Are Smartphones More Obsessive Than Drugs?

Are Smartphones more obsessive than drugs

The use of drugs trend is rising. Dramatically, the cigarette smoking ratio declined and has become a gateway to drugs. However, researchers raising a question; are teens replacing drugs with their smartphone usage? They are using fewer drugs these days because they are continuously get entertained using phones and computing devices.

It is a debatable issue, and we need to explore that the use of cell phones has evolved over the same period that drug use has started declining. It does not mean that one issue is causing the other, but researchers say that smartphone usage plays a similar role as drug usage.

Can Teens Go a Day Without a Phone?

The question arises that; can teens go a day without using a smartphone, the internet, and social media. What about a week? Are your teens feeling the same; you are not alone. USC researchers have come up with the study; how do smartphones rewire teens’ brains? Smartphone technology is making minors and underage teens dependent.

“Internet & social media usage has similarities and as hard as to drug use,” Antoine Bechara, psychology professor, and neuroscientist at USC College of Letters, Art and Sciences, said that.

The use of internet on cell phones is similar to cocaine addiction because both activities lie in the brain area that provides you reward.The feeling of reward happens among phone and drug users due to dopamine (reward & pleasure transmitter in neurons). There is little difference, cocaine causes issues in the prefrontal cortex and leads drug users to bad decision making, but cell phone and internet addiction do not.

How are Social Media Apps more Rewarding than Drugs?

Swiping on apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, tinder, and many more are inherently rewarding due to intense hits to dopamine in the brain compared to drugs. Every time teens receive a text message, VoIP calls, media, and voice messages, kids’ brains are a hundred times more reward due to dopamine hit in the brain as drugs usage, Julie Albright, a psychology lecturer at USC, explained that.

Cocaine and other drugs hit the same pleasure area in the brain, but smartphones and the internet are more rewarding. Cell phones dependency is more than drugs among youngsters, a survey from USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.  Almost half of the teens in the United States and Japan are obsessed with phones.

Why Do Spy Apps Last Hope to Prevent Kids from Cell Phone & Drug Abuse?

Cell phone parental control apps can prevent teens from smartphones addiction and drug abuse at the same time. Do you know why? Parents can keep a hidden eye on their kid’s phones and update you on what their teens are doing on cell phones all day long. Spy apps for cell phones let you know how much time your kids spend on the phone screen and what activities they perform on screens connected to cyberspace. How do phone spy apps can control your kid’s devices? How you can prevent them from using social messaging apps, browsing activity, porn addiction, online dating, and drug abuse.

What to Monitor to Find out the Truth about Your Teenager’s Smartphone's Life?

Here are the following ways; cell phone monitoring apps empower you to prevent kids from intense dopamine in the teen’s brains.

Filter Websites:

Parents can filter inappropriate websites on cell phones provided to teens. You can stop teens from visiting inappropriate sites that are addictive, like porn sites, social media platforms, online dating, and many more. Cell phone spy solutions can filter the website in phone browsers by filtering keywords and URLs.

Live Screen Recording

Phone monitoring software empowers parents to record phone screens in real-time. Do you know how? Spy app can record a series of live videos on the phone screen and let parents watch the activity in real-time via an online dashboard.

Incognito Browsing History:

Phone spy users can monitor and track visited websites, URLs, webpages, even the incognito mode browsing and bookmarked pages. It is the best parental monitoring and controlling application in term of functions used for digital safety.

View Phone Surround In Real-Time:

Phone spyware can get live streaming on the cell phone screen via its dashboard that lets parents watch what teens are doing on the screen in real-time.

Surround Listening

Parents can listen to the live surroundings of the kid’s cell phones and get to know what they are doing away from home. It enables users to prevent kids from drug abuse by listening to the live conversations of teens.

Call Recording

You can record and listen to live voice calls of teens on cellphone cellular networks that give parents benefits if they talk and plan about abusing drugs with friends at bars and partying clubs.

Social Media Spy:

Social media monitoring empowers parents to know what social messaging apps they use on smartphones and how much time they spend. Users can monitor text messages, chats, voice chats logs, and many more with the schedule.

GPS Tracker

You can track the hidden whereabouts of the teens when they have gone somewhere to abuse drugs and for hookups. You can secretly track a teen’s cell phone GPS location, location history, and route maps.

Best Spy App to Prevent Kids From Drugs & Excessive Phone Usage

TheOneSpy is the number one cell phone parental spy software for parents. It has been the last hope for parents over the last decade and serves parental controls to parents struggling to control kids’ excessive cell phone usage and drug addiction. Users can install TheOneSpy on kids’ Android and iOS devices to set parental control on cell phone activities. Moreover, it is beneficial to investigate if your teens are using rugs secretly. The spy software has many features that empower you to watch and control cell phone screens. It monitors every activity without the target person knowing.

Is Cell Phone Growing Source of Concern for Parents?

Yes! The cell phone is a growing source of concern for parents because constantly rewiring our teen’s brains. Previously, drug abuse was an issue, but today drug addiction is decreasing and replaced with the smartphone that is more dangerous and addictive for generation Z. Parents cannot tackle kids with video gaming addiction, social media obsession, and porn addiction. So, devices are addictive than drugs. Young kids sleep with their digital devices that are alarming for parents.

Here are the following reasons that have made cell phones, social media, the internet, mobile gaming, porn, and many more things on the screen are far more lethal than drug usage:

Disturb Mental Focus

Cell phones have made our youngsters lose their focus. They listen to the beeps, notifications, and chimes alert our kids like they have to update the mobile device. Online dating on apps like Tinder, Snapchat, and live nude video broadcasting on apps like TikTok disturb their concentration on necessary daily life matters. Young teens see their mobile phone screen more than 80 times a day, according to a study. So, cell phones are influencing our behavior and more likely disturb teens’ concentration in studies, relationships, friends, and family members.

Phones are Lethal Memory Killers

Phone-obsessed young teens are more likely to have memory issues over the years. They forget things within seconds and are more likely to start believing in the information they search on the web. The constant access to the internet weakens our memory, and not trust ourselves but on Google. Teens are not trying to remember things anymore because they know they will search for them on the internet. Young teens don’t rely on the information they know anymore. So, cell phone connected to the cyberspace is lethal memory killer.

Affecting Our Built-In Compass

Gone are the days to remember locations in our minds. Today, the young generation is dependent on cellphone technology, and they use GPS trackers and location tracking apps to find out a few kilometers away from the location.  Smartphone devices have affected the built-in compass in the human mind. Young teens use technology to find out places they visit frequently rather than using their memory.

Increase Depression & Anxiety

The excessive use of phone screens due to social media, browsing activity, video gaming, and inappropriate activities on the internet are cause depression among teens. Teens sleep less and spend time on phone screens at least 7 hours a day that is challenging for parents to get rid of it more than drugs. In the end, kids got issues like depression, anxiety, and many more.


We know that cell phones are rewiring our teen’s minds and are more obsessive than drugs. Parents can use phone monitoring apps to analyze internet activities and unveil hidden drug abuse activity of young teens within no time.

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