Why Businesses Need an Employee Monitoring Software?


As an employer, how can you make sure that the people working for you are not stealing your time? One of the biggest issues managers face today is inefficiency at the workplace. There are so many distractions at work that unless you don’t do anything about the situation, chances are that you will not get good work from your employees.

If your employees aren’t the kind who are expected to come into work and instead work remotely, the problem can be even worse for you as it could result in low employee productivity.

But how do employees really waste their time while they are working? According to a survey which was conducted by Salary.com, it was found out that 31% of employees roughly waste around 30 minutes to 1 hour of their time at work on a daily basis! That is a lot of time being wasted at work during which a lot can be achieved. Google was also found to be one of the biggest ways through which these employees waste their time. Now, this website isn’t one which can be blocked off because if it is then employees will get blocked off from accessing a lot of websites which they would need for when they are working. Secondly, social media also tend to take up a lot of time for employees as they want to constantly stay connected to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Furthermore, with the Bring Your Own Device policy in workplace, employees get to bring their own devices and data plans to work which makes it even difficult to implement any kind of restrictions. Then, there’s email which is yet another cause of distraction. When people email someone, they expect immediate replies which could lead to employees doing nothing except replying to emails all day long and that doesn’t really count as doing something productive.

Now while we know that employees tend to waste time at workplace and with all the available distractions, keeping an eye on them can be difficult so what can one do? Employees can be monitored using employee monitoring software without there being an issue of being intrusive. You may ask how this causes employees to be more productive and to not waste their time doing useless things at work. The way in which an employee spy and monitoring software works are that the employee is aware that the program has been installed on the computer and/or device they are making use of. Furthermore, since the employee has to log in and activate the software prior to beginning his work, there is nothing suspicious about it and the employee would be on board with the monitoring being conducted. This would also ensure that the company doesn’t receive any bad press from the media while at the same time getting employees to perform well; it’s a win-win situation. Thus, in this manner employees are aware that if they do not work and do things outside the scope of office work, the employee spy software will record it which could lead to negative consequences and such fear would hopefully be enough to make the employee do efficient work.

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