Why office culture won’t be same again in the post-pandemic times?

office culture in pandemic

Business organizations these days are doing plenty of experiments to know what suitable for them and what does not. While returning to office employees, in particular, would feel plenty of issues and will not revert to post working environment. Employers don’t know what the future of work is, but it has become a solid reality in a short time.

The outbreak of COIVID-19 has made millions of businesses to deploy their workforce in their homes. There are plenty of firms for whom transition is easy, they have been transformed their business to have a flexible working environment by using the contemporary piece of technology. Apart, from the few most of the business, the transition phase is more daunting. So businesses around the world are looking forward to making sure the continuity of employees and as well as the clients during and after the crisis. To sort out the business challenges successfully, we have to consider how we can come out of it easily and in post-pandemic times.

How COVID-19 has changed the business approach?

There is no doubt that the pandemic has its impact on our thinking. Every businessman is thinking that everything will come to a normal position, but it has changed the concept of the working environment. Therefore, small and large businesses have to think about the far-reaching negative outcomes of the pandemic, and further, they should know how they can transform or shape their organization for the future.

During the pandemic business firms have to face plenty of issues from employees because they have allowed their employees to work remotely from home. Therefore, employers had to face plenty of issues like productivity, outsourcing activities of employees, cyber-attacks, and sudden loss of clients. However, working from home, employees are able to manage plenty of things related to their job.

However, employers come up with the new idea of using technology to interact with employees working from home, live streaming on instant messengers like skype and foremost surveillance on their computer devices. Tools like computer monitoring apps and other digital devices like cellphones. So, employers have to adopt a new approach to manage their employees working from home.

Stop knee-jerk reaction: Introduce new roles in the office

Unless we got the vaccine, social distancing approach, we have to use technology as a parent asset for the business organization. We have to adopt technology in terms of remote employee monitoring rather than standing on their heads all the time. It will make sure social distancing in the office, measuring the productivity, prevention of cyber-attacks, and the attempts of employees meeting with the deadlines. Moreover, employers have to manage assigned seating, different shifts, and weekly rotation and space sanctions.

Moreover, employers need to record the live phone calls of employees in working hours on business owned mobiles using cell phone tracking software. Employers have to shift all the data of the company stored on computers on the cloud using data backup apps. Moreover, time is money, and to gain back all the losses you have to prevent time-wasting activities of employees in working hours. Screen recording app can record the screen activities of employees on cellphones, laptops, and desktop PCs and then send all the recording to the dashboard.

Unexpected experiments of remote surveillance on employees

It is before time to make any kind of assumptions, but the business community has to look beyond the next phase, employers have to transform their businesses using remote monitoring on employees.

“According to a tech analyst Gartner, most of the companies worldwide have to put more than 20% of employees at remote positions because of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

In post-pandemic culture, employers are still thinking about to allow more than 20% of employees working from home due to the pandemic. They are thinking to allow their employees to work from the kitchen table using digital tools that are easy in use. Moreover, the culture of live streaming events and meetings needs to be introduced. It will cut plenty of time which got wasted likewise traveling.

According to research done over decades, has come up with the report that that remote working can improve productivity alongside the remote monitoring on employees computer devices. Hectic jobs that demand concentration performed far well when employee’s distraction got limited. When you are aware of your employees that you are under constant surveillance on their PCs, mobiles, and tablets, they will automatically stay focused.

In recent times, technology has become so much advanced, so employers can monitor employee’s activities on business on owned computers and other digital devices. Businesses can transform in such a way that employers can watch browsing activities, screen recording, email tracking, social media monitoring in working hours. This sort of environment in post-pandemic time will bring positive effects on businesses and they can grow again as they were in the past.

COVID-19 has come up with the destruction of human lives and well as of the world’s economy. However, modern piece of technology helps you out to enable employers to permit most of the employees to work from home, but under constant monitoring. Let’s get to know about the technology that should be installed in businesses in post-pandemic times in particular.

Technology needs to introduced in offices for post pandemic times

Businesses requirement enhancement in terms of technology and business owners should install plenty of tools to know about the employee’s activities on business-owned devices. When it comes to listening to the live calls of your employees directly dealing with the customers, you need to use the cell phone surveillance app. Furthermore, you can track social media messengers installed or active on business devices.

Moreover, you can monitor sent or received emails remotely from your office of your remote worker. Moreover, you can filter websites, create a data backup, and last but not least block incoming calls, text messages, and blocking of internet access in crucial or during the fishy activities. Apart from employee’s cellphones, you can also monitor computer laptop and desktop devices with computer monitoring software. You can see live screen activities, filter time-wasting websites, keystrokes logging, email tracking, and lastly to prevent goldbricking and stealing of intellectual property to the fullest.


As we all know that everyone is not responsible enough for working from home, but nowadays, companies have got tech-change. They can prevent their knee –jerk reaction with TheOneSpy in post-pandemic times by using its powerful tools specially developed for surveillance on employees in the office or working from home. Now keep checking your employees in post-pandemic culture unless we will get the real solution of COVID-19 pandemic.

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