Do Teens Try Drugs & Alcohol? The Unknown Facts, Reasons & Prevention

teens try drug unknown fact preventions

Teenagers experiment with many things in their early years of puberty with dress, hairstyle, and drugs in particular. Every individual whether a teenager or an adult starts using drugs at different times in their lives. The daring and thrilling nature of teens lurks towards such things that are unknown to them initially and when they saw their peers doing illicit drug abuse they push their minds to do it. That’s why they start exploring and experimenting with drugs and alcohol in their teenage. On the other hand, when they got to know their parents won’t approve of such kinds of such habits they tend to abuse substances secretly without telling their parents. This is the time when things go wrong and youngsters get involved in drugs and at the end of the day, regular consumption of toxic material and alcohol makes them addicted to it.

“Teenagers experiment with many things, dress, hairstyle, drugs and illicit substance in particular; John Knight, MD Center for adolescent substance abuse Research said that.”

According to the experts, most children get their hands on drugs likewise marijuana, amphetamines, cigarettes, and other illicit substance abuse in elementary school. However, teens also use heroin later as high school seniors. Michigan’s annual Monitoring the Future survey reportedly stated that two-thirds of students who completed their studies at the university said they have never used any sort of drugs and almost 58% said that they have never used alcohol at all. However, there are plenty of students who did involve in drug and substance use at very young ages.

Sings that Teens are Trying Drugs & Alcohol

There are plenty of things that are associated with teens that are using drugs and alcohol for getting relief, happiness, prevents depression, and silliness. These kinds of effects are for a shorter period and after that, they could face headache, nausea, fever, dehydration and last but not the least drowsiness.

TOP 10 Signs teen are using drugs & alcohol

  • Teens are not able to handle once they have started drinking
  • Use of drugs and drinking put your teens at greater risk of getting caught
  • Toxic material addicted teens stop their hobbies, extracurricular activities
  • Always seems tired, aggressive, least interested to be social
  • Teens start borrowing money from peers and other family members
  • They start hiding things like pipes and other toxic stuff like marijuana
  • Purchase mouth wash and other soothing scents to smell good
  • School grades start declining  
  • Teen starts causing health issues
  • Get troubled by the police

Most of the parents do realize that most of the teens are using drugs because they are facing issues at school likewise body shaming, bullying and plenty of others alike. Teens who get involved in binge drinking and drugs mostly remain absent from the school. They also face issues to learn things compare to their fellows at school. Teens addicted to substance abuse are less social compare to normal peers.

When do Teens Try Drugs?

Experts do believe that drugs and alcohol abuse starts in teenage. However, it is reportedly stated that the younger you are when you get involved in toxic stuff and alcohol; you are more likely to become addicted to it later on in your life. It means that teens that start using substance abuse and become addicted they were involved in substance abuse at a very young age. Let’s get to know about the interesting and unknown facts about it.

Fact1: The Middle School Drug & Alcohol Use

Almost 2% of eight –grade students get their hands on their first inhalants, and 1.8% reportedly smokes their first cigarette. Moreover, there are many among the eighth-graders who have tried their first alcohol in the seventh grade respectively. On the other hand, more than 13% of the middle schools going children have used marijuana by the end of the eighth grade.

Fact2: The High School Going Drugs & Alcohol Use

When it comes to the students of 10th grade who had involved in using toxic material and alcohol use, most of them have started drinking between the eighth and ninth grades. Almost 10% of the students that have tried marijuana for the first time were ninth grade. However, fortunately, 99% of the 10th and 12th graders have never tried heroin.

Does the question arise from where do teens get drugs? Yes indeed!

There are plenty of ways where teens can get their hands on drugs and alcohol. They can get the illicit substance from classmates, and the illegal online stores and pharmacies. They can also get drugs and alcohol from close friend’s homes or from people who always looking to sell toxic material to youngsters.

Young teens get drugs from school

According to a study published by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, more than 60% of teens get drugs from schools. There are plenty of people at school gates, criminals used to selling toxic material to teens. However, teens also get toxic stuff from fellow students.

Drug Dealers at hidden whereabouts

Teens addicted to substance abuse also tend towards the drug dealers that used to sell drugs at schoolyards and gates. Later on, when teens become addicted to the use of the substance they start finding the hidden whereabouts of the drug dealers. However, you may have seen such cases in which poor students trapped by the drug dealers and tell them to make money for selling drugs in school secretly.

