Block websites

Users can filter social media sites and others with this feature. Employers can use the feature to protect the goodwill of the company. You can block websites using the URLs of the websites in the filters.

Block incoming calls

Employers can block incoming calls on business-owned tablets and cell phones to protect confidential business information.

See Text Messages

Secretly read text messaging of your employees on business phones. It helps employers to prevent sneaky messages from employees with third parties.

Block internet

Suppose you got to know that your employee could breach business data online. You can block the internet on business devices to protect business data.

VoIP Call Logs

Employers can monitor and read social media activity logs and VOIP call logs. You can view chats, messages, and shared media on Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Which Is The Best Monitoring Software For Employees?

TheOneSpy is the best employee monitoring software. It can safeguard your company’s goodwill and intellectual property and increase business productivity. It has all the features that we mentioned earlier in our post. Furthermore, it is sneaky and remains invisible while monitoring your employee’s activities. TheOneSpy is undetectable monitoring software that allows employers to catch rouge employees with red hands. It has many features to capture your employee’s social media activities. You can see every post, image, and comment employees have made on social media.


No. It is not discriminatory to monitor your employees social media accounts unless you are doing it on business devices. With our hidden and best employee monitoring app, you can spy on every illegal activity of your employees. Further, employers can also protect the goodwill of the company online.

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