Parents Should Monitor Tinder on Valentine’s Day

If someone is willing to keep in touch with anyone, it is no longer face to face. Now it is converted into the screen to screen, facts show that billions of people are using the digital world in order to maintain any sort of relationship. The festival-like Valentine’s Day increases the usage of the online world in which people use the technological creatures in order to express their love, emotions, and feelings for their loved ones. Tinder is one of the most famous dating social apps with almost 10 million matches each day. Usually, this app was created for adults where they can make casual hookups with each other, but alarmingly the young teenager also taking part in this social app which ultimately could bring bad results in their lives. So, therefore it should be prohibited for young teenagers. Morally, it is the parents who should take care of their children and restrict them to other social apps where they can be eligible. Parents need to educate their children what sort of online world is perfect for them and teach them what sort of consequences they will have to face if they don’t realize as soon as possible. The health issues like depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, obesity, and many other issues including they may be scrod by cyberbullying. So, obsession with dangerous social media apps is not good for young teens, and on festivals, like Valentine’s Day, parents should monitor their children’s activities through social media monitoring applications.

What sort of advice parents should give their teens if they or going to meet an online friend on Valentine’s Day?

If parents come to know that their teens are going to meet someone online on Tinder or any other social website, it would be risky to meet someone face to face. Then you should teach some basic rules to your child if your child is planning to meet an online friend in the real world rather than on the online world. So, following basic rules will help out your young teen.

  • Don’t meet and stay in a public place.
  • Always take with you a trusted fellow, especially from your own family, but not a friend. Because your friend will encourage you to meet your online fellow without knowing any sort of risk.
  • Always tell anyone of your family member before you are going to meet your online friend.
  • If your senses alarming you while meeting your online friend in real life that he is not the same person who was talking to you in the digital world, then leave as soon as possible.
  • Don’t go for a drive in your first meeting.
  • During the meeting stay sober.
  • The most important thing is to take your mobile device with you having charged, on, and full of credit.

What should parents do if teenagers don’t bother your piece of advice?

Parents are very keen to know the activities of their children in the online world, monitoring apps are available in infinite numbers; parents should need to choose a kind of spy app which enables them to monitor each and every move of their children. Therefore, TheOneSpy would be the best choice for parents. If you really care for your young child and your child making some odd planes to meet their Tinder’s online friend without consulting, then TOS will enable you to monitor all the conversation which your child is going to make. You will able to record all calls, view call history through spy on calls feature on your target device. TheOneSpy enables you to spy all the instant messengers like Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Tumblr, Yahoo Messenger, and many others with the help of IM social media features. If you are not comfortable with the meeting between your child and his or her friend then you can get access to all the text messages sent or received on your target device.

If you don’t know the exact location where your child is going to meet with their online friend on Valentine’s Day then you can also know the exact location of your child by using track GPS location feature. You even can view location history, current GPS location weekly location history and you can also mark restricted and safe areas for your child through the GPS Location Tracker. Parents can capture screenshots,  view photos, videos, and listen to the voice recording of target Android devices with TheOneSpy Android Premier app. If you believe your child is used to spend most of his or her time on the internet on the mobile device, then you can view all the browsing history and bookmark websites as well.

If you yet not satisfied then you even can monitor your child email keystrokes, password keystrokes, Messenger keystrokes, and SMS keystrokes with the Android keylogging feature and you will get complete access to the emails, password and to any messenger easily. It does not end yet, you want the foolproof protection of your child and want to know what your child is doing in your absence then TheOneSpy can record surrounding sounds and enables you to make short videos through the back and front camera of your target device remotely.

TheOneSpy will never let parents alone on this beautiful occasion of Valentine’s Day and offer 30% Flat OFF during the whole Valentine season on Android Premier plan, so you can enjoy the ultimate spying experience.

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