The cyberspace & social media platforms

Since mobile phone technology has evolved to the next level, it has become quite easier for teens to get their hands on marijuana, heroin, and other forms of drugs such as ice toxic material and many more. Teens can purchase fentanyl and another form of substance-using DarkNet; these are such websites that cannot be accessed via typical search engines. However, social media platforms installed on teens’ cellphone enable them to talk with their peers and ask them about marijuana and later on get to know about the people who sell the substance.

Friend’s House & from Grocery stores

Parents that used to drinking alcohol and other prescribed drugs they can get their hands on via exploring refrigerators and medicine cabinet. So, friends can help out teens to provide drugs and alcohol if someone’s parents are using substances and alcohol. These are pervasive; teens can get it from the grocery stores that sell plenty of medication that cause serious dangers. So, teens can use the prescriptions available at their homes and later on use it for toxicities.

Top 6 Reason Teens Choose to try Drugs

The times come in teen’s lives when they start making their minds to take the substance. The decision making in teens to get drugs and alcohol underestimated. Most of the teens get attracted and don’t resist their urge to use the substance.

Reason1: Get attracted by the things which Appeals

The online marketers are using such kinds of marketing strategies that made the products appealing to the potential young users. The repeated commercials of alcohol on television and social media attract young minds to try it whatsoever. The celebrities are smoking cigarettes in movies and on television plays playing a horrible role to attract young minds towards the use of alcohol and later on with the drugs.  

The Office of National Drug Control Policy, the commercial on TV, alcohol is the number substance that almost 77% portrayed on TV episodes. Moreover, alcohol advertised every 14th minutes. Moreover, 22% of advertisements for illicit drugs playing a brutal role to make kids addicted to substance abuse. 

Reason2: short term solution to get rid of problems

The teenage time is the very sensitive and childish time when teens are immature and always love to explore things. On the other hand, poor teens that are running with the family issues they are more likely to become substance addict. They take drugs to get rid of all the tensions, stress and depression running in their lives.

Reason3: Emotional & mental issues of teens

 Most of the teens are running with emotional and mental issues are vulnerable and susceptible to lure binge drinking and the use of marijuana and other toxic stuff. 

Unfortunately, these kinds of teens do everything to get their mind relief no matter how short term it would be.

Almost 8% of teens are running with anxiety issues ages 13-18 and more than 6.4 million youth worldwide 11% have diagnosed with ADHD

Reason4: Need to be accepted

Everyone has wished to be accepted in any way or the other and teens are not different from feeling the same. The teenage is a very crucial age and today every teen wants to be accepted and want to have plenty of friends and popularity. This strong wish makes teens’ minds difficult to say no to drinking and substance abuse.

Reason5: Rebellion in nature

When parents exchange heated arguments with the teens and they don’t want to live under parental pressure they become rebellious and leave the house secretly. In this scenario, they could meet friends and peers with drugs and drinking habits. They also do the same and start abusing drugs.

Reason6: Curiosity is the mother of all evils

The so much influence of drinking and illicit substance on mainstream media, social media and then in real-life with the peers makes teens curious to use the substance and alcohol to the next level. These are the main root causes that make teens choose to try drugs.

8 Common Reasons Why Teens Trying Drugs: Statistics

  • 50% of the teens use illicit substance and alcohol for having fun
  • 48% of the teens use it to get relaxed
  • 45% of the teens use it to feel good
  • 37% of the teens use it to forget lives troubles
  • 36% of the teens get involved in drugs and drinking for an experiment
  • 33% of the teens are using it to get relieve boredom
  • 29% of the teens are involved in to fit in friends
  • 30 of the teens want to get relief from stress and pressure

What Should Parents do to Prevent Drugs & Alcohol from Teen’s Lives?

Parents have to deal with the teens at the time when they are getting involved in illicit substance abuse and alcohol. This happens when you are keeping an eye on their activities regularly all day long and unless then goes to their bed. Otherwise, parents have to be involved in prevention if teens are highly addicted to substance abuse. Moreover, parents should teach teens how to say no to the toxic activities with their peers. Furthermore, parents should learn and know the effects of drugs on teens and you may have to admit your child to the rehab center.

Drugs and drinking over the years have become pervasive, and if you want to prevent substance abuse and from its brutal effects, then you need to closely monitor where teens go, who they spending all day long and what teens do in leisure time. All you can do with the TheOneSpy


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