Teen’s Romance in The Digital Age in A Nutshell

Do you remember the days growing up developing the relationships romantic kind of in particular? Romantic relationships entering teenage are a fundamental part of growing up. Today, in the digital age within the presence of cell phones technology, internet, and social media giving breakthrough or permeate the lives of most of the teens, romantic relationships in particular. According to the report of PEW Research Center teens, 13 -17 says how teens flirt, date and even break up in the virtual world.

When teens are in their adolescence age, they are growing physically, socially and as well as emotionally. Therefore, in this particular age peer relationships romantic ones in particular mostly important for youth. Therefore, over the years since the technology has expanded in terms of cell phones, social media, and internet its role has become very critical in teens romantic relationships. We have to look deeper and deeper to see things how deeply penetrated technology in our teen’s lives and with such a pace the technology is changing.

According to PEW Research Center

Young teens these days are meeting with their romantic partner’s online using internet, social media on their mobile phones.

  • 8% of the teens have claimed that they have met with the romantic partner online
  • Facebook was cited more than any other social media site by the teens to find out potential partner
  • Almost 35% of the teens between the age of 13 -17 have ever dated, hook up or seriously involved in a romantic relationship
  • 18% of the teens currently believe and involve in romantic relationship
  • 57% of the teens have been found friends in a digital world

76% of the teens say they have dated people to whom they have been met online before and 8% have dated, hooked up with someone they have met online. Majority of the teens have used Facebook social media app in particular and various other alike.

Social Media is The First Place for Teens Where They Start to Flirt

Social media, cell phones, gadgets, internet access are the best sources for the teens from flirting to break up and these technological creatures of teens are woven into teen’s romantic lives. Moreover, the digital world is the most common and easygoing way for the teens to express their feelings to someone they have a crush on. However, there are high percentages of teens that have dated in real –world but even then they use the digital world a crucial tool for flirting and show romantic feelings with each other.

Teens these days are used to of using social media and therefore they get involved in emotional relationships and use the digital world as a vehicle to do flirt and express interest into someone to get a potential partner. Teens use instant messaging apps and social media websites on digital devices for in-person flirting, to like, make comment, to make friends and to crack a joke with someone.

  • Almost 55% of teens within the age of 13 -17 get involved in flirting, talk to someone in person and to let them know they are interested
  • 50% of teens let their crush to know he/she is interested romantically by making him/her friend on Facebook or via any other platform
  • 47% of the teen have expressed their feelings or liking via making comment on photos or they have done it by having interaction on social media
  • 46% of the teens have shared sort of funny or interesting stuff to their romantic interest in the digital world
  • 31% of the teens get involved in sexting to flirt likewise sexy photos or videos
  • 7% of teens get involved in obscene content and share to their potential partner that seems to be a danger

Young girls these days have to face uncomfortable flirting through stalkers, and often teens get bullied online. Online predators are the biggest threat for teens on social media platforms and still teens believes in flirting online.

Teens Do Texting on Social Media Platforms to Spend Time With Loved One

Texting not only for the romance but for the communication with the significant other is the best tool. And by far it is one of the most frequent activities of the teens on cell phone cellular network and on social media platforms likewise Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and others alike.

In addition, teens are connected to the hyper-sexualized world where they may interact with the people that could be dangerous for teens. On the other hand, may get involved in a stranger online that could be a bully, stalkers and sexual predator.

  • Almost 72% of teen daters say they spend time texting with the partner on a regular basis
  • (39%) Cellphone texting is the second largest activities of the teens to interact with a romantic partner
  • 29% of the teens are only being together in person
  • 21% of the teens interact on social media websites and on instant messaging apps

How Teens Do Romance With Romantic Partner in the Digital Age?

Young teens these days used to spend time with the loved ones on social media platforms through text messages. Cell phone calls, audio, and video conversations, multimedia sharing and others alike. Let’s get to know how much and what sort of tools these days teens are using while talking to their boyfriends online.

Text messages:

Almost 92% of the teens these days being in romantic relationships used to spent time on text messaging with their loved ones

Cell phone calls:

87% of the teens do secret cell phone calls with the Boyfriends without having the consent of the parents

Together in person:

86% of the teens spend time in person outside of the school hours they meet and express their feelings

Social media:

Almost 70% of the teens spend time together being in a relationship on social media platforms and on Facebook in particular

Instant or online messaging:

Almost 69% of the teens are used of instant online messaging

Video and audio chat:

55% of the youngsters spend their time in video chatting

Messaging apps

49% of the teens constantly connect their cell phone with internet and use instant messaging apps a
s a stalker to trap someone online or being in love with someone


37% of the teens have used email to spend time with the partner

When all these activities comes to gather, it means teens are not only in love with the person but at the same time obsessed with the social media and cell phone technology that ultimately damage teen in many ways.

How This Harmful Digital Behavior Put Teens at Risk?

Online dating or finding out someone’s opposite to your gender does not seem always a secure and positive experience. The newspapers and electronic media have reportedly stated that several times that teens date online are always at risks what so ever. A young teen may get involved in serious trouble. They also get involved in risky behavior and bad habits. There are several incidents where teens have to face abusive behavior form the significant other and also got blackmailed.

  • 11% of the teens get involve to access social media account of the x or current partner and as well as cell phone
  • 10% of the daters or lovers have changed the social media profiles of the x girlfriend to humiliate
  • 10% of the romantic partners impersonated a boyfriend, girlfriend in a message
  • 8% of the romantic partners have shared obscene content of the partner posted on social media or make it viral willingly after having a breakup.
  • 4% the partners track the GPS location of the girlfriend without having consent

How Parents Stay Aware of About Teen’s Digital Relationship?

Parents have to keep an eye on their digital activities especially when you have provided them their first mobile phone. This is where you need to snoop on your teen’s cell phone in order to know to whom they are talking via cell phone calls, text messages, social media apps, and others. Parents can simply set parental control on teens digital devices in order to prevent teens from emotional traumas, being got cheated, humiliated, blackmailed, bullied or trapped by someone online. However, where teens get involved seriously you can give them a piece of device. Parents should use cell phone parental control software on teen’s mobile phones to stay up to date twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

Parents can monitor text messages, phone calls, shared media, shared obscene content, trendy social media apps, audio video chat logs, emails with mobile phone parental control app to make sure teens safety on digital world.

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