Social apps spy software TheOneSpy puts all the major Social Media apps like SnapChat, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber and many more under 24/7 surveillance that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

The social media spy app can be put under surveillance in some different ways with TheOneSpy on mobile phone devices and computers monitoring software. The built-in TOS sub-features for social media apps are

  • VoIP (logs)
  • Live Screen Recording
  • IM Chat Logs

Moreover, the “Snapchat events” is kept as a separate sub-feature dedicated to Snapchat only. It captures the screenshots when the user turns on the Snapchat app. The interval between each snapshot is of a few seconds.

TheOneSpy currently offers the feature VoIP (logs) for a few major social media apps. It is a feature that captures the metadata like the number, call duration and date, etc. for the supported social media apps and displays it to the observer. The copy/paste and print right off the website are also available, and the downloading of files in the pdf, MS Excel, and CSV formats are also doable.

One of the most potent TOS sub-feature for social media app is “Live Screen Recording” that support a multitude of social media applications. As the name suggests anything that a user performs on the screen of his device, this feature makes a video of the event and uploads it to the TOS monitoring web portal. It can be a text chat session, or the target user might be sharing or get a share of a video on Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber or Skype, etc.

The sub-feature “IM Logs” is available for a certain number of trendy Instant Messaging apps. It is a feature that will give you the complete list of contacts of the supported social media app along with any conversations that may take place. The Voice messages can also be captured and downloaded for a good number of IM apps. It has some other useful administrative functionalities too such as the log can be copy-pasted or printed right off the bat. CSV, Excel and pdf formats are available to download the logs for record keeping.

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