Mac Device Information - Storage, Network, Operating OS Version

Now get all of your target device info with the help of TOS MAC Monitoring Software

The user can easily get the Mac device information of their target device by using the TheOneSpy MAC monitoring app and enable to know what sort of data and storage available on the device.

  • Storage
  • Network
  • Operating Systems
  • Installed programs

How Does Device info Feature Works?

Install the application and make sure it is being installed. Then wait for a while for the activation of the TOS MAC monitoring app, when it is done then go to the features and use the device info feature then you will be able to know each and everything regarding your target device, what sort of network device is running with, what kind of storage and what kind of operating system device has and many other stuff.

How is it helpful for parents?

Parents can easily get know that what sort of stuff of their kid’s device have in the shape of data storage, operating system, and networking. So parents got help by getting the device info by using the TheOneSpy MAC monitoring software.

How will it benefit to Employers?

In business enterprises, most of the employers are very insecure about the private stuff their company’s devices. They can make a check on their devices which they assigned to their employees by using the TOS MAC monitoring software like is their device have the same data which they have the stored in the device or not?

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