Valentine’s Day has Become Teen’s National Condom Day: Parents Need Aware of!

valetntines day national condom day

The Valentine’s Day is also known as Saint Valentine’s Day and annually celebrated in the month of February 14. The story of this day belongs to the one or more early saints named as Valentinus. The Day is highly known for significant cultural, Religious, and for the commercial celebration of romance in most of the part of the world. The history of the day may seem very pleasant for you but its awful powdery heart-shaped candy and it provides also the first chance of school moments flirting with teens. The best terminology if we use then it would not be less than a day of sex. On this particular day, sex is without the shadow of the doubt is mission critical.

According to the reports, teens have the very different point of view on social media platforms regarding the day of love and romance “it hurts”.  The young teens are the most miserable community for the day of Valentine.

Teens have shared the point of view on social media that they don’t have so much love for the day. States show that almost 13% teens said that they don’t have the love for the day and under the age of 15 think it is painful and 22% say it is just overrated.

It Provokes Single Teen’s to have Boyfriends

The media channels either electronic or social usually bombarded with the ads and stories of love and romance. The young teens get their eyes on these sorts of things and the content really urges teens, tweens, and even young kids to have their sex partner on a particular day. Furthermore, they may get porn thoughts in their sub-conscious while watching their friends having dates on the day of love and romance “Valentine’s Day”. On the other hand, it seems that love is restricted to the occasions only. Young teens start trying to have a boyfriend prior to the Valentine’s Day. In-short such type of preparations from the teens could turn teens romance into the nightmare. Let’s discuss how the Valentine’s Day could be dreadful for teens.

Online Predators & Stalkers are very active on Valentine’s Day

Stalkers are the ones that can harm your teens by cheating them emotionally and the teen may get blindly involve in love with the stalker.  While for the stalkers the Valentine’s Day is their favorite day and they always seem ready to fulfill “creepy matters” and they hunt teens form social media platforms for the most such as Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, Line, Vine, Snapchat and Instagram and plenty of others. Stalkers chase teens and show their interest in teens online prior to the Valentine’s Day. They initially win the trust of teens and then ask for the meeting before the day of love and romance and once teens that are already looking for a boyfriend commit to having a meeting with their supposed prince.

Culture of UN-committed sex in Teens

The Valentine’s Day making teen’s desperate and once they have their boyfriends from social media platforms are from the real lives. They start making plans to have their first love date and they choose the very best day known as Valentine’s Day. Stalkers are the real threat to teens without any doubt, but the culture of the one-night stand or uncommitted sex is also rising day by day without having committed feeling for anyone. Young teens choose partners for the night on this very special day for love and romance and have sex feels so good and then forget each other for the very next day.

Valentine’s Day: The National Condom Day

One of the worst things on this day is the rise in the sale of condoms. According to the Durex, that makes the stuff and knows the market very well. The Sale of condoms spikes 25% on Valentine’s Day. On this day millions of condom sells and millions of young and mature women within the 24 hours period. According to the states 87 condoms sell out in one second on Valentine’s Day. The young teens are also involved purchasing the material to have a sex on the night of Valentine’s Day. So, we can say Valentine’s Day is the National Day of Condom.

Parents should know: what their teens really do Valentine’s Day

Parents have to keep an eye on teens even prior to the day of love and romance “The Valentine’s Day”. The questions have risen how parents can monitor teens in order to protect them from all nightmare of Valentine’s Day. They just need to use the digital technology to keep an eye on tweens and teens activities before the day and on the day of love and romance. They can use TheOneSpy cell phone spy app in order to know whom they are talking texting, sharing things via social media and what sort of planes they have about the Valentine’s Day. They can spy on text messages sent or received through text messages spy. Parents can view all social media activities of teens to get to know what they are planning and whom they have plans with and what sort of material teens share on social media platforms. You can use IM’s social media monitoring feature of the spy app for cell phone and get to know IM’s logs, chat conversations, shred media files and VOICE messages.  Parents can record and listen to the calls incoming or outgoing on the smartphone. They can use secret call recorder and get to know the nature of the conversations of teens and their plans prior to the Valentine’s Day. Parents can track the location of teens if they are going to meet their boyfriend on the day with the help of GPS location tracker. Parents can come to know the exact and current location, location history and they can mark safe and restricted areas to the fullest.


Make your teen’s day safe and secure and protect them from all nightmares on Valentine’s Day by using the cell phone tracking software. No matter how much you are busy parents you can still keep a hidden eye on your teens.

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