Track Samsung Galaxy S20 with TheOneSpy & Easy Rooting Methods

Samsung is all set to release flagship phone Galaxy S20 coming with 5G technology, 64MP camera and a 6.2-inch display. The smartphone will be available for purchase on March 6. In addition to improved specifications, the upcoming smartphone comes with enhanced security. There is fingerprint recognition, private mode, Knox security, password protection, PIN protection and several other security features.

The robust security for mobile phone content makes it almost impossible to break into it. The flagship device is more of a misfortune than a fortune for parents since the security features restrict them from checking out their kids’ phones to prevent them from wrongdoings. For the sake of parents and employers, TheOneSpy brings monitoring solution for Samsung Galaxy S20. The app enables the user to secretly and remotely track flagship smartphones of Samsung and many popular android phone brands.

Monitor & Remote Control Samsung Galaxy S20 with TheOneSpy

Using high-tech mobile parental control and monitoring software, the end-user can monitor and operate the latest Galaxy smartphone without taking it into possession. Once the app is installed on the phone, the user can control it via a web portal of TheOneSpy. The targeted phone can also be controlled via the TOSDesk app. The end-user can install the dashboard app on a personal mobile phone and can control the targeted Samsung Galaxy S20 right from the personal cell phone. Read on to know how you can track a Galaxy phone using the cell phone spy software.

Find GPS Location of Galaxy S20

If you are tracking the Samsung smartphone of your kid with TOS app, you can keep an eye on their whereabouts. The app gets access to the GPS location of the monitored device and tracks tours made by your loved ones. The GPS location of the phone also helps to find out the lost Samsung device. As well as monitoring kids’ outside visits, you can also ensure they do not misplace the costly Galaxy S20.

Remote Control Camera & MIC of S20

With this high-tech surveillance app, you cannot only supervise the digital activities of your children but can also remote control several features of their phones. The microphone and camera of targeted Galaxy S20 can be controlled via the online control panel or TOSDesk app. It allows listening and watching the surrounding voices and events. Moreover, the end-user can capture the sounds and actions of the object by taking photos, making videos and recording voices.

Watch Social Media Apps

You can monitor the usage of social media apps installed on the targeted Samsung phone. The monitoring app tracks Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Tumblr, Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, IMO, Hike, Hangout, Tinder, Yahoo Messenger and Zalo among others. TheOneSpy social Instant Messengers monitoring feature gets access to chats made via communication and socializing apps. Moreover, it enables parents to track kids’ social media posts, friend-list, follower-list, VOIP call logs and media files.

Screen Recorder for Samsung Flagship Phone

Whatever appears on the screen of the targeted Samsung phone can be recorded with the screen recording feature by TheOneSpy. It enables the end-user to keep an eye on every digital activity of the target. They can find out what the target is watching, searching or even typing on the phone in real-time. In addition to it, the spyware software also offers screenshots to capture the phone screen with a particular interval.

Record Keystrokes Applied on Samsung Device

The Samsung phone tracking app records keystrokes applied to the on-screen keyboard of the targeted smartphone comprising passwords, email addresses and chats. The end-user can retrieve these keystrokes via the online portal of the app.

Secret Call Recorder for S20

The cell phone spy app acts as a secret call recorder and tracks all phone calls received and made via targeted Samsung device. The call recording features of the app enables parents to protect their children from cyberbullying and child predation. They can listen to the phone calls of their kids to figure out their involvement in misconduct. The app also provides access to contact numbers of callers and recipients. The call recording process of the app is furtive, so the target could not get any hint of call tracing.

Message Tracker for Samsung

The messages received and sent via Samsung Galaxy S20 can be checked out without having access to the phone. The app secretly accesses all text and multimedia messages and uploads them to the online portal. The end-user of the app can also read social media chats, group chats and instant messages right from the web portal. The online backup of these messages also enables the end-user to retrieve deleted chats of the object.

