Valentine’s Day Facts You are Probably not Aware of – Infographic

February 14th is just around the corner and we can already feel the love, romance and lots of emotions in the air. It is the day when roses, chocolates, teddy bears and other gifts do the talking. It may be just another day for some people but those who understand the value of love, irrespective of their relationship status, know how special this day is.

It is a day to strengthen your relationship by exchanging gifts, having a candle light dinner and refreshing your wows. You can relive all your special moments on this specific day just to show how much you love your partner.

If your heart beats for someone or you feel butterflies in your stomach after seeing someone but you have never tried to say a word, then it’s a perfect time to share your emotions without worrying about anything as love has this power to conquer the hearts. If you are already in a relationship then make this day the most memorable day of you and her life by doing something special and different.

With so much negativity surrounding round us, it is good to celebrate events like this as it gives us hope and makes us feel human. What’s best about this day, in fact, whole week is that every face is happy. There is an excitement, joy, thrill, celebrations and much more all over us. Everyone is busy searching for special gift for their “special” friend. Markets, shopping plazas and restaurants are decorated with red balloons, roses and other flowers.

This day brings the whole humanity together by removing all the differences whatsoever. Let’s hope and pray that may this day bring love, peace and prosperity for us all.

In order to add more colors to this special day, we have come up with interesting facts about it which most of you may not be aware of. So, what are you thinking about? Be a part of these statistics by celebrating this day with your valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone around the globe from the team of TheOneSpy.

why celebrates valentines day - infographic