Top 10 Spy Apps Features Comparison With TheOneSpy: Spying! Snooping! & Sneaking At your Finger Tips

Top 10 spy features of TheOneSpy apps

Nothing is hidden when you have TheOneSpy TOP 10 spying tools in your hands. How much time and what activities your children have spent on their cell phone gadgets? Whose text messages and calls your spouse is reading and attending in your absence? What is in the conversation your employees at other table are talking about? The entire world has watched the cold war Saga between Russia and the U.S in in the past. Since the era of spying, secret agents and double agents the technology has made its way to the next level and in the contemporary world, you don’t have to be a professional to get your hands on the tools in order to spy on someone’s whereabouts, ID people, do surveillance, cell phone and computer activities and the recovery of accidentally deleted/stolen files, call recording, hacking microphone of target device and to track the pin-point location of your target person.

While doing sleuthing, TheOneSpy top 10 spying tools give you exciting experience and it is convenient if used for positive aims because there is a thin line between nosy and nefarious. You Judge! However, TheOneSpy over the years has served worldwide as parenting, employee monitoring and spying tool.


Top 10 TheOneSpy Surveillance Tools for Phone Spying

TheOneSpy is a multidimensional and multipurpose monitoring app that enables a user to track the phones with Android, iOS, and blackberries with the help of its powerful and contemporary surveillance tools. Let’s have a brief discussion on following mentioned top 10 features for monitoring smartphones.

Spy360 Bugging (Microphone & Camera)

No matter what types of conversations and voices are in the surrounds of your target cell phone, you can listen and record it in real-time. All you need to do is to use TOS spy 360 live surround listening and you will get to know what you looking for. Further, you can use spy 360 live camera streaming by hacking the camera of your target phone and can view live visuals of the surroundings of the phone. However, for the more effective piece of spying on your target smartphone, you can hack the screen of the phone and can broadcast it real-time into a TheOneSpy online control panel.

Phone Voice Call Spy Feature

Now record phone calls including all live incoming and outgoing calls on your target cell phone with the help of secret phone call recorder. You can listen to the recorded stuff and further you can save it to the web portal.

GPS Location Tracker

If you want to know the exact and pinpoint the location of your target phone, no matter what is it and what place it is available at the moment. You just need to use the GPS location tracker of the mobile phone monitoring software. It empowers you to track the current and accurate location of your target and further enable you to view location history, weekly location history and mark restricted and safe areas.

Remotely Phone Controller

A user can sneak into the target smartphone and can control the target handset fully by using the remote phone controller of spyware for the cell phone. It enables a user to view installed apps, block incoming calls of strangers on your target cell phone according to your needs whether it is for parenting and you can block the text messages and internet access on the target phone.

Spy on SMS (Text Messages)

View all types of SMS and spy on text messages received on your children’s or spouse cell phone such as iMessages, SMS and heads up tickers notification. You can get all this stuff by using the text messages spy on your target handset.

Phone Screenshots

Nothing an employee can hide from employers if he is being monitored with the help of TheOneSpy screenshot spying tool. A user can remotely capture back-to-back screenshots of all the activities the employees have performed on the target device.

Phone Bugging

Record and listen to the surround voices and gossips of your children, spouses, and employees with help of MIC bug app of TheOneSpy cell phone spying app. A user can remotely hack the MIC of the targeted cell phone and record and listen to the surrounds fully. A user can make short back to back videos of the target gadget surrounds by using the spyvidcam bug. However, capture images remotely with the help of camera bug app of the cell phone surveillance software.


You can snoop into your target phone and can get your hands on all the keystrokes pressed by the target phone user. You can get password keystroke, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes applied on the cell phone of your teens, employees, and spouses by using TOS keylogger. Now it’s your headache, on what type of things you are going to spy on your target person.

IM’s Social Media

Track all the trendy instant messengers’ activities of your target person by using the IM’s social media of the best spying app for cell phones. You can spy IM’s logs, Text messages conversations, shared media as photos and videos and VOICE messages.

Live Screen Recording

Make back to back short videos of the screen of your target smartphone with the help of live screen recording software of the TheOneSpy cell phone surveillance software. It empowers you to do the live screen recording of the YouTube, Chrome, Facebook live screen recording, Yahoo live screen recording, Whatsapp live screen recording and other IM’s when running on the cell phone screen. However, a user can use password chaser and do live email screen recording.

How TheOneSpy TOP 10 monitoring Tools works?

Simple, there is no rocket science about it, subscribe to the cell phone tracking app by visiting the TheOneSpy website. Then you will receive the passcode and ID in order to get access to TheOneSpy web portal for viewing and control the spying activities and results. Now install the cell phone surveillance spyware on your target cell phone and activate it on the phone. You will have the option either you want to Snoop! Sneak! And Spy secretly or not. Now use all the credentials and get access to the online control panel of mobile phone spyware.

Now you can visit the features and can send the command to the target smartphone remotely through an online control panel. Once the command has received on the target device, you will have the spying results into the dashboard.


Get started with TheOneSpy robust 10 surveillance features, it is guaranteed that digital parenting, employees monitoring and surveillance on kids be at your fingertips.

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