Phone Spy App Scams & Myths about Call Recording

spy app scams myths about call recording

People these days want to record candid phone calls conversations of employees in general and teens in particular. Though phone spy apps and many other cloud services are popular services, make phone calls recording possible than ever before. The traditional call recording requires an external gadget that connects with the digital call recorder to a landline phone-based handset, but over the years, it has faded away. You can do that, but you have to follow the State laws when it comes to recording mobile phone calls. So, make sure to see your State’s Law, and you may require permission or consent of the target person before you hit Record. However, today we are going to discuss the cellphone spy apps scams and myths about recording mobile phone calls that you need to know before you get looted or scammed.

How are Phone Spy Applications Scamming Users about Call Recording Feature?

There are plenty of myths and scams that consumers should know about phone spy applications about recording phone calls. There are hundreds of phone monitoring apps running on the web that make false claims about recording calls on Android and iOS devices. Some phone spying tools make the advertisement and claim that they can make users listen to live mobile calls. Most of the mobile tracking apps are offering call recording with the number only. Few monitoring apps claim to record mobile calls remotely without installing the application and to record the live calls on the target device.

In short, all of them are making false claims just for the sake to scam the consumers and to make unfair money. Today, I am going to explain all the myths and scams about recording phone calls on advertised by cellphone tracking apps on the web.

Neither iPhone and nor Android has come up with the built-in call recording, but respective play stores and third applications on the web claims provide several options, according to the WIRED report.

Mobile Spy Apps Top Myths of Call Recording you Need to Know

The web is full of lies and false claims. We use to get too many advantages of the cyber world, but at the same time, we are dealing with fraudsters and scammers. The counterfeit mobile spying apps these days are making false claims about their services and impacting the genuine to face the user’s backlash. There are following some myths of phone spy apps scams about recording calls on the cellphone that you need to aware of. Always go for the facts rather than the fictions created by the scammers.

Scam No. 1: Phone Spying App Claims Call Recording on Phone with the Number

There are dozens of mobile tracker apps that say they can perform to record phone calls of the target device by using the number. Consumers should know that there is no tool has discovered yet that can record calls cellphone number until you have installed the cellphone surveillance software on the target device. It means without a mobile phone spy app on the target device. You cannot record calls on the phone by using the contact number of the device only.

Final Verdict:

No technique or program has yet been discovered that makes user record calls on the mobile by using the number only. You have to know about the target cellphone and then install spy phone software on the target device to get the job done.

Scam No. 2: Spy Phone App Claims to Make Users Listen to Live Phone Calls via Call Recording Feature

It is a very tricky proposition; most of the cellphone spying apps are writing stories and make sensational claims to record phone calls in real-time. I mean to the moment the target person is listening to the phone, you as consumers listening to mobile. It is not true at first mobile spy app record the phone calls when target device users are on the phone, and after the calls got ended, then the recorded calls data delivered to the dashboard. Now you can download or stream online the audio file and listen to it.

Final Verdict:

The answer is clear that no mobile phone spy software can record live calls because it gets recorded and then delivered to the dashboard where a user can download the mobile calls data and then listen to it.

Scam No. 3: Cellphone Spying App Claims Call Recording without the User Phone

You can see plenty of spy applications offering the recording of phone calls without the target phone. It is the worst and funny claims that consumers used to read on the web and then got scammed. Without the target phone, you can record and listen to the phone calls unless you have the target cellphone, and then you have activated the cellphone monitoring software on it. So, don’t bother with such false and sensational claims and always opt for the one which offers trustworthy features.

Final Verdict:

Most of the business professionals and worried parents got scammed by the tracking application to record phone calls of teens and employees. I would say not to get a subscription to any applications unless it comes with the facts rather functional stories.

Scam No. 4: Spy App for iPhone Offering Call Recording Feature

There is no such spy app that has introduces on the web that genuinely provides users call recorder tool. The security of the iOS device is quite strong, and yet spying apps for phones unable to record and listen to the calls on iPhone devices. As for as call logs are concerned, monitoring applications do provide such features, but recording iPhone calls is not possible yet. You can trust the iPhone call logs tools only, but don’t opt for those phone tracker app that advertises iPhone call recording.

Final Verdict:

IPhone spying apps are unable to record calls on iOS devices to date. So, don’t become the victim of these scams, and don’t waste your time and money.

Scam No. 5: Spy App for Cellphone Claims to Record WhatsApp Calls other than Android OS 10, 11

Cellphone monitoring app used to make a false statement that it can record WhatsApp Voice calls other than Android OS 10 and 11 OS versions. It is illogical and a lie. The Android OS version 10 and 11 are the only ones that support WhatsApp call recording. The Android OS 10 predecessor does not support WhatsApp’s voice call recording with or without root at all. Only the last two latest versions of Android support recording of WhatsApp voice calls.

Final Verdict:

Don’t get trapped in cellphone spy software that offers WhatsApp call recorder other than Android 10 and 11 OS versions.

Scam No. 6: Spying Software for Cell Phone Claims Call Recording without Installation

These are the same scams that we used to see with the same intent, but with different words that you can record phone calls with a number without a phone and installation. It means all these statements are the same but comes up with changed wording. Therefore, no spy software for mobile can record phone calls with the number, without installation and target phone. You have to install a cellphone surveillance app on the target device, and then you will be able to record calls, and then data deliver to the consumer’s dashboard.

Final Verdict:

Spy phone apps consumers should keep in mind that without installation, without number, and target device call recording is not possible at all. If any spy application makes these false statements, don’t opt for it.  You will lose your money for sure.

Scam No.7: Phone Spy App that Record VoIP Call Recording of Social Messaging Apps without Root

This particular statement is in trend these days, and most of the phone spy apps have stated on their official webpages that they are offering VoIP calls of WhatsApp, Facebook, Imo, Line, Skype, and others without root. Except for one application that is available on the web, and you can check it out by yourself.

Final Verdict:

TheOneSpy is offering VoIP call recording of social messaging apps without root, and it has come up with the scope and counterparts have started making claims that have discovered it too. Other than TheOneSpy, users of fake spying apps have got disappointed and have lost their money. Every genuine spy app (and some others reputed spy apps mentioned in our previous post) has its scope, and it comes up with once in a blue moon, but fake spy apps or counterfeits make such claims frequently.


The scammers and fraudsters are everywhere, and the same is the case with spy phone apps. So, be careful before you subscribe to cellphone monitoring software unless it makes logical claims rather than makes you read fictional stories instead of real facts. TheOneSpy is a well-reputed brand that offers genuine spy products and use to address the consumers about the counterfeit products floating on the web.

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