Remotely Snooping to Employees Hidden Conversations with TheOneSpy MIC Bug App

remotely snooping to employees hidden conversations with theonespy mic bug app

Remotely snooping to the surround sounds and conversations of your employees behind your back are not possible with just pulling up your sleeves. However, you don’t have to be a superhero to hear the voices and conversations from the long distance of your employees. Obviously, you have to find out a way that should be logical when it comes to remotely listening and recording of employees conversations and surround voices within the working hours of your office.

It Does Not Make Sense: How to do it?

It does make sense to you, put a little stress on your minds that how you can record and listen to the surround voices and Voice conversations? The answer is pretty simple, the contemporary world and the modern offices and their owners love to provide their employee’s company’s owned gadgets such as Android and iOS cell phones, tablets and –pads. Because it empowers employees to communicate with the other fellow workers regarding assigned tasks and even to deal with the customers as customer care representatives.

The cell phones devices and other gadgets also very helpful in a hectic situation where employees have less time to complete the assigned targets. So, if employers become able to hack the microphones remotely of these devices remotely, then you can clearly listen and record the surround conversations and voices.

Why Do Employers need to do it?

Obviously, if employers have invested almost everything in their business and have recruited the number of employees in order to boost the productivity. Then they have to stop their employees to stop doing gossips, to make lobbies and conspiracies at least within the working hours. They have to dig out all the rabbit holes of employees to create a disciplined environment in their business organization. Furthermore, they will be able to know about the performance of their employees at a workplace and as well as outside the premises of a firm if they have assigned tasks to their employees such as meeting with a client that has so much importance for the company’s business.

You want to spy on surrounding Voice conversations of your employees, then you just need to use MIC bug app, TheOneSpy CEO Karen Joseph said that. You can remotely record and listen to the surround activities and can turn on the MIC of your target device remotely, he further added that.

Step by Step Guide to get the job done

You need to apply following mentioned 5 steps that will help you out to get your desired results.

Step 1

Primary step: Install cell phone spying software

how to install and monitor android phone with theonespy

The first and foremost thing is to install the cell phone monitoring software on your employee’s company’s owned smartphone. Hold for the minute! Initially, you have to visit the official website of TheOneSpy mobile phone spy app and then subscribe to the hidden phone spy software for Android, iOS and for blackberries. If your target company’s owned gadget is compatible with these three operating systems then get the credentials through an email address. Install the phone monitoring app on the target cell phone and activate it on it after you have done with the procedure. While activation, you will have two options. Either is it suitable for you to do your snooping activity secretly or not? Choose your best option and activate the phone surveillance software.

Step 2

Get access to the web portal or Install TOS Desk

tos theonespy dashboard

Now use the passcode and ID that you have got at the time of subscription. Now get access to the online control panel and visit the monitoring features for cell phones and you need to tap on bug their phone. Now you need to use MIC bug.

Step 3

Use MIC bug App of TheOneSpy: Secondary Step


mic bug 4

It is the time to use the MIC bug spyware against your target. It empowers users to record and listen to the surround sounds along with the complete time stamp. It empowers the users to record and listen to the Voice activities around your target gadget from 1 minute to 15 minutes. It empowers the user to remotely turn on Android MIC of the target device that makes the possibility of getting the job done.

Step 4

How does TheOneSpy MIC bug Software work?

mic bug 2

Once you have got the access with the help of credentials, you need to create a command with the help of TheOneSpy MIC Bug software and then send it to your target phone device. The time you have sent it and the moment the target phone has received it. It will get started off recording the surround voices and conversations and send it to the dashboard. Now you can listen to the recorded stuff remotely to the fullest and can further save it as a proof against your employees.

Step 5

Precautions you need to know about!

In the entire process, you have to make sure that the internet connectivity on your target cell phones should be stable. If it is not, then the command sent to the device would stay on pending and you will not get the results that you are looking for and you may think something is wrong with the monitoring software.


TheOneSpy is ultimate and reliable surround voice and conversation remotely recording software for employees. Therefore, employers who really want to know the intentions of the employees behind their back, they should use MIC bug app of cell phone spying software.

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