International children’s Day: Safe the Children in Digital Age of 2024

safe the children

International children’s Day is all about the awareness among children worldwide and proclaims about the improvement of children’s welfare and as well as about their rights. Moreover, it also promotes international togetherness, awareness about the safety of the children.

When we discuss the history of this day, the world conference about the wellbeing of children was first held in Geneva, Switzerland, in the year of 1925. It was purely dedicated to children about their safety, rights, and wellbeing. Similarly, Universal children’s day was celebrated by the United Nation in the year of 1954 aim to spread awareness worldwide about the welfare of children around the globe.

How Safety repercussions have been changed in the Digital Age of 2024?

In the past, children’s welfare was all about their diet, education, rights, and as well as about their real-life safety. Today, the world is facing plenty of vulnerabilities that are associated with children’s lives. Currently, the world has been digitalized in terms of technology. Parents are dealing with plenty of issues in terms of kid’s safety originated from the cyber world.

There is no doubt today’s children are far more intellectually superiors than previous generations. Moreover, children have got so much freedom that has made them vulnerable to digital threats. The access to cellphone technology and omnipresent internet wizard has made them vulnerable to the number of online dangers no time ever before.

The Advancement in technology, Internet & its Effects on Children

The mobile phone technology over the last decade is on the rise and parents have to provide digital devices to the children because the world has gone on the cyber world in every walk of life. Young children who have opened their eyes to the digital age of cellphones, internet, social media, video games, movies, music, and other forms of media and technology are facing the biggest safety threats of their lives. Today children have to follow the digital trends because of peer pressure and they loved to have to proactively participate in digital activities.

The blind side of traditional parenting

The traditional parenting is all about kid’s meals, curricular and extracurricular activities, health, and many others alike. On the other side, parents these days are lacking in the online parenting of children because they are living in the digital age no time ever before. Therefore, parents have to keep an eye on their online activities using digital phones and PCs connected to cyberspace. Let’s get to know about the actual blindside of the parents on this universal children’s Day to make sure how they can protect the children.

Social media experience

Social media addiction is on the rise among children and you can see young children are always staying online on their social media profiles. They always feel pressure and remain concerned if they did not respond to someone’s text messages, news feeds, comment on shared photos or videos, and plenty of other activities alike. More than 85% of the children have cellphones connected to cyberspace and 75% of teens have social media accounts on their cellphone devices.

Effective communication

Today children are lacking with effective communication skills because they are most of the time on texting, phone calls using cellphones, and social media accounts. They are not fully aware of the fact that when civility online a duty and when it is a trap. Moreover, they are not able to deal with the bullies online and become scared while responding to someone online after having humiliation. So, due to less interaction in real –life but on social media conversations, kids are lacking with effective communication.

Screen –time

The excessive screen is creating plenty of issues regarding the safety of the children. The use of cellphones and the internet for social media, text messaging, and movies, music, and video games and for many other activities has increased the screen time in children. The excessive screen time causes depression, anxiety, narcissist nature, digital dementia, and plenty of other problems among children.

Inappropriate age for social media

The social messaging apps and websites have their SOPs but young children use their fake names and age to create accounts even they have inappropriate age for social media. Teens are getting involved in online dating, hookups online, and share their compromising photos, videos on social media profiles without realizing it would have consequences. Moreover, they also play video games and internet addiction among children is a serious issue.

Violent content

The mobile and tablet devices these days are the biggest sources of violent content. Young children are using contemporary devices connected to the internet as their X –rated theaters. Moreover, pocket porn is another threat to the young generation that has made them less energetic, violent in nature, and addicted to the carnal content at very before the age of puberty.

Online predators

Online predators have been migrated to the web and they directly contact the children online secretly and parents remain unaware. The cellphone technology and internet have provided the best opportunity for sex offenders, stalkers, and the cyber bullies to interact with your child and trap them online for real-life dark motives. Therefore, parents should know that digital parenting is far more important than traditional parenting for children’s wellbeing and safety.

All across the globe, kids are showing their strength and leadership qualities. Therefore, we as parents and human beings should put children’s digital safety first. Moreover, for every child, every right, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that.

Digital parenting is equally important as traditional parenting

As we have discussed the digital dangers that can harm your child and also have discussed the digital blindside of the parents. So, parents should know that digital parenting is equally important as traditional parenting. Today, TheOneSpy is there for all children around the world on this International Day of children and facilitating parents to set parental control on kids’ and teen’s activities on their cellphone activities.

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TheOneSpy always supports parents when it comes to the safety and well-being of the children in the digital world. Get a discount on all its products and keep an eye on your children’s online activities to make sure they are safe online. Now promise your children on International children’s Day that they are not alone.

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