Why Parents Need Our Browser Monitoring Feature (Updated)

Browser Monitoring

The Internet is a waste world in itself, and it is possible to get busy in many ways. Young children are surfing for their school or college assignments. Men and women can buy clothes and groceries, and even inspect the stock market. But not all things people do on the Internet are good.

How The Internet Can Harm Your Child

The Internet offers plenty of handy things to children. It provides study tips, a world of information, and entertainment. Many offerings can spoil your child forever. Social media, for instance, has a lot of harmful aspects to it.

Your children contact the wrong sort of people via social networking websites. Who can influence them and their personality development in ways you do not want? People with fake identities are also something you want your children to stay away far from.

Harmful media like explicit content and graphic imagery are available on the Internet. – And within your child’s access, you do not want them to stay in contact. So what can you do? You cannot altogether deprive them of this modern utility.

It can aid their learning in many ways and keep them in touch with the world. It would stunt their growth. What you can – and should – do, on the other hand, is supervise their Internet usage. TheOneSpy can help you do this in an effective way.

Visit Adult Content On Cellphone & Computer Browsers

Explicit content on the internet lure teens to get involved in inappropriate activities. Young teens are more likely to start one-night stands with strangers. They watch nudes and share nudes via internet browsers. Teens visit inappropriate websites that broadcast explicit videos, photos, and images. So, browser monitoring has become necessary to prevent teens from adult content. It has made cellphones, and PCs X-rated theaters no time ever before.

Online Dating Without Parents Knowing

Cell phone and PC browsers enable young users to download many browsers. Young underage teens are more likely to use social networks and online dating apps. So, they interact with strangers, stalkers, and sex offenders and become friends with them. They start dating them in person and often become the victim of sexual assault and date rape.

Online Predators Lure Teens By Sexting

Online predators are present on the web. They are anonymous and use social media sites on phones, and computer browsers. Online predators approach young teens, and attract them to chat rooms. Further, groom teens online and start sexting with them in chat rooms, and on social websites. Young teens send nudes, private and often become victims of sexual assault.

Excessive Screen-Time

Internet-connected cellphones and computers have increased the screen time of children. They spend hours and hours on browsers and perform many inappropriate activities. They use browsers for Netflix, Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, and others. Young kids upload photos, and videos, and see news feeds. An average teen spends at least 7 hours a day on a phone or PC screen connected to the internet. Parents should limit their screen time by keeping tabs on browsers active on devices.

Privacy Breaching

Youngsters are on the verge of sharing confidential information. They share private info like names, usernames, email, school names, and house numbers. Teens use social sites and other communication platforms where they share their privacy. Privacy sharing has consequences. Parents should look after what websites they use on their phones and PCs with the schedule. You can use the Browser spy app to see browsing history and bookmarked web pages.

How You Can Use TheOneSpy Browser Monitoring

You can buy a license with TheOneSpy and install it onto your child’s cellphone or tablet. TheOneSpy would extract all the information from the child’s device. You can get the details of browser usage, and send it to a web portal, called the dashboard, which only you can access.

Log on to your dashboard to view and scrutinize all the information. Our browser history tracker has extracted from your child’s device. This way, you can find out which websites your child visits and what he or she downloads off of the Internet.

You can even find out which pages they have bookmarked as well as their browser usage history. TheOneSpy offers a complete monitoring experience. You can supervise children’s internet activities without invading their privacy. So why not get a license today?

TheOneSpy Features for Browser Monitoring

Here are the following tools to use on phones, and computer devices connected to the internet. You can use the features to prevent kids from spending excessive time on web browsers. Further, catch your kids’ activities, and get to know how to prevent them.

Browser History Tracker

Login to TheOneSpy dashboard and further activate browser spy. It empowers you to see websites, and URLs visited on the installed browser. You can see what kind of sites they visit, and bookmarked activities.

Keystrokes Logger

You can capture keystrokes applied on the target device. Users will get to know what sort of keystrokes they use to visit websites. Keystrokes logging captures keystrokes of visited websites, URLs, and many more.

Screen Recording

Record live screen of cellphone and target computer device to see browser activities. You can record back-to-back videos on the target phone screen and send data to the dashboard. Users can view the videos by downloading them from the dashboard.

Schedule Screenshots

Use TheOneSpy browser monitoring app to schedule screenshots on the target device. It will capture many screenshots that you can see via an online dashboard. You can view visited URLs, websites, and bookmarked sites on web browsers.

Filter Websites

Parents can filter websites on another phone or PC without them knowing. You can filter websites that are inappropriate for children. Put the URLs of the websites into the filters. Further, block websites, and apps to prevent visiting adults and inappropriate content.


TheOneSpy has the best browsing history monitoring features. It empowers parents to watch digital devices. Spy on cellphones and computers provided to their children. You can install TheOneSpy on any cellphone or PC. Further, login to the dashboard, and activate the features. It allows parents to spy on web browsers. You can track and track visited websites, URLs, and bookmarked webpages.

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