Teens Pimping Out Young Girls: This is What Social Media Yelling

teens pimping out young girls this is what social media yelling

The modern technological world empowers everyone to stay online on social media. So, the young teenagers these days are second to none and they really want to hover over on their social messaging apps profiles all the time. You can say the digital world has become teen’s bread and butter. They can skip their meals, but can’t stop using their mobile phones connected to the cyber world. On the other hand, cyber predators including pimps who use those platforms where teens are lurking the entire time try to lure young girls into sex trafficking. Dramatically, most of the pimps are recruiting young teens with empty pockets to trap other young girls by offering poor ones to take them for shopping and listen to the problems. At the end of the day, teens got pimped out by teens through social media and get involved in prostitution.

"Average Age of sex trafficking victims is between 12 -14 years old"

Dailymail Report

A Young girl from California was sentenced to 13 years in prison on the charge of pimping out young girls 14-15 years old, dailymail reported that. The report further stated that Jelinajane Bedrijo Almario was a 16-year-old teen when she got arrested due to her involvement in human trafficking, sending threatening emails and also she has made terrorist threats. She was running a prostitution ring that spring with young tweens she met through friends and other acquaintances on social media platforms.

Behind the scenes obviously teenage girl is not involved only, the professional johns used to of doing things like that. Pimps are great at locating kid’s live location and tweens with low self –esteem. So, child traffickers trap teen’s to groom other teens and expose them towards the sexual activities. The convicts Jelinajane ensnared four young girls into her ring and further meets with the pimps by posting their sexual explicit photos and videos on different prostitution websites and also then take the girl at different motels on Highway 99 in Tulare County for sex.

How Pimps & Predators Online Lure Teens into Sex Trafficking?

In this digital age, the digital native teens are facing nightmares and yet they hide the stuff from their parents. Young teens used to make friends online without realizing who they really are and what they really do. Teens that used to fight or argue with their parents are more likely to post their news feeds on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and others. Moreover, teens who do not have a good time at home or want to have money in their pocket for shopping usually get trapped by the johns or pimps connected with them online, Sergeant Matt Wilson with the Brown County Sheriff’s Office said. Pimps online offer teens to meet them at a mall, meet me at Movie Theater to buy new pairs of Jordans, or get your hair to dine or something like that, Wilson added. All of these types of crimes usually happen these days through social media. Therefore, parents need to teach teens when civility online is their duty and when it is a trap.

"It is happening in schools, malls, metros, and even in home through social media platforms, former sex worker Melanie Carpentier of la Maisan de Malanie inc stated that to the cyber security expert Terry Culter".

Pimps Online Manipulate Teens Trust

So, young kids and teens that use of having their presence in the digital world and they love to stay online all the time. Cyber predators like pimps, stalkers, bullies online and others alike approach young teens and try to gain their piece of trust of the target female teens or tween. Once they have won their trust and have made some expense over them, then at the end of the day force them to go out and make money for them, Wilson further added that.

Social Media Presence of Teens Make Job Easier for Pimps

Teens these days are getting involved in blind dating and as well as in uncommitted sexual activities. Parents are helpless and they don’t understand how teens used to of making their plans to meet people outside the house. Sneaky texting codes that every parent need to aware of are oiling the wheels of teens to meet strangers in real –life without the consent of the parents. So, teens can be able to make conversations in terms of codes and parents don’t get to know what that means and what teens are talking about on their cellphones. The online presence of teens really can put them into real trouble. Pimps on social media apps and websites manipulate them because their social media accounts are very easy to make the approach.

"Weather teens have got cellphone, tablet or laptop computer and Wi-Fi connection, that’s the number one way young girls are being recruited for prostitution, Amy Flanders, executive director of Sexual Assault Crisis Center, said that"

Pimps Recruit Broken Teens to Trap other Young Girls Online

Sexual predators or sex traffickers are targeting teens from multiple ends. They offer a handsome amount of money to the poor girls with smart brains to recruit their fellow young girls at schools or college or via social media. So, the teens having big dreams to live a good life get trapped by the johns and get started working for them and then approach teens in real –life or on digital media platforms to offer them money in the exchange of sexual favors. Today, sugar daddy trend is one of the contemporary and fittest examples. Sugar daddies approach johns and then johns recruit teens that really need money to pay bills, tuition fee, and other stuff. Ultimately, teens get started to make money by pimping out other young girls to johns.

"It’s important for parents to have access teen’s cellphones, gadgets and social media logs, Amy Flanders further added that."

Protect Teens to be a Pimp or to be a Victim of Pimps Online

The Sexual assault Crisis Center in Appleton is working with the 15 schools districts to aware young kids and teens that have experienced if someone online trying to lure teens for making money in exchange for sexual favors. Parents these days have to do something to protect teens online and from sex traffickers.

Set Parental Control on Teen’s Digital Devices

The very first things parents should need to get access to teen’s cellphones, gadgets, and social media logs. Therefore, they have to set parental control on their kids and teens digital devices. Digital parenting should be imminent and parents need to get access to each and every single activity of teens online using digital cell phones, gadgets, and laptop and desktop devices owned by their parents. Simply they should apply parental control on a cell phone and computers to the fullest. Then parents will be able to read their text messages, record and listen to their live cell phone calls, and even can track their GPS location with pinpoint accuracy.

Moreover, parents will be able to get the logs of social media apps running on teen’s mobile phones in terms of text messages, text conversations, audio video conversations, and shared multimedia. Moreover, parents can perform live screen recording on the cell phone and computer in real –time. They will be able to read the conversations and performed activities in real –time. However, parents can take quick action if someone is trying to approach teens online to lure them into dangers. Parents can remotely block text messages on the cell phone, incoming calls, and even can block internet access.

"TheOneSpy parental control app has always been the voice against the Sexual Exploitation. We used to of raising the latest parenting concerns and further to sort out the solutions. Today, we are aware parents about teens pimping out teens through social media. Moreover, we are advising parents on how they can prevent cyber predators form teen’s digital lives."

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