Tech Grinch Not Only Can Steal Your Christmas But Could Harm Teens!

grinch who stole data

The holiday season is around the corner, receiving and purchasing Christmas gifts in full swing these days. However, cybersecurity does not seem the first and foremost priority in people’s minds. The business professionals are not aware of the fact that their employees are used to shopping online during the working hours on business devices connected to cyberspace. On the other hand, young teens are more likely to fantasize about Christmas in the virtual world by using their digital phones and PCs. The tech Grinch not only these days can steal your Christmas but could harm your teens virtually on the web. You have heard about the Grinch, a cave-dwelling species that hates the holiday season, like Christmas. He listens to noisy Christmas festivities and always wants to steal people’s Christmas presents, trees, and Christmas foods.

What is Tech–Grinch & Why is it More Dangerous on Christmas?

What is Tech–Grinch & Why is it More Dangerous on Christmas?

Since the technology has made its way to the next level, the tech Grinch has made their presence on the web to steal the business data and harm your teens. Hackers or cyber-criminals are stealing information and data all year. They always pretend to be you and make very realistic attempts, Steve Durbin, managing director of Information security Forum stated that.

Not everyone is indeed tech-Grinch, but hackers and cyber predators. They are the ones who make you click by email, malware, and malicious links and on many more things to steal your identity and data stored on your business and personal digital devices, he added. They can harm your teens in the form of online bullies, stalkers, sexual predators to trap your teens for monetary and sexual motives. He further added.

More than 56% of the consumers online, like business professionals and parents, don’t bother to become the victim of scams, frauds, and teens interact with online predators during the holiday season, The Holiday Season Fraud Forecast report by Next Caller said that.

Only 30% of professionals are aware of online scams, frauds, and parents about online predators that can trap teens on Christmas for fun. Almost 40% of the business –owners can take care of back accounts, 36% prevent unknown emails, and only 20% protect themselves from mail theft.

How Tech–Grinch Putting Your Cyber Security at Stake–Statistics?

How Tech–Grinch Putting Your Cyber Security at Stake–Statistics?

As Christmas is around the corner, tech Grinch has set all its tech-tools to create and make cybersecurity issues for business professionals. Cybersecurity issues are on the rise and make business professionals struggle. The hacked and breached data from digital devices, like PCs and computer devices at the workplace are making headlines. The large and small business enterprises are lacking in cybersecurity practices, and devices are vulnerable to the tech-Grinch, like hackers and online criminals. Before we tell you aware about cybersecurity and how you can prevent data theft, online scams, and fraudsters, let’s take a look at the stats.

Tech –Grinch has put business security worldwide at stake, and you can see the stats and facts in the following. As Christmas is just around the corner, security measures have to place on business devices.

Black Hate Hackers Attack Business Devices Every 39 Seconds

After every 39% second, a cyber-attack happens on business devices connected to the internet, according to the Clark School Study at the University of Maryland. In the holiday season, the attack could double the rate compare to past times. Unsecured user name and weak passwords are the root causes.

Almost 43% of the Small Business Targeted by Cyber Attackers

Most of the small businesses are facing web-based attacks, phishing, and social engineering attacks. However, companies are also on the verge of facing hacking internally. Employees are used to turning disgruntled.

Average Data Breaches Cost $3.9 Million Across Small Businesses.

Companies are facing monetary losses but also are facing reputational losses to the fullest. Small businesses are more likely to face it and become grounded within a few months.

During COVID -19 Pandemic 300% Rise in Cyber-Attacks on Business

Since the pandemic has made business professionals helpless, and they have allowed employees to work from home, tech Grinch, like hackers, have got the opportunity to attack business devices at homes.

93% of the Health Care Departments Worldwide have Faced Data Breaches Attacks

The health service departments are facing cyber-attacks no time ever before, and 57% of Health departments are facing at least five attacks at the same time frame.

