Come è possibile la registrazione delle chiamate VoIP sul telefono Android

come è possibile la registrazione delle chiamate VoIP

People love to take notes when talking with clients to remember necessary matters and critical points of a voice chat. Sometimes, you need to remember to note crucial points and keep up. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is handy nowadays on social networking apps. The recently introduced technology empowers you to record and listen to voice calls. We will cover how VoIP call recording is possible on Android phones active with Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Hangout, Viber, Line, and IMO.

Che cos'è la registrazione delle chiamate VoIP?

VoIP call recorder software is a convenient tool that provides a secure way to record voice and video calls from social media apps on your phone. It’s designed to make your life easier, allowing you to listen to incoming and outgoing voice chats on instant messaging apps whenever you want.

Con  Software di registrazione delle chiamate VoIP, you can revisit your voice chats as often as you like. It keeps a comprehensive record of every voice chat you’ve had on instant messaging apps, ensuring you never miss a detail.

While other methods on the web claim to record live VoIP calls on Facebook Messenger, Line, WhatsApp, Skype, and more, the superiority of top-notch VoIP call recording software is undeniable. It delivers the recorded data to a user-friendly dashboard, allowing you to replay all the audio and video voice chats whenever you need to, in real-time.

Tipi di registrazione delle chiamate VoIP possibili che devi conoscere

There are usually three types of VoIP call recording: hosted recording, hardware/Appliance recording, and software/application-based recording. You can record conversations on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, and more.

Users can record VoIP conversations as:

Automatico Ccontro tutti i Recording 

This method involves software that allows the user to record every conversation with the targeted device automatically. Set the device on auto-call recording and always listen to the audio communication to avoid missing important details.

Su richiesta Ccontro tutti i Recording

This method also includes the call recording software. Then, you can activate the recording option during your desired conversation, and the call will be recorded.

Customizzato Ccontro tutti i Recording

This method works by setting the software to record the conversation according to condition and situation.

Is It Possible to Perform VoIP Call Recording on Android?

Yes, the spy brand TheOneSpy became the first to offer social media voice call recording. You can install this application on your target rooted and non-rooted Android devices.

The spy solution that records voice calls can hide app icons on the latest OS versions of Android. Moreover, it can remain hidden and temper-proof. It can record voice chats on IM apps without root and save the conversations to the dashboard. Spy app for Android can record voice calls in real-time audio and video to the fullest.

The Best way to Record VoIP Call In 2024

TheOneSpy is the best VoIP call recording tool for Android that provides insight into targeted person call conversations. This has the ability to secretly track call conversations with log details. With this, parents can easily monitor their kid’s conversation to ensure they are not talking with strangers. Employers can check their employees’ conversations to ensure their business data are safe. TheOneSpy offer VoIP call recording features on popular social networking apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Vine, Skype, and Google Hangouts without rooting the target phone.

Top Spy Apps That Provider VOIP Call Recording Services in 2024

Here are other good options for recording VoIP call conversations from targeted devices. 

  • TheOneSpy
  •  OgyMogy
  •  Flexispy
  •  SpyEra

How to Record VoIP Calls Conversation?

You have to visit the official website to subscribe the app. And wait to get official email that will be used in web control panel. Then installing the app by getting physical access to targeted device and make it invisible. After you’ve to login to your web control panel to remotely record and secretly listen to VoIP calls from a targeted device.

How Do You Set Up and Record VoIP Calls Secretly on Android?

This setup method is the same for every social media platform; we use WhatsApp as an example.

Ci sono tre passaggi per registrare segretamente le chiamate WhatsApp:

1) Download and install TheOneSpy

2) Activate the app by using the activation key

3) Open Dashboard and listen to recordings

Download and install TheOneSpy:

Download the app by visiting the URL “to” on the browser and install it

Activate the App by Using the Activation Key:

After installation, enter the activation key received through email from TheOneSpy. And Grant all requires permissions

Hide app after granting all required permissions

Open Dashboard and Listen to Recordings:

Open the dashboard of TheOneSpy by visiting “” on the browser and enter your username and password provided by email from TheOneSpy

After login, Dashboard will show

To Listen Audio or Video VoIP Call Tap on VoIP Call Recording. And a list of recorded calls will show here

To view the video, Call Tap on Live Screen Recording. Select the messenger name from the side drop-down menu. A list of video call screen recordings will be shown here

Secondo il Pew Research Center:

  • Oltre il 77% dei genitori è preoccupato per le app di social media e gli schermi mobili eccessivi degli adolescenti.
  • One out of three teens become the victim of cyberbullying via text messages, chats, media, and audio calls on social media
  • Il 86% degli adolescenti è dipendente da Instagram e condivide foto e chat vocali
  • 35% of teens do sexting via text messages and voice calls on WhatsApp, Facebook, and others

Why Record VoIP Calls on Social Apps such as Instant Messengers?

