Now Monitor Upcoming WhatsApp & Instagram Group Video Call with TOS

TheOneSpy has preliminary started working on forthcoming WhatsApp Group video call and Instagram video chat.  Since the news has broken out at Facebook F8 developers conference on Tuesday, Zuckerberg has announced a long-awaited feature for WhatsApp –Group Video calling. This year F8 conference has also brought a major update about Instagram upcoming feature of Instagram Video chat. Therefore, cell phone spy app spokesperson Karen Joseph has announced monitoring solutions for upcoming WhatsApp and Instagram features that are in the pipeline.

Facebook has announced its upcoming features

Facebook has hit the social media apps user by storm with its latest features at its 2018 Facebook F8 developer’s conference, dating on Facebook, a user can clear browsing history, real-time language translation within the social networking app Facebook messenger and plenty of others alike. Apart from the news of upcoming Facebook features, the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has also brought a light at Features FB introduced for the particular companies owned by the might Facebook such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

WhatsApp Group video call is on the way: Mark Zuckerberg

The greatest watchdog of all time “Facebook” CEO Zukerburg has come to their turn to address the developers, he has announced that we are going to introduce the long-awaited feature for WhatsApp –Group video calling.   Well! Its true and you may have heard the news that WhatsApp instant messenger is going to add soon video calling feature that is also known as end-to-end encrypted social messaging app, now it is making it possible for the over billion active user, and they will be able to make Face to Face conversations having number of people at the same time.

However, there are not concrete or absolute information about the WhatsApp group video calling feature right now, moreover it is very clear that WhatsApp will be able to permit maximum four users to have one-on-one video chat in groups. A user will be able to use the particular upcoming feature on the contemporary smartphones rather than computer devices.

Facebook CEO has added that:

Previously, we have introduced in WhatsApp video calling feature and it was only used for personal chats and user has to use it one-on-one chat with the single fellow user.

Mark Zukerburg further added that:

“WhatsApp video calling is one of the most fascinating and popular features and a user have already spent almost 2 billion minutes on WhatsApp video calling. However, with the launching of the forthcoming WhatsApp video calling, the company will gain immense popularity among the users.” Furthermore, he said at an F8 developer’s conference, WhatsApp will also get support for the stickers next month very similar to the messenger, Facebook would reveal later.

Instagram video chat feature is coming soon

In the current year, F8 has also brought a light on the major update made by the Instagram. Facebook is coming up with the Instagram video chat feature that will provide Instagram users to spend a quality time on the instant messaging photo sharing app.

If someone wants to start a video chat one-on-one with the fellow Instagram user, all they need to do is to tap on the camera icon at the very top of the direct messages thread. However, it will provide user’s ability to minimize the video window and the stuff will continue doing other stuff on the social media app.

Apart from the upcoming video chat, Instagram is also coming up with the redesigned Explore feature in order to make easier for the users to reach out the things they are fully interested in. Both of the upcoming contemporary features are in testing phase and both will roll out worldwide soon.

On the other side, the parent’s company of the Instagram is also coming with, people to share through their favorite apps such as Spotify, GoPro, to Instagram Stories and as well as Facebook Stories.

TheOneSpy has made arrangements for upcoming WhatsApp & Instagram Features

TheOneSpy has prior arrangements for tracking WhatsApp and Instagram new features. Previously, cell phone surveillance software has provided users IM’s social media to view the logs of WhatsApp and Instagram such as WhatsApp Voice messages and one-on-one audio and video conversations. Phone spy app is known for its tracking power to do surveillance on all the trendy social messaging apps including WhatsApp and Instagram.

Moreover, it also has provided TOS spy 360 live surround listening feature that enables a user to record and listen to the surround sounds and voices and send it to the user online control panel and a user can get access to it and can get recorded material by getting access of TOS dashboard app.

The features are in the testing phase to monitor upcoming WhatsApp Group video call & Instagram video chat, TheOneSpy official; Karen Joseph stated that after the Facebook CEO has announced new forthcoming features of WhatsApp and Instagram.

However, TheOneSpy has decided to make their arrangements to monitor long-awaited WhatsApp Group video call and Instagram video chat feature. The moment WhatsApp and Instagram will launch these new features, the very next moment cell phone surveillance software powered by TheOneSpy will launch its monitoring features against WhatsApp Group video call and Instagram video chat.


Previously, cell phone monitoring software provides users power to view WhatsApp and Instagram logs such as Text messages, chat conversations, shared media, audio, and video conversations and WhatsApp Voice calls. In near future, users will be able to track WhatsApp group video calling and Instagram video chat to the fullest.

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