Control Galaxy S20 from Any Android Phone with TOSDesk Mobile App

TheOneSpy also offers the navigator app to remote control the targeted Samsung phone from any other android device. Parents can get their android phones installed with navigator app to monitor and operate the target device without logging into the online portal. The app can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Lock/Unlock Targeted Galaxy Phone without Access

The cell phone parental control app also allows locking or unlocking the phone without access. Parents can lock the phone at a certain time of the day to restrict or limit kids’ screen time.

Block/Uninstall Apps from Samsung Smartphone

Another important feature of the spy app that helps to reduce kids’ screen time is remote controlling apps. The applications installed on the Samsung phone can be blocked, unblocked or uninstalled directly from the online control panel. It enables parents to restrict kids from using age-inappropriate and engaging gaming and social media apps.

Block Messaging and Internet on Galaxy S20

The spy app lets you monitor the driving of your teens. You can prevent them from using their smartphones during driving. The spy app blocks messaging and internet access in case your kid’s driving speed exceeds the limit.

Root Samsung Galaxy S20 to Unlock High-Tech Spying Tools of TheOneSpy

To take advantage of the advanced features of the tracking software, you need to root the Samsung Galaxy S20. Rooting is the process to bypass security restrictions imposed by the manufacturer. It gives the user complete control over the smartphone device unlocking hidden features as well. We have discussed here how you can root the latest Galaxy smartphone with the most trusted methods. Before you start the rooting process, make sure you fulfill the given requirements.

  • Unlock Bootloader on Samsung Galaxy S20 before starting any rooting process.
  • Install TWRP Recovery on Samsung phone.
  • Make sure you fully charge your phone before starting rooting.
  • Do not forget to create a backup for your phone data.

Root Samsung Galaxy S20 with SuperSU

There are different methods to root an android device. However, the use of the SuperSU method is quick and simple. With this method, you can root your flagship phone within a few steps that are given below.

Step 1: Download SuperSU file on the Galaxy S20

In the first step, you need to download SuperSU on the Samsung Galaxy S20. You can click here to start the download right away.

Step 2: Boot into Recovery Mode

Power off your smartphone and then boot the phone into Recovery Mode.

Step 3: Boot into TWRP Recovery

Now boot your phone into TWRP Recovery Project. To start the booting process, press Volume Down key and Power Button simultaneously for a few seconds.

Step 4: Install SuperSU

Once you are in TWRP Recovery Project, find the downloaded SuperSU file and install it. Select Swipe to Confirm Flash. That’s it! Your Samsung Galaxy S20 is rooted successfully.

Root Samsung Galaxy S20 with Magisk

Another simple method to root Samsung Galaxy S20 is the Magisk root method. Follow the given steps to successfully root your smartphone device.

Step 1: Download Magisk

First, you need to download Magisk on Samsung Galaxy S20. You can click here to start the download right away.

Step 2: Boot Phone to Recovery Mode

Boot your phone into recovery mode. Press the Volume Down key and Power button at once for a few seconds until the boot screen appears.

Step 3: Install Magisk

Once you are in recovery mode, tap on install and select the downloaded zip file of Magisk. Select Swipe to Confirm Flash. After that reboot your phone and that’s it. Your Galaxy S20 is rooted successfully.

Root Samsung Galaxy S20 with KingoRoot

Another method to root Samsung Galaxy S20 without a personal computer is KingoRoot. Read on to know how you can root your smartphone with this method.

Step 1: Download KingoRoot App

First, get your smartphone downloaded with the KingoRoot app. Once the download completes, install it.

Step 2: Start Rooting

Once the KingoRoot app is successfully installed, select One Click Root. The rooting will start right away. It may take time to root the phone. Once the rooting completes, you will get a notification of root success.

TheOneSpy Software for Un-rooted Samsung Galaxy S20

If you are not interested in rooting your phone, you can try the software/App for un-rooted android devices as well. There are several exciting features that you can enjoy such as monitoring of SMS, calls, emails, contacts, photos, videos, internet browsing history, GPS location, keystrokes and so on.

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