People these days look forward to recording and listening to voice calls on social messaging apps active on mobile devices connected to cyberspace. The question arises: what made people record calls on social messengers apps, no time ever before?

giovani ossessionati dai social media has made parents insecure, and kids are vulnerable to stalkers, child abusers, sex offenders, and bunny hunters. Do you know why? Young teens spend hours on messaging apps for voice chatting, texting, and sexting with strangers. They also exchange contacts and make voice and video calls on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social networks with strangers. Therefore, parents want to safeguard teens from online predators, and they want to monitor cell phones and record VoIP calls.

Cosa spinge i datori di lavoro ad ascoltare le conversazioni dei dipendenti?

Customer care service is the backbone of a business. It keeps its clients loyal to the products by dealing with them humbly. However, bad dealings with clients can get them carried away, and they will not bother with your product again. Employers want to monitor employees’ chats, messages, emails, and voice conversations. This practice can help in identifying areas of improvement in customer service, preventing miscommunication, and ensuring client satisfaction.

Employers wish to record clients’ voice and text conversations on social media and cellular networks. This can serve as a valuable resource for training and improving customer interactions. Employers can record live phone calls using call recording software but cannot listen to voice conversations on social messaging apps. Business professionals also want to record disgruntled employees’ VoIP and phone calls to prevent the leakage of business secrets and information.

  • Il 86% dei dipendenti monitora le chat vocali e di testo e le e-mail dei dipendenti
  • 69% of employees attempt to waste working hours via voice calls and chat on social media
  • 14% of employers have reservations about their customer care representatives
  • Un datore di lavoro su due vuole ascoltare le chiamate vocali sui dispositivi aziendali

Top 5 Benefits of VoIP Call Recording on Android

La registrazione delle chiamate VoIP dal vivo ha molti vantaggi solo per genitori, datori di lavoro e molte persone. Ecco alcuni vantaggi che puoi utilizzare per utilizzare l'app di registrazione delle chiamate VoIP TheOneSpy.

Migliora il servizio di assistenza clienti:

Business professionals can improve the customer care service of a business. Employers can leverage the use of call recording software to record VoIP calls of customer care representatives with clients. This technology allows you to assess the quality of customer interactions, identify areas for improvement, and ensure client satisfaction. So, prevent any misdealing of your employees with clients using social networks and phone conversations. Employers can save the recorded call data to the online dashboard of TheOneSpy software, providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions and enabling effective training and feedback.

Aumenta la produttività aziendale:

I datori di lavoro possono migliorare e aumentare la produttività dei propri dipendenti. I capi impiegano lavoratori per coinvolgere i clienti tramite e-mail, telefonate e app di social network. Puoi monitorare conversazioni di testo, chat vocali e video in tempo reale utilizzando un registratore di chiamate VoIP sui telefoni aziendali. Puoi formare i tuoi dipendenti e registrare le chiamate vocali durante le sessioni di formazione.

Identifica le conversazioni vocali inadeguate del bambino:

Parents can use VoIP call recording software on kids’ cell phones connected to cyberspace and active with social networking apps. You can registrare chiamate dal vivo and video calls on Facebook, WhatsApp, line, and skype to prevent online hookups with strangers. Young teens interact and respond to strangers online, and often make VoIP calls to get to know each other. Parents can listen to the voice chats in real-time and know and plan in VoIP chats on social messaging apps.

Conserva i dati delle chiamate che avvengono sui social network:

Puoi conservare le chiamate in tempo reale su app di messaggistica istantanea in entrata e in uscita. Gli utenti possono utilizzare il software di registrazione delle chiamate VoIP. Può registrare le chiamate vocali sul cellulare di destinazione senza root e salvare i dati delle chiamate sul pannello di controllo online. I dati delle chiamate VoIP consentono ai genitori impegnati di ascoltare le conversazioni vocali degli adolescenti per rimanere aggiornati.

Risolvi le controversie:

TheOneSpy è una delle poche app spia in grado di risolvere le controversie tra i rappresentanti del servizio clienti e i clienti. La registrazione delle chiamate VoIP ti consente di ascoltare le conversazioni in corso tra dipendenti e clienti. Ti aiuta a identificare che i tuoi dipendenti stanno facendo un ottimo lavoro o stanno solo perdendo tempo.


Do you want to record and listen to the VoIP chats of your teens and employees? You can use TheOneSpy, the best spy app for VoIP call recording, to protect your teens from poetically risky interactions on instant messaging apps. Moreover, you can identify the customer care services of your employees by listening to the voice calls to the fullest.

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