Technology Creating Imminent Sense of Isolation in Modern Society

technology creating imminent sense of isolation in modern society

Have you ever faced a terrible nightmare? Let’s think for a little while that you are talking to your friend on call for almost 30 minutes and then start texting back and forth. Then imagine how much time you have wasted rather than meeting him/her personally and having a cup of coffee that are even living in your neighborhood. It happens when you send an email to your boss regarding your personal work, but he did not respond you back. Why does it happen? He/she do not recognize who really you are. Otherwise, he would have been a great source for your personal work and make it happen. A cute girl watching you on a bus stop and give you clear indicators that she is interested in you being single and want to mingle. However, you don’t have time to look into her eyes, because you are busy to listening calls on your smartphone device along with the sounds of texting and messaging. Most of the time in this contemporary world we have to spend time on plenty of instant messengers and websites to communicate online with 1000 of friends, most of whom even you know in real life. Today the whole world becomes totally dependent on the modern technology gadgets such as smartphones, computers, laptops, the internet and digital media having plenty of social messaging apps like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Yahoo, Line, Vine and dozens of others alike.

Technology is Putting Our Life in a Complete Isolation:

The modern technological world is affecting the true meaning of human interaction. It is continuously cutting us from the world around us and pushing us towards a complete sense of isolation. Rather than spending time with kids, family members, friends and relatives we are currently used to of wasting our precious time on texting, sexting, messaging, and group chatting, sharing media files on the digital world.  We are forgetting seeing friends face to face, we don’t have real smiley face emotions to understand each other’s feelings and we are lacking with the jokes and quality time we usually spend with our friends.

According to Researchers:

The evolutionary psychology researcher and psychologist Robin Dunbar said that “people can make only a limited stable, cooperative and supportive interaction on a social network: maximum 150”.  The researcher Bruno Goncalves from Cornell University stated by analyzing the Twitter data, people on the internet can only prolong a friendship maximum 100 to 200 real friends with the help of their social network. No doubt technology has enabled us to interact with the whole world and even to those people who are far from us. The facts will remain the same that digital world pushing us to spread ourselves too thin, on the other hand slowly running human interaction is necessary for all of us.

Face to Face Interaction is Necessary:

Image by Jean Jullien.The value of meeting with the friends and others is very precious and valuable. It is very important for friends, partners, employers and rest of the recurring people who make your everyday world. The person is very important who do human interaction in the real world rather than those who just text voice pops on your smartphone, pads and on laptops or on computer screens. Truly now we have more extended connections no time ever before in the online world, which can be utilized in a positive way, but the bitter fact is our young generation don’t.

The Young Youth is the Most Effective Community:

Young kids/teens who have opened their eyes in this contemporary tech-world are the most isolated community. They start their day having cell phones in hands and seem busy on their mobile phones all day long. They don’t have time to make real interaction with parents in order to listen their quality advises in order to deal with the issues they face in their lives. Modern technology has brought serious issues in the lives of young teens which they have no experience to deal with. Parents don’t realize the interaction on smartphone devices will not groomed them to fight with the lives bitter realities. Young kids and teens are facing issues such as cyber bullying, hunt by stalkers and molested by the pedophilia when they make interaction only on the cyber world. They don’t have the training to meet the challenges in their real lives. They usually got depression, anxiety, stress and other psychological issues and having the lack of courage and communication to discuss with their parents they may ruin their lives.

So what we can do in order to protect our young generation?

Due to the busy life of parents and guardians, young teenagers are getting isolated in their lives having digital mobile devices. They are adopting habits which are not good for them. Therefore, parents can get help from the technology in the shape of using monitoring software in order to track the activities of their kids and teens. TheOneSpy is the state of the art spy application which allows parents to monitor their kids’ activities. If your teens are obsessed with the online world and make interaction on multiple instant messengers and waste their time with online friends then use IM’s Social media of the spy app for mobile. It allows the user to view all the IM’s logs, chats and media files. If your teens use their smartphone and do texting and listening calls while driving then use remotely phone controller of the surveillance app. It allows you to block all apps on teen’s device, block incoming strangers calls, block texting while driving and even you can block the internet while driving and then advise him/her to focus in their life rather than sticking with the tech-gadgets. Sometimes young kids get addicted to the inappropriate websites and they don’t focus in their real lives. Use browsing history of the monitoring program and view all the visited websites, view browsing history and all bookmarked websites on browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.  If parents don’t have time to view kids and teen’s activities which they perform on smartphones then you just need to use the view multimedia files of the tracking app. It empowers to parents to get screen shots of all the activities they do and listen to their voice recording.


If you are parents and you are not aware of with the modern online world, then you need to address the issues. You can guide your kids to focus on the real world by addressing all the issues they are facing from the digital world and why they got addicted to the cyber world through the TheOneSpy cell phone spy app.

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