Are Phones Spies? Whom They Report To!

Are Phones spies Whom they report to

Do you know smartphones are spies? You may realize that one way or the other cellphone is spying on you and sending your precise GPS location, location history, and pinpoint location to someone? Smartphones continuously monitor and spy on your particular activities and turn them into “Big Data”. You can say that phones are spies and do a job as corporate intelligence.  Stakeholders worldwide are profiting from your cellphone activities directly and indirectly.

  • Would you allow all the stakeholders, directly and indirectly, to profit from your privacy?
  • Companies, individuals, and people using your privacy for many reasons could turn your phone into a spy at any point in time.

What Phone Spies Do Watch & Why?

It depends on the users turning smartphones into spies because users and companies require phone data for their corporate and personal needs. Here are the following data any individual or corporate firm would like to spy on any cell phone device.

GPS Location

Location tracking is one of the aspects of direct and in-direct stakeholders that are more likely to track a cell phone’s location for many reasons involved. GPS tracker in cell phones does track the exact location, history, and route maps.


Keystrokes logging brings plenty of data from smartphones and makes any phone send browsing keystrokes, search keystrokes, messages, passwords, and instant messenger keystrokes.

Apps Installed

Phone applications such as GPS apps, social networking, and gaming apps spy on cellphones. They are more likely to get multiple permissions from the target smartphones, like camera permissions, GPS, microphones, and many more.

Web Searches & Browsing Activity

Phone spies can spy on web browsing history like visited websites, videos, and bookmarked web pages. Business companies and individuals are more likely to spy and track web browsing activity on their cellphones due to many odd reasons.

Listen To The Surroundings

Microphones of smartphones could use as spies, and people can control them to listen to and record the surroundings of the target phones and get the live stream to listen to the sounds, screen recording, screenshots, chats, and voices of the target phones.

Companies are direct stakeholders, and individuals are in-direct stakeholders that want to turn phones into their spy to get target phone data, like contacts, email spy, passwords, IM chats spy, call recordings, Facebook spying, and many more. Let’s take a look at the information that raises questions about who are the players that turn smartphones into their spy agents to profit from people’s privacy.

Who Could Turn Any Phone Into A Spy?

Here are the following communities that are deliberately spying and monitoring cellphones and they can turn into a cellphone as their spy to collect data, and valuable information profiting from smartphones user’s privacy.

Corporate or Business Companies

Many business stakeholders are more likely to turn phones as their spy agents to get big data from their target devices that are as follows:

  • Google Maps
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat
  • Shopping sites
  • Gamming Sites
  • And many more!!!!!

Google maps are a location-based application and more than 1 billion active users. So, all the location-based apps and services continuously get location data using target phone sensors. Smartphone users these days have to download and install these apps from the Google play store, and cellphone users willingly allow these companies to turn their devices to collect the information asking permission for GPS location. Similarly, social apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and mighty Google enable GPS location at any point in time to get invasive data for their usage. They improve their products, marketing, and target ads on smartphone users.

Employer’s Communities

Employers are more likely to turn their business devices, like cellphones and tablets, their spies to keep tabs on employees engaged in hybrid work or at the office. Employers use commercial espionage technology to monitor and track the data from business devices for business safety and productivity. Business professionals measure employees’ productivity and prevent them from stealing business data from business intellectual property stored on their smartphones. So, they use tech tools like live screen recording, live camera streaming, surround recording, web filtering, screen-time, call recording, and many more to turn business phones into their spies.

Struggling Parents & Parental Spy Solutions

Parents worldwide these days are desperately looking forward to getting their hands on phone spy technology to turn smartphones provided to kids as their spies no time ever before. Do you know why? They want to safeguard teens, and underage kids from cyberbullies, sex-offenders, and explicit things like pornography, online dating, hookups, drug abuse, and sexting. They use apps that turn cellphones into their spy agents to know about every activity on the phone and into their surroundings. Parents are using spy apps, like TheOneSpy, OgyMogy, and secureKin that empower them to set parental controls on kid’s phones using the following tools:

Now you could understand how phones are spy agents, and here’s whom they report to. Question arises about the legality of turning phones into spies. 

What Are The Legalities Of Turning The Smartphone Into A Spy Agent?

Cyber laws have defined the limits and legal ways to spy on cell phones. Corporate industries have faced testimony in the United States several times turn smartphones as their spies to gather data from the target phones. Companies came up with the permissions. Whenever phone users download apps they have to ask for permissions before the successful configuration process, like microphones, cameras, and GPS location.

So, app users provide consent to the companies that they willingly allow them to gather information from their phones.   People like parents and employers require the consent of the target individuals before they turn to smartphones as their spies. Parents and employers can spy on cellphones without consent unless they own the target smartphones.

What Are The Steps To Protect Your Phone & Data?

Cell phones are the spying tools these days. There is no way to delete the information or get back whenever you have allowed apps and websites to track your location and other data. Companies sell your data by providing their free social networking, gaming, online shopping, Google, and Google Maps. So, nothing is free! Free apps are using their users like their products. Here are the following ways smartphone users can protect data.

Don’t Share Your Location With Every Second Application.

Smartphone users can disable the location sharing for the apps configured on their devices. Your cell phone will send the location when necessary to the responders. So, be careful whenever you permit location to any app on your phone.

Disconnect To Your Mobile ID

You can disable your smartphone ID because every online activity you do is tied and tracked with a cellphone add an ID. It is a number developed by your cellphone sent to the advertising companies and app developers. You can visit your privacy settings and limit all the companies that target your online activities.

Don’t Allow Google To Save Your Location.

Your Google account would let the companies have your location data. Users can prevent Google from collecting the information using their Google account by turning off the location permanently.

Location Tracking Is Hard To Prevent! Please Understand!

Do you know location vendors are in the race of spying your device no matter if you have followed the steps we have mentioned? Some companies will do things to locate your IP address, screen size, volume, and screen brightness.


Corporate intelligence apps, like Google, would not turn the data that harm you. However, employers and parents who want to turn smartphones into spies should not use free spy apps for cellphones because they could be scams and data collection parasites. Always prefer to use paid spying services and apps that guarantee your privacy in their privacy policy, like TheOneSpy parental controls and employee monitoring service.

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