How Errors at User’s End – Derail TheOneSpy IM’s Social Media Toil?

How Errors at User’s End – Derail TheOneSpy IM’s Social Media Toil?

TheOneSpy IM’s social media feature is one of the most important tools of the cell phone monitoring software. The popularity of this particular feature does not depend on how many users are using it, but the effectiveness of the IM’s social media app has its significance in terms of setting parental control on young kids and teens instant messaging apps activities and further for the employers to monitor the social messaging apps activities of the employees within the working hours. However, at users end there could be issues that restrict a user to get the logs of the instant messaging aps and user may think something happens to the mobile phone monitoring app. Let’s discuss all the issues, reasons, solutions and how the user needs to use it properly.


1) IM’s logs don’t upload

User forgets to root the target android device and then make a hope to get the IM’s logs to be uploaded on the online control panel.


IM’s Social media of the phone spy app cannot perform at all if the target device is not rooted. Therefore, a user goes the control panel and could not find instant messaging apps logs such as Facebook logs, WhatsApp logs, Yahoo logs, Snapchat events and plenty of other trendy social messaging apps logs. Logs of messengers are in terms of text messages, chat conversations, audio & video conversations, shared media and Voice messages.


If the user wants to have the logs of all the trendy instant messaging apps then he/she needs to root the target android device. Then they can get IM’s social media logs on the control panel with the complete timestamp along with the WhatsApp Voice messages, Facebook voice calls, IMO Voicemails and others.

2) The device is rooted but logs could not be uploaded

Sometimes a user has done with the rooting process of the target device but still could not get the IM’s logs on the web portal.


It is possible that in the target device superuser is disabled, so that’s why even the target device is being rooted but the data of the instant messaging apps in terms of logs could not upload to the control panel.


End users have to check and needs to visit the settings and make sure that superuser is enabled or not. If it is not, then you need to make it enable.

  1. Make sure superuser is enabled
  2. Check and make sure the access methods are not deny
  • In case the access method is denied, then root access pop–up will not appear
  • In case the access method is prompt, and then root access pop up will appear

If the access method has granted, then root access automatically give the permission to the app no matter if the popup is not appearing.  


Initially, a user should visit the control panel settings and should see either the IM’s social media tools is at “OFF” mode or at “ON”. Just put it at “ON” mode.

TheOneSpy IM’s Social Media feature is for what:

The best tool for parental control of social media activities

Digital parenting has become an integral part of a parent’s moral job of parenting. They have to look after and supervise what their kids and teens are up to on social networking apps. Obviously, the rise and rise of cyber dating, interaction with the strangers through social media apps and then to meet with sexual predators in real-life have created real concerns for the parents. So, they can protect young kids and teens from blind dating, interaction with the unknown people, cyber bullies, and sexual predators and even from stalkers. They can use the IM’s Social media feature of the cell phone monitoring software and can get to know each and every single activity of their wards below the age of 18 with proper consent being the owner of the target android device. They can get access to the IM’s logs such as Facebook, Yahoo, Line, Vine, Viber, Yahoo and plenty of others alike. Further, they even can listen to the Voice message of WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and IMO voice messages to the fullest and can protect teens from instant messenger’s possible vulnerabilities.

The ultimate piece of tech to supervise employee’s activities

None of the employers would like to lack with a productivity of the employees and cannot bear the loss due to the waste of time by the employees within the working hours. These days, we all are obsessed with the use of instant messenger and we have to use it due to some odd reasons. However, when employees use the IM’s on the company’s owned android cell phones and gadgets then the waste of time is imminent. So, employers can use the cell phone spy app on the company’s gadgets and cell phones and get to know either the employees are communicating with each other on trendy messengers or just doing gossips to have fun. The employer can monitor employee social apps logs with the written consent and can stop their workers to waste of time at the workplace.


Written consent is necessary in order to monitor your employee’s company’s owned devices in terms of social media monitoring. If you are using TheOneSpy IM’s social media for parenting, then the target device belongs to the end user and to whom you are monitoring their complete information needs to be submitted.


If anybody’s found in illicit and intrusive surveillance without having the proper consent shared with TheOneSpy, then end user has to face the termination of the license and we will cooperate with law enforcement on the behalf of victim’s request.

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