Monitoring Tool or Intrusion? Workers Insecure Over Tracking

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The technology in terms of live screen recording, keystrokes, video monitoring, call recording, and GPS location tracking making British workers insecure deployed to track employees’ productivity while working remotely from home-poll. The pandemic for months has created an urge among business professionals to deploy monitoring software that keeps bosses tabs on their workers in working hours while working remotely from home. The tracking–tech has seriously raised concerns of employees about privacy breaching, intrusive, and illicit surveillance.

According to a Poll Commissioned by the Trade Union:

The online poll result says more than two-thirds of British workers feel uneasy because of deployed programs on business-owned devices that allow employers to know how many time employees have struck on their devices keypads. It enables employers to see the productivity of the employees in working hours, a survey report of 1,800 people conducted by the trade union.

More than 80% of the respondents on the poll said they feel uncomfortable and sometimes annoyed because of tech-used by the bosses that perform camera recording while they are up to business laptop computer devices during working hours.

On the other side, 76% of the respondents said they would not like to wear such monitoring tools that track GPS location in real-time.

Tracking Tech has Not Deployed in Britain Fully

tracking tech has not diployed

The survey conducted in the last month of September by-poll YouGov, 75% of the employees were annoyed because algorithms used to make a check on their productivity and offer them promotions. The monitoring tools, keystrokes logging, screen –time, email tracking, screen monitoring, and many others are not widely used in Britain yet. Only one in three workers had heard about the tracking technology, according to trade union officials. The uses of surveillance tools for illicit monitoring are more likely to become common as businesses switch to remote working permanently.

 “We have had a report that clearly says from a member about the employers saying that they are going to opt for monitoring software, Andrew Pakes Prospect research director stated that to the Thompson Reuters Foundation.

“It would deeply threaten the workers and worrying situation that is going to allow intrusion into the workers’ houses that may affect their privacy, he further added that.

Will it Slack on the Workers’ Productivity?

works insecure over tracking tech

There is a common fear rising in employees that without watching the employees in person will decrease productivity, according to a study by academics at Cardiff University and the University of Southampton. The opinions of the respondents were not the same, and people say it will increase the productivity of the employees.  Some people said it slack off the productivity of the workers and affect the relationship between bosses and employees. Therefore, British companies should have the consent of the employees before they deploy employee monitoring software on business owned PCs.

Pakes added, technology is changing the working environment and its ethics, but we have to adopt new ways based on trust. An official of the ICO said that People always prefer to have the privacy of the few things no matter workers working from home or in the office.

However, bosses should follow the guidelines given by the Country’s information Commissioner Office and workers can get to know about the European data protection laws.

Bosses Should Have Workers Consent & Perform Ethical Employee Monitoring

bosses should have workers consent perform ethical monitoring

Business firms should have a clear stance on tracking employees by using monitoring software. The surveillance of workers needs to bring benefits rather than just breaching their privacy on business devices. They should have the consent and let your employees know about the nature of tracking –tech. Bosses should discuss the reasons behind their supervision.

Bosses have to take kind of steps to win the trust of the workforce before integrating employees with new technologies, the (CBI) innovation and digital Director said that.

Business professionals need to adopt the ethical tracking of the employees, and they should consult it with their employees before the deployment of the monitoring technology on the business-owned devices. Employers can ensure their staffs how they can set the state of the art privacy safeguards. The British mighty business lobby group (CBI) stated that most of the companies are investing in technology that can test algorithms for bias.


The illicit and intrusive tracking of employees would effects worker’s minds, and it may decrease the productivity and trust level. The supervision of employees with consent, it would not affect worker’s work and trust unless you are using a monitoring tool without breaching their private space.

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