Social Media Teens Are Turning Stupid Cupid On Valentine’s Day

social media alarmingly allowing teens to be stupid cupid on valentines day

The art of playing stupid cupid has integrated with the technology, and today the social media networks playing a pimp role to convey a hidden message to someone that I am in love with you. “Be My Valentine”! Teens themselves are inspiring people to be in love with them for Valentine’s Day. Gone are the days when predators, stalkers, and sex–offenders try to clip the wings of your teens and trap them for sexual motives.

Nowadays, teens are willing to have hookups with strangers online and then want to meet them in person on Valentine’s Day. As we are aware that cupid is stupid and a real mean guy.  He always tries to approach young teens using his archer to make someone fell in love. The time has changed, teens themselves are playing a Robin Hood with some body’s heart.

Pew Research Center About Teen’s Romantic Fantasies

Modern-day teens believe that social media and text messaging as a space of connection with the opposite gender. In the context of relationships, teens are alarmingly trying to find significant others to make love with them in person. On the other hand, Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and single teens look for hookups and in a relationship with someone using social media apps.

How Social Media Is A Top Venue For Flirting For Stupid Cupid Teens?

In the past, teens don’t have access to the digital world to play stupid cupid with someone. Technology has provided dozens of digital vehicles for teens to flirt and express their hidden feelings with a potential partner. Teens do flirt with the person they have a crush on using social media networks to like, share, comment, and jokes. Among all of the teenage boys and girls:

  • Almost 55% of all teens used to flirt with someone to let him know that cupid is stupid to be my Valentine
  • 50% of the teens use social media, like Facebook, and confess someone that they are romantically in love with them
  • 47% of the teens express their love affection by liking, commenting, and by sending direct text messages, and voice messages on social messaging apps
  • More than 45% of the teens share funny and humorous things with the loved ones online
  •  30% of the teens send flirtatious messages
  • More than 10% of stupid cupid teens send nude photos and videos to lovers
  • 7% of teens record romantic or nude videos for the significant others

From flirting to breaking up and then making up with someone else is on the rise among teens. For Valentine’s Day, social media, cellphones, and the internet encouraging stupid cupid teens’ romantic fantasies. While Valentine’s Day is all about cards, candies, and red flowers in North America and other states have their traditions. But when it comes to teens in the world, they all have the same style of celebrating Val–Day. Social media love fantasies have prevailed in teens, and they try to hook up with or in love with someone they use cellphones and social media sites for the connection.

More than 85% of teens in a relationship expect to connect with their romantic partner online at least once a day, according to the report of Pew Research center

Young Boys are more stupid cupids than girls & think social media as best place for emotional and logistical connection with their loved ones

Young boys are emotional than young girls. They used to play far more stupid cupid things compare to the teens. So, they are more likely to approach teens online and sometimes happen to stalkers, online bullies, and sex–offenders. The rise and the rise of social media, adult content, and live streaming apps on the web have made young boys play with young teens before Valentine’s Day. They are the real mean guy and trap teens into their emotional love stories using instant messaging apps.

  • 65% of the boys do believe that social media make them feel more connected with their romantic partners compare to 50% of female teens
  • 16% of boys report that Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and other networks allow them to connect with the loved ones
  • 50% of boys say social media apps let them too emotionally connected with the significant others compare to 37% of the female teens
  • 18% of the American teens are in a relationship online

Young boys ages between 13 to 17 are addicted to social media and they turn to be cupid and behave stupidly to make someone fall in love with them using social networking and dating apps. As Valentine’ day around the corner, boys are more likely to target young teens online to be their Valentine.

Social Media & Technology Can Make Teens Victims Of Strangers:

92% of the teens send and receive text messages to romantic partner or stranger
More than 85% of the teens share contacts with strangers online to spend time making phone calls
86% of the teens used to spend time with strangers whom they have met online and then meet in person during the school time
70% of the teen lovers spend time posting something on social media sites
69% of teens spend time on instant messaging apps with the online lovers
Video chat & live streaming enable 55% of teens to do voice and video chat with stranger partner and sometimes turn naked in live video chat

How Can Parents Prevent Teens From Stupid Cupid On Valentine’s Day?

Parents can guide teens not to play Robin Hood to find someone for love on social media because it is too risky for teens. Parents can teach teens Valentine’s Day is just like another day that they can celebrate with love and affection with parents, siblings, and friends. If teens are mature enough to be in love, then social media is not the right place to be a stupid cupid.

Parents should guide teens that cupid is stupid, don’t be like that. They can find someone in real–life and introduce themselves to their parents, and with consent, they can fulfill their fantasies rather than be in hookups with strangers and online predators.

Use TheOneSpy app on teen’s Phone to protect stupid to be a cupid on Valentine’s Day using Social Media Apps

What Is Phone Tracking App For Parents On Valentine’s Day?

Parental monitoring software such as TheOneSpy that parents can install on digital phones and tablet devices.  It supports cellphones running with Android and iOS devices. It enables parents to discover all the hidden fantasies of teens that they are planning. You can read text messages and listen to phone calls. Further, record a live phone screen and send videos to your secure web control panel. It gives a complete insight into the cellphone, and parents can track GPS location when teens are on blind dates with strangers during school hours.

You can track social messaging apps and communication logs to the fullest. You can read your text messages, text and sext conversations, VoiP call, voice and video call logs remotely.  It unveils every activity of teens on social media and cellular networks of the phone. You can examine that teens turning to stupid cupid on Valentine’s Day to fulfill their romantic fantasies.


Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and parents are unaware that teens turn stupid cupid using social messaging apps. Teen are using social media as their best medium to find someone to express their love and emotions for intimacy in person on Val–Day. The young souls are innocent and being “stupid cupid” they can put themselves in trouble. The parents must safeguard teens and make them mature not to get involved in philosophical activities. TOS Cellphone phone tracker is there for you for the safety of your beloved teens.

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