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Cell phone devices are not less than a blessing for human beings. It empowers you to keep in touch with your friends, family, and loved ones. Some people look forward to blocking calls, text messages, websites, and cyberspace access on the target device. Spy apps enable users to block calls, URLs, and internet access on any cell phone device. Built-in Android phone apps can block unknown calls and other activities.

People have a variety of reasons to restrict a few activities on another phone. Today we discuss the phone spy apps that prevent you from annoying incoming calls, and inappropriate browsing activity on your target phone.

Spy apps can help people block and restrict unwanted and risky activity on their target devices. Let’s know about the apps that can block calls, messages, the Internet, and inappropriate browsing activity.

Best Spy Apps to Block Calls, Websites & Internet

There are plenty of phone spying apps floating on the web. They empower you to block numerous activities on cell phone devices, like phone calls, messages, the internet, and websites. However, today we talk about the legit spying solutions for Android phones that work as call blocker, block installed apps, and many more.

Here are the top call blocker apps that you need to know to restrict calls, messages, and internet access on any Android phone:


TheOneSpy is one of the best spy apps and calls blocker apps that empower you to block text messages, internet access, and filter websites on android phones. It is easy to install spy software on any cell phone device you desire and restrict target users from unwanted and annoying incoming calls and SMS conversations.

  • Users will only take a few minutes to configure the app on another phone.
  • TheOneSpy has a variety of call blocking, internet blocking, and text messages blocker features to safeguard kids from strangers and business privacy from disgruntled employees.
  • It is best for parental controls and to restrict employees.
  • Users can stop employees from using business phones for private voice calls and messages.

TheOneSpy Blocking Features You Need to Know:

  • Block incoming calls
  • Unblock & Block Installed Apps
  • Block internet access
  • Websites & URLs Block

Other Features to Spy on Android Phones:

Here are TheOneSpy features you can use other blocking cell phone activities. You can use the following features to spy on any android phone secretly.

  • Screen recording
  • Keystrokes logging
  • Screenshots
  • Live surround listening
  • GPS tracking
  • WhatsApp Spy
  • Call recording
  • Read text messages
  • Password chaser
  • Best hidden and undetectable call blocker app that also bock messages
  • Cheap in price, but very effective in services
  • Easy to install and operate on the target android phones
  • Best android spy apps to set parental controls on kid’s online
  • Reasonable monitoring software for business professionals
  • No remote installation possible
  • No call interception features


OgyMogy is the advanced Android spy and call and internet blocker software in 2024. It has multiple usages, like spying on android phones and blocking unwanted and annoying activity on another phone. Apart from spying on cell phones, it is known as the best call blocker software and also works to restrict text messaging and filtering websites activities on any cell phone device.

  • The app can monitor, track, and block incoming calls on android phones
  • OgyMogy App can spy on text messages and text chats
  • The app can view and block apps on another phone without the target person knowing
  • Spying software works without root on any cellphone devices
  • Works as best hidden call blocker app and blocking text messages secretly
  • Dozens of parental controls and business monitoring features
  • Support all Android OS devices from version 4.4.0 up to 11.0
  • Easily can filter websites and URLs on android phone browsers

What is an OgyMogy Blocking Feature?

  • Block live incoming calls on android
  • Restrict text messages sent and received
  • Block installed apps & view applications
  • Restrict browsing activity, like website URLs

Best OgyMogy Features Other Than Calls Blocker & Messages Blocker

Here are features that you can use on any android phone connected to the cyberspace. Users can use features to spy on every cellphone activity:

  • Screen recorder
  • Listen surroundings
  • Keystrokes logger
  • Call recorder
  • Capture screenshots
  • Geo-location
  • Live GPS location
  • Live camera spy
  • Track stolen phone
  • Best hidden and undetectable call blocker app that also bock messages
  • Cheap in price, but very effective in services
  • Easy to install and operate on the target android phones
  • Best android spy apps to set parental controls on kid’s online
  • Reasonable monitoring software for business professionals
  • Don’t support iOS devices yet
  • No remote installation
  • Not a typical call block app but works effectively


It is the best parental control software that empowers you to block apps, filter websites, and monitor screen-time on target android and iOS devices. It is a play protects application that you can install from the Google play store. It is one of the best parental control apps for android. It is not a spy application, and you can use it for setting parental controls on cellphone devices.

  • Easily block installed apps
  • It can filter websites

Other Features for Parental Control on Cell Phones

  • Real –time location tracking
  • Browsing history
  • Screen-time
  • Activity report
  • Location history
  • Keylogger

Who Wants to Restrict Calls & Internet Access on Phones?

Every individual could have different needs, and requirements to block unwanted and annoying phone calls, websites, and SMS sent and received. Here are following people that desperately want to restrict their phones from few activities.

Why Do Parents Want to Block Cell Phone Activity?

Parents are likelier to filter browsing activity, incoming calls, and text messages on cell phone devices. The stranger’s calls and messages can trap them at any time. They use online dating apps and social networks to interact with strangers for blind dating and have become addicted to porn sites. Parents want to restrict incoming calls, messages, and browsing activity and block internet access on kids’ phones. Spy apps can help parents to prevent kids from strangers in any way possible communication and interaction.

Why Do Employers Want to Restrict Business Devices?

Business devices enable employees to make phone calls, chats and browse websites during working hours. Un-protected business devices can pave the way for breaching privacy, and a business firm could face data loss and breaching of business trade secrets. Therefore, employers look forward to restricting business phones and PCs from calls, chats, voice calls, media sharing, incoming calls, and many more activities. Moreover, employees can use business devices for wasting time during working hours that could decrease business productivity.

Which Is The Best Call Blocker App for Android?

TheOneSpy is the best call blocker app that you can use on your android phone secretly and block all incoming calls within no time. It is the best for call blocking and for blocking text messages. It takes a few minutes to configure on the target device.

Is There Any App That Can Block Text Messages?

Yes! There is plenty of apps that empower you to block text messages on the target phone. However, you can use TheOneSpy, and the OgyMogy application to block text messages on an android phone.


Android apps like TheOneSpy, OgyMogy are the best spy apps that also work as call blockers and text message blocking apps. Securekin is best for filtering websites and apps on any cell phone device. You can use any of these apps to block calks, messages, apps, and web browsing activity. Why are you thinking so much? Try these products to secure kids online and your businesses.

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