WhatsApp will No Longer Support These Android & iPhones in 2021

WhatsApp will no longer support these Android & iOS phones

Mighty Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp will no longer work on a few Android and iOS phones by the start of 2021? WhatsApp stops working for older devices every year, and now the company has announced that the application will stop working on these devices.

WhatsApp is making headlines these days, and it has come by storm with its latest plethora of features for its billions of users worldwide. The year has already seen the most anticipating and fascinating set of elements from the mighty Facebook-owned social messaging app WhatsApp. The instant messaging app introduces not only Dark Mode Feature, messages disappearing feature, business enhancement, and most defining sound of all, going to ends its support for android and iOS phones outdated versions. The company is used to introducing new features and limitations for dated OS devices and always recommends users to use the latest software version for Android or iOS.

Whatsapp will reportedly announce that it will end its support for smartphones running with outdated operating systems, like Android and iOS. However, an official announcement has not been released yet from WhatsApp officials.

WhatsApp has reportedly ended its support for phones running with Android version 2.3.7 and older, iOS 8, earlier this year. Now we are expecting a similar kind of announcement that would take place in 2021 that the application will no longer work one more android and iOS version.

iOS Devices That No Longer Compatible with WhatsApp in 2021

The iPhones that are not compatible with iOS 9 unable to use WhatsApp from 2021. It means iPhone 4 and earlier models will end support with the instant messaging app anymore. Moreover, iPhone models like 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, and 6S have to update their operating systems up to iOS 9, and the latest can use WhatsApp instant messenger.

Android Device That will Not Support WhatsApp IM in 2021

The same is the case with Android phones operating systems versions less than 4.0.3 will end support for WhatsApp. The Android phone models, like HTC Desire, Razr, Motorola Droid, and Samsung Galaxy S2, will lose access to Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp for sure. Now many other Android phones will lose access to WhatsApp by the start of 2021.

Do You Want to Know that Your Android or iOS Phones are Compatible with WhatsApp or Not Follow The Steps Given Below?

Steps for Android to check OS version compatibility with WhatsApp

You need to visit the main menu of the android phone and make a tap on the settings and further go to the about systems or “About device,” and there you will get to know the information in detail.

Steps for iPhones to check OS version compatibility with WhatsApp

You can go through your iPhone device main menu and then get access to the “Access Settings.” General options and tap on the information. Now you will get the details about what software version you have configured in your iOS device.

WhatsApp has Introduced Exciting Customs Wallpapers

Earlier this month, Facebook-owned social messaging app WhatsApp has come up with the new exciting custom wallpapers, and it has introduced background flashing light and dark mode. Moreover, it has enhanced WhatsApp sticker search and many other things for its updated OS versions. Now, users have updated OS versions of Android, and iPhones can set different sorts of wallpapers against every contact they have added on WhatsApp messenger. Users can add these wallpaper on groups as well that enables them to identify the particular contacts that they are talking with at the moment. All these updates by WhatsApp will provide a fascinating and exciting experience to its users.

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