It Cast $6 Trillion to Businesses Fix Cybersecurity Issues in 2021

The business organizations are facing huge losses, and they have no choices but to security measures in place to monitor and track their business devices. At the end of 2021, businesses worldwide have to spend in Trillions to get rid of security loopholes.

IoT Devices, like Computers, Cellphones & Tablets will Reach 75 Billion by 2025

In the year 2020, IoT devices have reached 31 billion, and at the end of 2025, it will be 75 billion for sure.

95% of the Data Breaches Happen Due to Human Errors, like Employees

Businesses are facing online attacks, and they are not just facing these attacks externally from the web, they are facing them internally.

Cyber-crimes are harmful & greatest online threat for companies in the world”. The next five years would be very challenging for every person, place and thing in the world, Ginni Rometty IBM’s chairman and CEO said that.

How Festivals, like Christmas, are Suitable for Predators to Target Teens Online?

How Festivals, like Christmas, are Suitable for Predators to Target Teens Online?

The Christmas hatters, like Grinch, are everywhere around the world. They are always on the hunt of young teens to harm them.  Technology keeps on changing our lifestyle, and kids are second to none. Online predators are continuously getting their hands on new ways to deceive and targeting teens. Now Grinch is read to steal the Christmas presents, tech –Grinch has come up to manipulate your teen’s thoughts and fantasies. They are masters of deceiving and trapping teens online in terms of cyberbullying, online grooming, and sexual predators’ trapping teens online. On the other hand, young teens are more likely to spend time on social media, interact with strangers, and get involved in online dating. Teens are sharing their privacy in terms of videos and photos to strangers and get trapped by online predators.

As Christmas is around the corner, the Holiday season and pandemic at the same time are making teens spend more and more time on the web using cellphones connected to cyberspace. Tech –Grinch in terms of online predators and teens themselves put their security at stake.

  • Most teens used to face cyberbullying, and 59% of U.S. teens have been harassed and bullied online.
  • 71% of teens are concerned about online bullying, stalking, and slut-shaming
  • 25% of the teens met with someone online and then in person
  • Most teens used to use social media for online dating
  • Snapchat and Instagram are the social platforms for teens’ online dating
  • 30% of the Teens think Christmas is the best dating opportunity without parents’ consent.
  • Christmas is coming during the pandemic, and they have no other option but to meet someone online to date.

Online predators these days are active on the web because of the pandemic, and Christmas is around the corner. Therefore, they think of Holidays as their best opportunity to trap someone online. Cellphones themselves are tech –Grinch leads teens towards sextortion. According to The National Strategy for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction,

Sextortion is on the rise among teens. The sex–offender online are more likely to blackmail young victims and ask for sexual images, videos, and they got it. They do blackmail teens for money via posting the nudes on the web. The sex–offenders manipulate teens on festivals, like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and on other occasions on the web.

We as parents should monitor and track Tech –Grinch, like cellphones and internet access of the children and make sure teens safety on the web and social media platforms.

How TheOneSpy Deal with Tech-Grinch for Business & the Safety of Teens?

TheOneSpy team is always concerned and provides solutions against business breaches and lets parents keep an eye on kids’ cellphone activities to make sure kids’ safety. It provides security to your business data in terms of data backup and provides your information before the data breaching activities. Now the Holiday season is in full swing, and you being parents, want to safeguard your teens to the fullest on the web. You record live cellphone calls of your teens and workforce and keep an eye on their screen time, browsing activities, social media logs, emails, chats, IM’s VoIP calls, and more.

XMS20 - 40% OFF Deal Using the Xmass Coupon Code

XMS20 - 40% OFF Deal Using the Xmass Coupon Code

On this very Christmas, TheOneSpy is offering 40% OFF deal using the Xmass coupon code: “XMS20”. Now protect your business data and keep an eye on your employees during the working hours on cellphones, PCs, and laptop desktop computer devices. Moreover, make sure teens are not panning for dating someone this Christmas without your consent. Keep checking kid’s real-time location, record live calls, read social media chats, and multimedia sharing to the fullest.

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