One Month Android Plan in $5! Get free MAC Spy! & Become Affiliate

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Listen Carefully and Act Rapidly! Scoop Offer

TheOneSpy offers its clients a couple of discount offers on its Android premier package and welcomes affiliates to feel free to become partners. Now, get your hands on it! The discount offers on Android premier plans are for a limited time, and if you want to make a handsome amount of money, then promote our brand, products, and premier plans to become a TheOneSpy affiliate without paying a single penny. The offers will expire on the 2nd of February 2017.

Now, the 1Month Android Plan is for $5 only!

Previously, we offered the one-month premier Android plan for $50, but now we are offering you the same plan for only $5. Get all the Android plan features at such a low price, which you are not expecting. Remember, the offer is for a limited period, and you can use the Android package for a month only. Soon After, if you want the same one-month package, you will need to renew the package for $50. So, you can monitor your loved one’s text messages, calls, IM Logs, chats, and conversations; keep an eye on your employees’ activities by reading their emails and keyloggers, and record & listen to company-owned devices. Parents can track the location of their kids, control their cell phone devices remotely, spy text messages and browsing history, and capture screenshots of all their activities. Such an exceptional piece of monitoring, now within the ridiculously cheap discount offer!

25% off on Android Premier Plan & Free MAC Monitoring software!

The world’s most state-of-the-art Android monitoring app, TheOneSpy, has offered a 25% discount on the Android premier plan. It also offers you a free MAC monitoring software license. The offer was valid until the 24th of the August-17. It provides users with an extensive range of rooted and non-rooted features to scrutinize the activities on the target Android device. The user can view sent and received SMS, MMS, and IMs. You can get your hands on phone logs and VoIP logs, GPS location tracker, IM’s social media, browsing history, Bug their phone, track emails, and dozens of others.

The one-month subscription price of the Android spy premier package, which is 25% off, is now available at $37 rather than $50. The quarter, bi-annual, and annual prices are $66, $127, and $197.

Get MAC Monitoring Software for Free

Having the discount offer, you will get a free license of the MAC tracking app for a whole month. The MAC monitoring app enables employers and parents to keep tabs on activities employees perform on MAC computers & Laptop machines. It empowers users to capture screenshots on Mac, record Mac screens MIC bug, Camera bugs, and listen to the surrounding sounds, keystroke logging, Filter inappropriate websites, and get their hands on sync settings. The fantastic offer is valid for up to a limited time.

Become TheOneSpy Affiliate

If you are ready to be the TheOneSpy affiliate, feel free to join an affiliate program and earn as much as possible. Making money is up to you, how many referrals you make, and you finally get paid. Starts being the affiliate member and earns 45% commission initially revenue share on CPA offers. Get a $200 start-up commission on a single conversion. Your performance may let you increase your discount commission. You need to make referrals and promote our products and discounts, and you can get help from us to improve the promotions. Hurry up, make money, and be the top TheOneSpy affiliates.

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