The New Strain of COVID-19: What Do We Know?

the new strain of covid 19

The new strain of COVID-19, known as SARS-COV-2, has emerged. It happens to be more contagious than the previous wave. A new coronavirus strain struck with The United Kingdom.  Cases are spreading faster than ever in the southern and eastern regions of England. More than 67000 people have been reportedly lost their lives, and a record 36000 thousand new cases have reported in one day compared to the last week. The new wave of the virus has come up with record 95% more cases, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced restrictions over upcoming Christmas, and countries have banned travel from the U.K.

England Top Medical officials said:

The country has identified a new variant of COVID-19 that is more lethal and brutal spread faster than the last one; the top medical officer said that on Saturday.

The sources say that the new strain is more contingent and it is infecting more people.

We don’t have concrete evidence about the nature of the new strain, but we do know that the new wave is lethal, and more cases may cause the hospitals issues in vaccination and treatment, he further added that.

Apart from England, countries have identified a new strain of COVID?

Apart From England, many countries worldwide have confirmed the rapid spread of new coronavirus. Countries like Italy, the Netherlands, Gibraltar, France, and Australia have identified that their citizens have got infected. The new variant is circulating in France health Minister Olivier said that. However, we have not seen any case yet. The new variant has identified in England by top medical officers this month, and the new wave has doubled the cases. The U.K has been hit by the new COVID variant accept by Northern Ireland.

Denmark has nine confirmed cases, and the same is the case with the Netherlands, and Australia, according to the World Health Organization’s COVID- 19 technical lead Maria Van Kerkhove.

In this situation, we must act now, “England’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a press conference on Sunday where he announced new restrictions on London and eastern parts of the country following the Holliday season.

The COVID-19 has changed its shapes, and we have to change our methods of defense in response to cope up with pandemic, Johnson further added that.

The U.K government official has announced the details about the new strain on Monday last week, since the record increase in cases in the southern and eastern parts of London. Thousands of news cases were found, according to the health department of the United Kingdom.

How many new cases found in England due to the New COVID variant?

The virus is changing time–to–time, like seasonal influenza, mutates every year. The new variants are present in Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. The Chief Medical officer said that during a press briefing that Public Health England has its findings.

We are unaware of the facts, and we are looking for various kinds of answers to whether the new strain is more infectious and infect more people. We are still trying to find out that the variant affects the immune system of the patients. The new studies have suggested that the new COVID-19 variant is more transmissible, but we don’t have concrete evidence it can cause more deaths.

We have heard the worst news so far about the new COVID strain, Professor Hayward, The head of University College of London Institute of Epidemiology and Healthcare, said in an interview with CNBC.

According to the GOV.UK Cases & Death Statistics

Deaths within 28 days after positive COVID-19 results

Since the new strain of coronavirus identified a daily number of deaths within 28 days of the first positive test, reported on Monday, 21 December 2020, almost 215 people have died in a day.

After the new strain of the pandemic has emerged in England 67616, numbers of people lost their lives in total.

Deaths according to the death certificates due to COVID-19

The new variant of the coronavirus happened to be lethal. The weekly numbers of deaths happen due to COVID-19 mention as a cause on the death certificate, registered during the week ending Friday, 4 December than 3160 people have died.

The new COVID-19 strain is on the rise in southern and eastern parts of England, and 76287 number deaths in total.

Countries have halted traveling from U. K due to New COVID-19 Variant concerns.

The Canadian government has announced a travel ban from the U.K, and it will start from Sunday for a minimum of 72 hours. The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made a tweet on Sunday night. “It is all about the safety of people across the country.

The South American country, Argentina, Colombia, Chile suspended Air buses flights from U.K.” Country like Ecuador is also trying their best to tackle with the new covid-19 variant. Argentina will allow one more flight from England to get back their citizens in the country, but the later flight will not allow take off.

On Sunday, France has imposed restrictions on flights to and from the U.K, and it will implement them within the next 48 hours. The French official said that they don’t take risks anymore and they will do anything to stop the spread of the new COVID-19 strain.

Similarly, the Republic of Ireland has banned flights from the U.K on Monday. The Irish government official stated that it is all about to make sure the safety of the people regardless of nationality, color, and creed.

What we do know about new strain of coronavirus?

The instant spread of a new variant of COVID-19 in England is chaos everywhere, like in Europe in particular.  Therefore, countries have banned flights to and from the U.K following the Christmas Holidays. Now concerns are in expert’s mind that virus has spread in parts of England in a few weeks. Health officials are confident that the new strain is spreading faster than ever. The science experts believe that the virus is mutating all the time.  The variant will increase patients and deaths.

What are the concerns about the new strain of COVID-19?

  • The new mutated COVID-19 virus is causing four concerns for experts that are following.
  • It is continuously changing and replaces the dated versions of the virus.
  • It has mutations that grow faster and become more contingent.
  • Mutations of the virus in the lab have shown that it can become more infectious and deadly.
  • All the variants can get together and can form a new shape that spreads faster.

The new strain of COVID-19 could become regular and spread to other countries after hitting England. Therefore, restrictions on the people are mandatory, because it is very infectious than the previous version.

Is a new strain of the virus spreading faster?

Earlier in the September quarter of cases were identified in November in London. Furthermore, cases reached two-third in the mid of December. The variant is 70% more infectious; Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that. The pandemic is growing faster than its previous versions.

Is the new variant of COVID-19 deadliest than ever?

Nothing has proved yet that the new variant is deadly.  It is in the mutation process, and it keeps on changing.  The new strain of coronavirus is deadliest compare to its previous version, and unable to stop it, mutate further and cause more deaths and chaos in the world.

Will the vaccine work against the new variant of Covid-19?

Three vaccines have come up that develop immune systems against the virus. That’s why experts are hopeful that it can tackle different parts of the virus and deal with the new variants of the COVID-19. However, if the mutation keeps on, then there will be an alarming situation for us. The new strains of the virus are dangerous because it is in the mutation process.  The virus is continuously infecting more and more people around the world.

Viruses will create vaccine escape mutants, Professor David Robertson from the University of Glasgow on Friday, said that.

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