Monitor Your Teens’ School Trip through TheOneSpy App

As a parent, if you say you are not worried about your daughter or son especially if they are teens, going on a picnic, an after-school party, or a school field trip, you are surely hiding your feelings of insecurity. A parent’s hearts skip a heartbeat whenever they hear of a picnic or school trip plan. Parents only feel relaxed when they see their children back home safe and sound.

During such trips, parents cannot physically monitor the children and do not know what the teens are doing. It is easy to escape from the eyes of the teachers, supervisors, and other students and indulge in dangerous, or some immoral activities like drinking, bullying or making wild plans to do something that is naughty or wicked.

How can Parents Monitor Kids’ Activities?

If you want to monitor your kid’s activities outside the home and school, you need not stop your teen from going out.One good way to do this is to use TheOneSpy app that is considered one of the best cell phone spy apps in the world today because of its innovative and effective monitoring features. Three features of this mobile spy software which parents can use to monitor teens during their excursions remotely and stay relaxed are discussed here.

1. Listen LIVE – hear what the Teens are saying!

To hear what your teens are up to and actually hear their conversations, use TheOneSpy to transform their smartphone into a monitoring tool. This feature lets you listen live to the phone’s surroundings, so you can monitor their plans and if needed you can alert/communicate with their trip instructor to ensure safety.

Know where the teens are and what their surroundings are:

2. Use TheOneSpy’s Geo-Fencing Feature

This feature allows you to use GPS monitoring to figure out the kid’s picnic area, trip travel route, or other surroundings. Using TheOneSpy’s the Geofencing feature you can specify safe and restricted areas for teens and instruct them not to venture into areas you have restricted as you will be alerted to this.

TheOneSpy gives you instant notifications of the movements of the kids and you can tell them to return or communicate with the trip instructor to make sure they stay in the safe areas. This mobile phone monitoring app alarm also allows parents to see the teen’s travel routes sitting at home.

3. Monitor Cell Phone Traffic, including Calls and Messages

Children, especially teens, prefer to communicate their plans and activities through smartphones features of calls, messages and social networks. TheOneSpy parental monitoring feature allows parents to view the teen’s call history, call recordings, SMS messages and social media activities, to see if they are planning anything that may be upsetting for them and others. With this feature, parents can take necessary precautions or inform the trip instructors in advance to avoid any negative outcome.


Children’s safety, especially when they are out of their parents range, can be upsetting, and can cause anxiety for the parents. With TheOneSpy parents now do not need to worry about their teens’ picnics or field trips as the many monitoring features of the app will help you monitor the activities remotely.

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